Reputation Compendium

Frenzyheart Tribe

Frenzyheart Compound

Driven from their homes by the Scourge, the Frenzyheart tribe of wolvar have made their way to the beautiful rainforests of Sholazar Basin. They are simple hunters, gatherers, and chicken farmers. Their desire to build a new homeland in the basin has placed the tribe in conflict with the native gorloc tribe, the Oracles.

  • At Friendly, Quartermaster Tanak at Frenzyheart Hill will sell you:
  • At Honored, you are granted access to the repeatable reputation quests if you've completed the quest chain ending with "Frenzyheart Champion."
  • At Revered, you can buy:
  • And at Exalted, you gain the "Frenzyheart Tribe" achievement. You may also buy:
    • Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury
      (Trinket MinLvl: 70, Equip: +71 haste rating, Upon killing a creature that grants you experience, you grow furious, dealing significantly more damage for the next 10 seconds)

Reputation from Kills

No known mobs yield Frenzyheart reputation when killed.


The primary questline for both the Frenzyheart and Oracles begins with you attacking and killing Pitch, a grey lion found near the Skyreach Pillar (50.5, 77.1) in eastern Sholazar Basin (there's a pointer quest, "The Part-time Hunter," given out by Tamara Wobblesprocket at Lakeside Landing, but it's not necessary to start this questline). After killing Pitch, the Frenzyheart hunter Gekgek taunts you for stealing his kill and declares you to be a Frenzyheart slave. Characters must have reached L76 to start these.

Quest Given By Description Reward
[77] Playing Along Tracker Gekgek Report to High-Shaman Rakjak at Frenzyheart Hill 700 rep, chains to "The Ape Hunter's Slave"
[77] The Ape Hunter's Slave High-Shaman Rakjak Kill 8 Hardknuckle Foragers and 6 Hardknuckle Chargers 700 rep, chains to "The Wasp Hunter's Apprentice"
[77] Tormenting the Softknuckles Goregek the Gorilla Hunter Poke the Softknuckles to draw out the Hardknuckle Matriarch and slay her, reporting her death to High-Shaman Rakjak 1000 rep
[77] The Wasp Hunter's Apprentice High-Shaman Rakjak Kill 6 Sapphire Hive Wasps and 9 Sapphire Hive Drones 700 rep, chains to "Mischief in the Making"
[77] The Sapphire Queen Elder Harkek Bring the Stinger of the Sapphire Queen to High-Shaman Rakjak 1000 rep, choice of:
[77] Mischief in the Making High-Shaman Rakjak Retrieve 8 Skyreach Crystal Clusters from the river shores 700 rep, chains to "A Rough Ride"
[77] The Underground Menace Elder Harkek Locate Serfex under the sands of the southern river, slay him, and return his claw to High-Shaman Rakjak 1000 rep
Serfex is a tunneling creature, like the worms in Hellfire Peninsula. Look for the same kind of tunneling disturbance near the wasp corpses on the beaches south of the Skyreach Pillar near 58, 86.
[77] A Rough Ride High-Shaman Rakjak Ride the captive crocolisk to Mistwhisper Refuge and speak to Zepik 700 rep, chains to "The Mist Isn't Listening"
[77] The Mist Isn't Listening Zepik the Gorloc Hunter Kill 12 Mistwhisper Gorlocs 500 rep, chains to "Hoofing It"
[77] Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice Zepik the Gorloc Hunter Smash the Skyreach Crystal Clusters in front of the Mistwhisper weather shrine 1000 rep, choice of:
[77] Hoofing It Zepik the Gorloc Hunter Return to High-Shaman Rakjak 700 rep, Chains to "Just Following Orders
[77] Just Following Orders High-Shaman Rakjak Find an Injured Rainspeaker Oracle Sets Frenzyheart standing to Hated and Oracle standing to Friendly.
Note: You should complete Tamara Wobblesprocket's "The Part-time Hunter" quest before completing this, since you'll end up hated with the Frenzyheart. This quest chain continues with "[77] Fortunate Misunderstandings" on the Oracles side and eventually leads to "A Hero's Burden" which allows you to switch between the two factions.

Repeatable Reputation Quests for the Frenzyheart Tribe

There are three main daily quests. Elder Harkek always gives the "Chicken Party" quest for 500 rep, Vekgar gives a random one of three dailies for 700 rep, and Rekjek gives a random one of four dailies for 500 rep. These are available at Honored. Unlike other dailies, Vekgar and Rejek will give you the next day's daily (if different) even if you still have the previous one in your quest log, so you don't lose ground if you didn't finish all the quests each day. Some of the quests require (or are greatly facilitated by having) a flying mount, particularly any that involve the Stormwright's Shelf.

You may also kill Artruis the Huntsman to switch between Oracle and Frenzyheart factions once a day, but there's no additional reputation if you don't want to switch sides.

Quest Given By Description Reward
[77] Flown the Coop! / Chicken Party!Elder HarkekCapture 12 Chicken Escapees500 rep, 6.50g, 21400 xp (12.84g)
[77] The Heartblood's StrengthRejekRetrieve Suntouched Heartblood, made with water rom the top of the Suntouched Pillar and Matriarch Heartblood from the Goretalon Matriarch found near (60, 24)500 rep, 7.40g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
[77] A Hero's HeadgearRejekRetrieve Venture Co. Explosives from Venture Co. units at Swindlegrin's Dig (near 36, 47), travel to Stormwright's Shelf to kill the Stormwatcher, and use the explosives on the body to retrieve his head500 rep, 7.40g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
[77] Rekjek: First BloodRejekBlood Rejek's Blade on a Sapphire Hive Wasp, a Hardknuckle Charger, and any 3 Mistwhisper gorlocs500 rep, 7.40g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
[77] Strength of the TempestRejekKill Aqueous Spirits and Storm Revenants on the Stormwright's Shelf to collect 3 Essences of the Monsoon and 3 Essences of the Storm. Go the the northwest corner of the Shrine of the Tempest (near 22, 34) to be zapped by lightning and recieve the True Power of the Tempest500 rep, 7.40g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
[77] Kartak's RampageVekgarRetrieve a sample of Oracle Blood from any Sparktouched mob, take the blood to the bonfire in Kartak's Hold (near 23, 83), and kill 50 Sparktouched Gorloc700 rep, 13.60g, 27000 xp (16.20g)
You don't actually need to summon Kartak to get credit for the kills, if that's inconvenient or you can't get the hang of fighting in Kartak's form.
[77] Tools of WarVekgarRetrieve Zepik's traps from the toolbox at Kartak's Hold (near 24, 83) and kill 50 Sparktouched Gorloc700 rep, 13.60g, 27000 xp (16.20g)
[77] Secret Strength of the FrenzyheartVekgarCombine Thunderbrew's Hard Ale (from Nessingwary's camp) with Wolvar Berries to brew the Secret Strength of the Frenyheart, then kill 30 Sparktouched Gorloc700 rep, 13.60g, 27000 xp (16.20g)
[77] Frenzyheart ChampionZepik the Gorloc HunterBecome hated by the Oracles and honored by the Frenzyheart; no effect if already honored or higher with the Frenzyheart
This requires you to attack Altruis and kill Jaloot the Oracle (saving Zepik) and Altruis. This is a repeat of "[77G3] A Hero's Burden."

Practical Notes

If you want to build rep with either the Frenzyheart or the Oracles, you should avoid doing the Nesingwary quests that build a flight point at the Nesingwary camp. Archmage Pentarus will continue to provide free transport to Sholazar from Dalaran until that point.

The Frenzyheart have a few nice reputation rewards, and the Exalted trinket is fun, particularly in PvP. They are required for the "Frenzyheart Tribe" achievement as well as "Mercenary of Sholazar." The two factions have equivalent consumables, so there's no real preference once you've gotten any faction items you want. Neither is a particularly admirable faction; one consideration is that gorlocs will occasionally drop Darkwater Clams (with the possibility of Northsea Pearls) while Frenzyheart drop Frostweave Cloth. Good hunting!