Reputation Compendium

Gnomeregan Exiles

Gnomeregan was the capital of the Gnomish people, overrun by troggs, flooded with radiation, and now haunted by leper gnomes. The survivors of the Gnomes live on in the Tinker Town district of Ironforge. Gaining reputation with the Gnomeregan Exiles has the following benefits:

  • At Honored reputation, receive 10% savings at (most) gnomish vendors
  • At Exalted reputation, dwarves gain access to gnomish cross-faction mounts - allows non-gnomes to purchase mechanostriders (mechanostriders may only carry gnomes or dwarves)

Quests which provide reputation gains with the gnomes are usually given by gnomish quest givers. Concentrations of such quests may be found in:

  • Dun Morogh
  • Dwarven District in Stormwind City (Deadmines)
  • Tinker Town in Ironforge (Gnomeregan)
  • Badlands

Many Dun Morogh quests yield both Gnomeregan and Ironforge reputation.

Repeatable Reputation Quests for Gnomeregan Exiles

Olganna warms up with her elite Mechanostrider
Turning Runecloth into Steel
Olganna, Dwarf Warrior, with her elite Mechanostrider
The gnomes participate in the “Cloth Quests”, with a repeatable “Additional Runecloth” to Bubulo Acerbus, the Gnomish Cloth Quartermaster, located next to the entrance to the Deeprun Tram in the Tinker Town area of Ironforge. This yields 75 reputation points for every stack of 20 Runecloth delivered. This quest is available after completing the other cloth quests.