Reputation Compendium

Argent Crusade

Wyrmrest Temple

Highlord Tirion Fordring leads the Argent Crusade in its campaign against the forces of the Lich King in Northrend. Each member of the Crusade was handpicked from the ranks of the Argent Dawn and the reformed Order of the Silver Hand. As such, the faction includes members from both Horde and Alliance races - the destruction of the Lich King is their unifying goal. Born in the aftermath of the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel (the backdrop of the death knight quest "[55] The Light of Dawn"), the Crusade now stands at the threshold of Icecrown.

Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard is the Quartermaster, standing at the top tier of the Argent Vanguard on the border of Icecrown, the Storm Peaks, and Crystalsong Forest.

  • At Friendly, Aliocha can be persuaded to provide you:
  • At Honored, you can buy:
  • At Revered reputation, she will sell you:
  • And at Exalted, the impressed paladins grant you access to:
    • Pattern: Brilliant Spellthread (430 Tailor) (MinLvl: 70, +50 spell power and +20 spirit to legs)
    • Boots of the Neverending Path
      (Leather Feet AC: 388, Agi: 51, Sta: 49, MinLvl: 80, Equip: +66 hit rating, +122 attack power)
    • Helm of Purified Thoughts
      (Plate Head AC: 1821, Sta: 99, Int: 69, Meta Socket, Blue Socket, Bonus: +8 Intellect, MinLvl: 80, Eqip: +45 critical strike rating, +84 spell power)
    • Polished Regimental Hauberk
      (Mail Chest AC: 1254, Agi: 89, Sta: 69, Int: 68, Yelow Socket, Bonus: +4 Hit Rating, MinLvl: 80, Equip: +49 hit rating, +104 attack power)
    • Signet of Hopeful Light
      ([U] Finger Sta: 42, Int: 50, MinLvl: 80, Equip: +36 haste rating, +58 spell power)

Reputation from Kills

The Argent Crusade is one of the factions that may be Championed by wearing its tabard in L80 instances, earning reputation gains for all kills.


The main Argent Crusade quests are given out of Zul'drak (Light's Breach, Crusader Forward Camp, and the Argent Stand) and Icecrown (Argent Vanguard, Justice Keep). There are also a few quests out of Dawn's Reach in northeastern Dragonblight.

Repeatable Reputation Quests for the Argent Crusade

The Argent Crusade has two main daily quests - the "Troll Patrol" offered by Captain Kunz at the Argent Stand in Zul'drak and "Slaves to Saronite" offered by the Crusade representatives to the Icecrown airships.

Quest Given By Description Reward
[80] Slaves to SaroniteAbsalan the Pious, Skybreaker
Brother Keltan, Orgrim's Hammer
Rescue 10 miners from the Saronite Mines in Ymirheim250 rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
The miners are guarded by L80 Val'kyr Taskmistresses, fairly spread out. There are only a half-dozen or so in the front part of the cave, so clear them out first so you can just run from miner to miner. To free a miner, you just need to run up and talk with one. However, not all the miners want to be rescued. Miners may take it on the lam with thanks, run (or jump) deeper into the mine, or even attack due to the influence of the dweller below. Typically, you will need to talk to 15-25 miners to get the 10 who actually leave. Combine this quest with "[80] Blood of the Chosen" (daily quest for Valiance Expedition or Warsong Offensive given out by Knight-Captain Drosche or Warbringer Davos Rioht on the Icecrown airships.
[76] Troll PatrolCaptain Kunz, Argent Stand, Zul'DrakComplete the daily quests offered by Captain Brandon, Captain Rupert, Captain Grondel, and Alchemist Finklestein350 rep, 6.20g, 21150 xp (12.69g)
Each of the three captains has a random daily quest. Alchemist Finklestein just wants your help making a potion - but the ingredients required change each time. Note that the subsidiary quests yield 3.23g at max level and do each take a daily quest slot from the quota of 25. All of the Troll Patrol subquests grant 1.58 g, 5300 xp (3.18g) but no separate reputation gains.
Captain Brandon is in a stone shelter at the southern corner of Drak'Sotra (48.7, 79.0).
[76] Troll Patrol: Can You Dig It?Captain BrandonUse the Steel Spade on 5 Ancient Dirt Mounds
The dirt mounds are located across the roadway to the southwest, in the open area next to the Drak'Sotra Fields. Opening the mound has a chance to spawn a hostile mob or a chest.
[76] Troll Patrol: High StandardsCaptain BrandonPlace the Argent Crusade Banner on the Drakkari Pedestals to the North, South, and East
The pedestals are solid stone tables mounted near the walkway edge.
  • North: 50.4, 73.1
  • East: 53.2, 72.3
  • South: 52.5, 76.6
[76] Troll Patrol: Something for the PainCaptain BrandonRetrieve 5 Mature Water-Poppies from Drak'Sotra Fields
Harvested from ground spawn plants, guarded by troll frost mages and water elementals.
Captain Rupert is located in a ruined building at the northern corner of Drak'Sotra (58.0, 72.5)
[76] Troll Patrol: Done to DeathCaptain RupertUse the Incinerating Oil on 5 Defeated Argent Footmen
[76] Troll Patrol: Intestinal FortitudeCaptain RupertRestore courage to 5 cowering Crusade Recruits
Recruits cower in both buildings and open spaces around the area. You just need to talk to them to rebuilt their confidence.
[76] Troll Patrol: Throwing DownCaptain RupertUse High Impact Grenades near 5 Nerubian Craters
Captain Grondel is in a building at the northern part of Drak'Agal, southeast of the Amphitheater of Anguish (48.1, 63.8).
[76] Troll Patrol: Couldn't Care LessCaptain GrondelKill 7 Mossy Rampagers
[76] Troll Patrol: Creature ComfortsCaptain GrondelHarvest 20 pieces of Dead Thornwood
[76] Troll Patrol: Whatdya Want, a Medal?Captain GrondelGather 7 Drakkari Medallions from Drakkari Corpses
Alchemist Finklestein's lab is in Heb'Valok, west of the roadway to Gundrak (35.1, 52.1).
[76] Troll Patrol: The Alchemist's ApprenticeAlchemist FinklesteinHelp the Alchemist brew a truth serum of 6 ingredients.
North Side items:
  • Amberseed
  • Ancient Ectoplasm
  • Crystallized Hogsnot
  • Ghoul Drool
  • Shrunken Dragon's Claw
  • Trollbane
  • Wasp's Wings
South Side items:
  • Abomination Guts
  • Blight Crystal
  • Chilled Serpent Mucus
  • Crushed Basilisk Crystals
  • Frozen Spider Ichor
  • Prismatic Mojo
  • Raptor Claw
All other items are common to both sides.
[76] Congratulations!Captain KunzOffered when you complete the Troll Patrol in less than twenty minutes500 rep, 18.60g, 26450 xp Patroller's Pack

In addition to these, the Tournament Champion dailies yield 325 rep apiece, and "Contributin' to the Cause" given out by Squire Artie in the Argent Pavilion lets you buy 125 rep a day for 10g. You may also trade an Emblem of Triumph for a Commendation Badge that yields 520 rep.

Practical Notes

This faction (as expected) has good gear for paladins, since paladins form the core of the order. However, they have a few other good pieces, including a nice caster ring and good melee combat leather and mail. This faction has a lot of quests, particularly at L80, since they're the biggest players on our side in Icecrown. This lets you reach the high end of honored with normal questing. Paladins may want to consider Championing this faction as well, to qualify for the gear more quickly. One consideration is that the total reputation gains from Argent Crusade daily quests can be up to 1100, but this takes up 7 daily quest slots. The Alchemist's quest is really the one that decides whether you will be able to complete the daily in time; you can really only afford to mess up the potion a couple times before the time limit becomes unachievable. So start with this as your first patrol and if it goes badly, you can abandon and retake the Troll Patrol quest to reset (after abandoning the Alchemist's quest).