Reputation Compendium

Darkspear Trolls

Sen'jin Village in southern Durotar

The Darkspears have been hounded from one end of Azeroth to the other, driven out of their ancestral home in Stranglethorn Vale and their new home in the Echo Isles. The Darkspears now share Durotar as the guests of Warchief Thrall and the orcish people. Similar to other Horde factions, gaining reputation with the Darkspears has the following benefits:

  • At Honored reputation, receive 10% savings from Darkspear vendors
  • At Exalted reputation, gain access to troll cross-faction mounts - allows non-trolls to purchase raptor mounts

The Darkspear trolls have limited opportunities for reputation gains. However, many of the early Orgrimmar quests will also yield an equal amount of Darkspear rep. Some places to look for troll reputation:

  • Sen'jin Village, Durotar
  • Orgrimmar
  • Crossroads, The Barrens
  • Grom'gol in Stranglethorn Vale

Completing quests for the other Horde team factions usually yields reputation spillover of 1/4 the main reputation reward. As of patch 1.7, reputation spillover ceases for a faction in the middle of Exalted (spillover continues for other factions until they reach this point).

Repeatable Reputation Quests for Darkspear Trolls

The Darkspears participate in the "Cloth Quests", with repeatable turn-ins of "Additional Runecloth" to Vehena, the Darkspear Cloth Quartermaster, found near the Mage trainer in Orgrimmar in Darkbriar Lodge in the Valley of Spirits. This yields 75 reputation points for every stack of 20 Runecloth delivered. This quest is available after completing the other cloth quests.