Reputation Compendium


Grommash Hold, Warchief Thrall's seat of power in Orgrimmar

Orgrimmar is the capital city of the orcs and thus the nominal capital of the Horde. The leader of the Horde, Warchief Thrall, holds court here in the Valley of Wisdom. Rage Fire Chasm, the first Horde instance is also located here in the Valley of Shadow. Gaining reputation with Orgrimmar has the usual benefits:

  • At Honored reputation, receive 10% savings at (most) orcish vendors
  • At Exalted reputation, gain access to orcish cross-faction mounts - allows non-orcs to purchase wolf mounts

Orcish reputation comes mostly from quests given by orcish questgivers. Some good areas for such quests:

  • Durotar
  • Orgrimmar
  • The Barrens (The Crossroads in particular)
  • Grom'gol in Stranglethorn Vale

Completing quests for the other Horde team factions usually yields reputation spillover of 1/4 the main reputation reward. As of patch 1.7, reputation spillover ceases for a faction in the middle of Exalted (spillover continues for other factions until they reach this point).

Repeatable Reputation Quests for Orgrimmar

There is one RRQ for Orgrimmar, "[24] Chen's Empty Keg", which is the last step of a chain begun with the item "Chen's Empty Keg", which may drop randomly off Barrens mobs or be found outside several of the small settlements (Grom'dol Farm, Camp Taurajo, Sludge Pit). It is turned in to Brewmaster Drohn in Ratchet. This last quest has you collect 5 Lightning Glands (from Stormhides), 1 Thunderhawk Saliva (from Greater Thunderhawks), and 1 Kodo Liver (from any Barrens' kodo) to get a flask of Trogg Ale. Stormhides and Thunderhawks may both be found near the Southern Gold Road just south of the road to Duskwallow Marsh. Each repetition yields 75 Orgrimmar rep and 18.75 spillover rep to the rest of the Horde. Note that this is the only main team RRQ that spills over. Note that the drop rate for the Lightning Glands is particularly painful, so this is not an efficient way of gaining all-Horde faction.

For higher levels, the setup quests for the Frostwolf (FW) Clan in Alterac Valley yield Orgrimmar (OR) (and Horde spillover) rep as well. These need to be repeated a number of times for each BG instance in order to trigger certain BG events. These include:

Quest Given By Description Reputation
[55] Empty Stables Frostwolf Wolf Rider Commander Tame an Alterac Valley Frostwolf (25 per BG) 10 OR, 2.5 FW
[55] Ram Hide Harnesses Frostwolf Wolf Rider Commander Collect 1 Alterac Ram Hide (25 per BG) 10 OR, 2.5 FW
[55] More Booty! Smith Regzar Collect 20 Armor Scraps 10 OR, 2.5 FW
[55] Call of Air: Guse's Fleet Wing Commander Guse, Frostwolf Keep Collect 1 Stormpike Soldier's Flesh 10 OR, 2.5 FW
[55] Call of Air: Jeztor's Fleet Wing Commander Jeztor, Frostwolf Keep Collect 1 Stormpike Lieutenant's Flesh 10 OR, 2.5 FW
[55] Call of Air: Mulverick's Fleet Wing Commander Mulverick, Frostwolf Keep Collect 1 Stormpike Commander's Flesh 10 OR, 2.5 FW
[55] Irondeep Supplies Frostwolf Quartermaster Collect 10 Irondeep Supplies 25 OR, 5 FW
[55] Coldtooth Supplies Frostwolf Quartermaster Collect 10 Coldtooth Supplies 25 OR, 5 FW
[55] Lokholar the Ice Lord Primalist Thurloga Collect 1 Stormpike Soldier's Blood 10 OR, 2.5 FW
[55] A Gallon of Blood Primalist Thurloga Collect 5 Stormpike Solder's Blood 75 OR, 18.75 FW
The Wing Commanders, if rescued, stand in the Keep area. The other NPCs may be found in Frostwolf Village.

Orgrimmar also participates in the "Cloth Quests", with a repeatable "Additional Runecloth" to Rashona Straglash, the Orgrimmar Cloth Quartermaster, found near the Tailoring trainer in Magar's Cloth Goods in the Drag. This yields 75 reputation points for every stack of 20 Runecloth delivered. This quest is available after completing the other cloth quests.