Reputation Compendium

Hydraxian Waterlords

The Elemental Rulers bear mere mortals little affection, as evidenced by the periodic elemental invasions. Indeed, elementals are frequently found in areas known for the worship of the Elder Gods. However, there is a notable exception - Duke Hydraxis and his followers. Duke Hydraxis is a powerful water elemental; he and his followers are the only elementals who do not attack mortals on sight. Hydraxis is struggling against the other elementals, especially the Firelords who inhabit the Molten Core. For adventurers who prove themselves worthy, Hydraxis can be a powerful ally. In fact, his assistance is crucial for any wishing to test themselves against the might of Ragnaros, the great dragon of the Core.

Duke Hydraxis resides on the southeastern-most island in the Bay of Storms, Azshara, at the edge of the Great Sea (near 79, 73).

You begin Neutral with the Waterlords.

  • At Honored, Duke Hydraxis will give you the quest "[60r] Hands of the Enemy" which will allow you to receive Aqual Quintessance upon request. Aqual Quintessance is required to douse the Firelord runes in the Molten Core. All seven runes must be doused for Majordomo Executus to be summoned.
  • At Revered, Duke Hydraxis will provide adventurers with Eternal Quintessence, a non-consumable version of the Aqual Quintessence with a 1 hour cooldown.

Reputation from Kills

As might be expected, Duke Hydraxis looks kindly on those who attack his enemies. The Air & Earth Elementals in Silithus, Elementals in the Eastern Plaguelands, and Greater Obsidian Elementals in Burning Steppes yield 5 rep per kill through Friendly. Lord Incendius in Blackrock Depths yields 10 rep through Honored. Pyroguard Emberseer in Upper Blackrock Spire yields 20 rep through Honored.

The main source of Hydraxian reputation is striving against the Firelords of the Molten Core. Most Molten Core bosses yield 100 rep (None for Executus, Golemagg 150, and Ragnaros 200) at any level of reputation. Other mobs yields reputation through Honored, including Molten Destroyers and Lava Packs (40 rep) and Molten Giants, Ancient Core Hounds, Lava Surgers, and Firelords (20 rep).


The Hydraxian questlines lead you to a rare-quality ring and the ability to douse the runes in Molten Core. Dousing all the runes summons Majordomo Executus. Defeating the Majordomo's guards forces him to surrender and summon Ragnaros. Those who are not raiding the Core will find it difficult to gain reputation with Duke Hydraxis. However, such folk really have no need to gain Hydraxis' favor, either.

Quest Given By Description Reward
[56] Poisoned Water Duke Hydraxis Use the Aspect of Neptulon on poisoned elementals of Eastern Plaguelands. Bring 12 Discordant Bracers and the Aspect of Neptulon to Duke Hydraxis in Azshara. 4350 xp
You can use the Aspect to pull the elemental, then kill it by the usual means. The plagued/blighted elementals are L55-56 and are found throughout the Eastern Plaguelands. You can find a good concentration of them at Lake Meraldar (south of Corin's Crossing) or Blackwood Lake (north of Corin's Crossing). The bracers are a 100% drop if everything else was done correctly. Note - this cannot be completed as part of a raid group.
[57] Stormers and Rumblers Duke Hydraxis Kill 15 Dust Stormers and 15 Desert Rumblers and then return to Duke Hydraxis in Azshara. 6000 xp
Completing both quests chains to "[60r] Eye of the Emberseer".
[60r] Eye of the Emberseer Duke Hydraxis Kill Pyroguard Emberseer in UBRS and bring his eye to Duke Hydraxis. 8300 xp
Chains to "[60r] The Molten Core"
[60r] The Molten Core Duke Hydraxis Kill 1 Fire Lord, 1 Molten Giant, 1 Ancient Core Hound, and 1 Lava Surger. 9950 xp
Chains to "[60] Agent of Hydraxis"
[60] Agent of Hydraxis (may require Friendly) Duke Hydraxis Earn Honored faction with the Hydraxian Warlords. Chains to "[60r] Hands of the Enemy"
[60r] Hands of the Enemy Duke Hydraxis Kill Shazzrah, Lucifron, Gehennas, and Sulfuron and return their hands to Duke Hydraxis. 9950 xp
Chains to "[60] A Hero's Reward"
Hydraxis will now provide you Aqual Quintessance upon request
[60] A Hero's Reward Duke Hydraxis Claim your reward from Hydraxis' Coffer 9950 xp and choice of:
Ocean's Breeze
(Ring Str: 4, Agi: 7, Sta: 4, FR: 15) or Tidal Loop
(Ring Sta: 4, Int: 7, Spi: 4, FR: 15)