Reputation Compendium


Exodar, built from the good ship Exodar

Fleeing the Burning Legion and seeking strong allies, the exiled survivors of the Eredar have fallen on the shores of Azeroth. The draenei have taken the bones of their crashed Tempest Tower, The Exodar, and created a strange and wonderful settlement in the Azuremyst Isles of Kalimdor. Gaining reputation with these travellers of the Nether has the following benefits:

  • At Honored reputation, receive 10% savings at Exodar vendors
  • At Exalted reputation, gain access to draenei cross-faction mounts - allows non-draenei to purchase elekk mounts


The quests yielding draenei reputation are concentrated in Kalimdor, with a few exceptions:

  • Azuremyst Isles (Bloodmyst Isle and Exodar)
  • Astranaar and Forest Song, Ashenvale
  • Southshore, Hillsbrad Foothills
  • The Harborage, Swamp of Sorrows
  • Aerie Peak, Hinterlands
  • Chillwind Point, Western Plaguelands

Also, as with other Alliance factions, completing quests for the other factions yields reputation spillover (usually 1/4 of the reputation reward). As of the 1.7 patch, reputation spillover ceases for a faction at the middle of Exalted (spillover will continue to accrue in other factions).

The quests in the Azuremyst Isles are level-limited (the only known quests in the game which still scale reputation gains with level). You earn the full reputation amount if the quest is within 5 levels of the character's level. Thereafter, reputation gains drop off at 20% per level. Quests which are 10 levels or more below the character's level will yield 10% of the base reputation gain. Quests in non-expansion Azeroth yield full reputation at all levels.

Repeatable Reputation Quests for Exodar

Exodar participates in the "Cloth Quests", with a repeatable "Additional Runecloth". This yields 75 reputation points for every stack of 20 Runecloth delivered to Dugiru, the Alliance Cloth Quartermaster for the draenei. This quest is available after completing the other Exodarian cloth quests.