Reputation Compendium


The Alliance is comprised of humans, dwarves, gnomes, night elves, and draenei. Most quests above level 10 given by any member of the Alliance yield a 25% reputation spillover to the other team members. This means that to maximize reputation gains for any one race, you should try to complete the quests for the other races as well.

Known quests which yield all Alliance reputation:
Seasonal quests for Children's Week, the Harvest Festival, and Hallow's End and the Elder quests for the Lunar Festival.

Quest Given By Description Reputation
[28] Reception from Tyrande Sentinel Thenysil, Astranaar Find Tyrande Whisperwind in Darnassus. (This is the end of a set of Stonetalon quests) 500
[38] The Missing Diplomat Private Hendel, Duskwallow Marsh Subdue Private Hendel. (This is the (current as of patch 1.9) end of "The Missing Diplomat" quest line which are started from Altarboy Thomas in the Cathedral of Light, Stormwind) 500
Calm Before the StormGracina Spiritmight, Temple of the Moon, DarnassusTurn in voucher to Idriana in the Darnassus Bank500
This is the end of a quest chain beginning with "[48] The Scrims hank Redemption", started from Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser in Gadgetzan.
[57] Wildkin of Elune Erelas Ambersky, Ruth'eran Village Speak with Archdruid Fandral Staghelm. This is the end of a series of quests originating with Erelas involving the divine origins of the wildkin. 250
[60] The Key to Scholomance Alchemist Arbington, Chillwind Camp, W. Plaguelands This is the end of the questline to get the Scholomance key, begun with quests from Commander Valorfist 75
Common Quests for Alliance Members:
Cloth Quests - These quests give reputation for one team faction. Each faction has a cloth quartermaster located in the capital city (usually near the tailoring trainer; for gnomes, in Tinker Town near the Deep Run Tram).
A Donation of Wool
Obtainable at L15
Alliance Cloth Quartermasters Donate sixty pieces of wool cloth. 350
A Donation of Silk
Obtainable at L26
Alliance Cloth Quartermasters Donate sixty pieces of silk cloth. 350
A Donation of Mageweave
Obtainable at L40
Alliance Cloth Quartermasters Donate sixty pieces of mageweave. 350
A Donation of Runecloth
Obtainable at L50
Alliance Cloth Quartermasters Donate sixty pieces of runecloth. 350
Additional Runecloth
Alliance Cloth Quartermasters Donate twenty pieces of runecloth. 75