Reputation Compendium

Shattered Sun Offensive

Shattered Sun

The united forces of Shattrath City have won decisive victories over Prince Kael'thas in Outland. Despite these setbacks, Kael'thas has returned home in fulfillment of the promises he made to his followers. His latest operation has brought his Burning Legion allies to Sunwell Plateau on the Isle of Quel'Danas. There, he seeks to use the residual energies to open a rift and bring Kil'jaeden to Azeroth. The Scryers and Aldor have temporarily set aside their differences and joined with the Naaru to confront this new front in the war against the Legion.

The primary base of operations for the offensive is Sun's Reach on the Isle of Quel'Danas. Sun's Reach is recaptured from Kael'thas' forces by a series of repeatable quests; once a server's population performs a sufficient number of these quests, Sun's Reach becomes a fully featured town. Sun's Reach can be reached by flight paths from Silvermoon City, Ironforge, and Zul'aman. As part of the recapture, the town also gains a portal from Shattrath City. There are also several questgivers around the Terrace of Light in Shattrath City.

Characters begin Neutral with the Shattered Sun Offensive.

  • At Friendly, you can get the quest "[70] A Friend in the Frontlines" from Eldara Dawnrunner at the Shattered Sun Staging Area; she'll also begin selling you:
    • Naaru Ration
      (Consumable MinLvl: 65, Use: +7500 health and +7200 mana/30 sec)
  • At Honored, Eldara has another gift, "[70] Honored By Your Allies," as well as:
  • At Revered, you receive the quest "[70] Revered in the Field of Battle" and gain access to:
    • Design: Regal Nightseye (350 Jewelcrafter)
      (Purple Gem, +4 Dodge Rating and +6 Stamina)
    • Design: Ember Skyfire Diamond (370 Jewelcrafter)
      (Meta Gem, +14 Spell Damage and +2% Intellect)
    • Design: Eternal Earthstorm Diamond (370 Jewelcrafter)
      (Meta Gem, +12 Defense Rating and +10% Shield Block Value)
    • Design: Figurine - Crimson Serpent (375 Jewelcrafter)
      ([BoP] [U] Trinket, MinLvl: 70, Sta: 49, Int: 33, Use: +150 spell damage and healing for 20 sec)
    • Design: Figurine - Empyrean Tortoise (375 Jewelcrafter)
      ([BoP] [U] Trinket, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +42 defense rating, Use: +165 dodge rating for 20 sec)
    • Design: Figurine - Khorium Boar (375 Jewelcrafter)
      ([BoP] [U] Trinket, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +84 attack power, Use: Summons Khorium Boar (30 sec guardian pet))
    • Design: Figurine - Seaspray Albatross (375 Jewelcrafter)
      ([BoP] [U] Trinket, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +18 mana/5 sec, Use: +900 mana/12 sec)
    • Design: Figurine - Shadowsong Panther (375 Jewelcrafter)
      ([BoP] [U] Trinket, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +1 stealth leavel, +80 attack power, Use: +320 attack power for 15 sec)
    • Design: Forceful Seaspray Emerald (375 Jewelcrafter)
      (Green Gem, +5 Spell Haste Rating and +7 Stamina)
    • Design: Quick Lionseye (375 Jewelcrafter)
      (Yellow Gem, +10 Spell Haste Rating)
    • Design: Reckless Pyrestone (375 Jewelcrafter)
      (Orange Gem, +5 Spell Haste Rating and +6 Spell Damage)
    • Design: Steady Seaspray Emerald (375 Jewelcrafter)
      (Green Gem, +5 Resilience Rating and +7 Stamina)
    • Archmage's Guile (Sword DPS: 41.4, Dmg: 62-128, Spd: 2.3, Sta: 12, Int: 11, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +20 spell critical strike rating, +130 spell damage and healing)
    • Bombardier's Blade (Dagger DPS: 71.7, Dmg: 90-168, Spd: 1.8, Agi: 14, Sta: 12, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +11 hit rating, +26 attack power)
    • Glyph of the Gladiator (Consumable MinLvl: 70, Use: +18 Stamina and +20 Resilience to head)
    • Inuuro's Blade (Sword DPS: 71.8, Dmg: 80-121, Spd: 1.4, Sta: 21, Equip: +13 defense rating, +8 hit rating, +11 expertise rating)
    • K'iru's Presage (Mace DPS: 41.4, Dmg: 62-128, Spd: 2.3, Sta: 16, Int: 13, Spi: 8, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +228 healing, +76 spell damage, +6 mana/5 sec)
    • Legionfoe (2H Axe DPS: 93.2, Dmg: 276-414, Spd: 3.7, Str: 31, Sta: 45, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +26 critical strike rating, +19 expertise rating)
    • Seeker's Gavel (Mace DPS: 41.4, Dmg: 62-128, Spd: 2.3, Sta: 30, Int: 8, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +11 spell hit rating, +130 spell damage and healing)
    • The Sunbreaker (Sword DPS: 71.9, Dmg: 155-233, Spd: 2.7, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +11 hit rating, +26 attack power)
    • Truestrike Crossbow (Crossbow DPS: 66.3, Dmg: 138-207, Spd: 2.6, Agi: 10, Sta: 12, Int: 6, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +20 attack power)
  • Finally, at Exalted, random Shattered Sun NPCs will begin hailing you by name and your impressed allies grant you "[70] Exalted Among All Combatants", the option to purchase the title "of the Shattered Sun" for 1000g via "[70] A Magnanimous Benefactor" (once Sun's Reach has begun to build the monuments), and access to:

Shaani in the inn of Quel'danas, Ontuvo in the Terrace of Light, and Indormi at Hyjal summit (in the Battle of Hyjal instance) all sell a set of ancient gem patterns for Jewelcrafters of L375 (or above). The Shattered Sun designs cost 50g (base price) and require reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive while Indormi's patterns cost 6g (base price) and require Scale of the Sands reputation. These patterns include:

Reputation from Kills

Characters receive reputation from killing mobs in the Magisters' Terrace instance in Quel'Danas: 12 for normal mobs, 120 for bosses, 250 for Kael'thas. Note that you do not gain reputation from the Sunwell Plateau raid instance.


Quests are available in the Terrace of Light in Shattrath City and at Sun's Reach, Quel'Danas.

Quest Given By Description Reward
[70] Enter, the Deceiver... General Tiras'alan, Terrace of Light, Shattratch City Report to Archmage Ne'thul on Quel'Danas (this quest grants you the Quel'Danas flight point from Silvermoon, Ironforge, or Zul'aman) 25 Rep
[70] Duty Calls
[70] Crisis at the Sunwell
Dathris Sunstriker, Scryer's Terrace
Adyen the Lightwarden, Aldor Rise
Shattrath City
Travel to Sunwell Plateau and speak with Exarch Larethor
[70] The Missing Magistrix Captain Theris Dawnhearth, Quel'Danas Use the Captured Legion Scroll to travel to the Throne of Kil'jaeden in Hellfire Peninsula and find Magistrix Seyla 75 rep, 9.1g
Note: This quest will not be offered unless you have at least 225 Riding (capable of having a flying mount). This is mostly a pointer quest to get to the repeatable dailies at the Throne.
[70] Report to Nasuun Tradesman Portanuus, Quel'Danas Speak with Exarch Nasuun, Terrace of Light, Shattrath 75s, 10 rep
Nasuun has a daily quest to create/maintain the portal from Shattrath to Quel'Danas.
[70] A Magnanimous Benefactor
Obtainable at Exalted
Anchorite Kairthos, Sun's Reach Harbor, Quel'Danas Donate 1000g 500 rep and the title "of the Shattered Sun"
This quest is only available after the Harbor has been retaken.
[70d] Magisters' Terrace Exarch Larethor, Quel'Danas Search Magisters' Terrace for Tyrith (found in the northeast room after the first boss) Chains to "[70d] The Scryer's Scryer"
[70d] The Scryer's Scryer Tyrith, Magisters' Terrace Use the Scrying Orb on the balcony in Magisters' Terrace and report to Kalecgos Chains to [70d] Hard to Kill
[70d] Hard to Kill Kalecgos, Magisters' Terrace Take the Head of Kael'thas to Exarch Larethor (requires killing the final boss of the Terrace, Prince Kael'thas) 250 rep, 15.18g, Heroic Mode attunement for Magisters' Terrace and choice of:

Repeatable Reputation Quests for Shattered Sun Offensive

Multiple daily quests are available at Shattrath (around the outside ring around the Terrace of Light) and Sun's Reach to build reputation. During the retaking of Sun's Reach, the quests which are available may be limited. The concentration of daily quests on Quel'Danas makes this an extremely time-efficient set of daily quests to run.

Quest Given By Description Reward
[70dh] Wanted: The Signet Ring of Prince Kael'thas Wind Trader Zhareem, Lower City, Shattrath City Retrieve the signet ring of Prince Kael'thas from the Magisters' Terrace (Heroic) 350 rep, 350 Consortium rep, 13.2g, 2 Badges of Justice
[70d] Wanted: Sisters of Torment Nether-Stalker Mah'duun, Lower City, Shattrath City Kill 4 Sisters of Torment in the Magisters' Terrace 250 rep, 250 Consortium rep, 16.39g, Ethereum Prison Key
These are added to the rotating set of instance dailies Mah'duun and Zhareem give out.
[70] Gaining the Advantage Emissary Mordin, Shattrath City Collect 8 Nether Residue found while gathering (herbalist, skinner, or miner) materials from Outland-specific nodes or mobs (typical reports state that the drop rate is about 25%, so 30+ resources will need to be gathered on average; obviously, this is probably easiest for skinners). 250 rep, Major Rejuvenation Potion, 16.39g
[70] Sunfury Attack Plans Lord Torvos, Shattrath City Retrieve the Sunfury Attack Plans (dropped from any Sunfury mob in the Netherstorm) 250 rep, Shattered Sun Supplies, 10.1g
[70] The Multiphase Survey Harbinger Haronem, Shattrath City Use the Multiphase Spectrographic Goggles to take 6 readings of distortions found in the Spirit Fields around Oshu'gun in Nagrand 250 rep, 9.1g
[70] Blood for Blood Magistrix Seyla, Throne of Kil'jaeden, Hellfire Peninsula Kill 4 Emaciated Felbloods with the Fel Siphon (powered by Demonic Blood dropped from Wrath Heralds) 250 rep, 10.1g, 5 Marks of Sargeras or Sunfury Signets
Note that "Blood for Blood" and "Blast the Gateway" both require completion of "The Missing Magistrix" (requiring a flying mount).
[70] Blast the Gateway Magistrix Seyla, Throne of Kil'jaeden, Hellfire Peninsula Shut down the Legion Gateway (Use the Sizzling Embers to summon a Living Flare. Kill Fel Sparks - around 8-10 are needed - until the Living Flare becomes unstable. Go to the portal (near 58,18). You do not need to kill the Fel Sparks yourself - the Living Flare absorbs energy from any Fel Spark killed nearby.) 250 rep, Shattered Sun Supplies, 10.1g
[70] Erratic Behavior/Further Conversions Vindicator Xayann, Quel'Danas Disable and convert 5 Erratic Sentries 150 rep, 9.1g
[70] The Sanctum Wards/Arm the Wards! Captain Theris Dawnhearth, Quel'Danas Obtain 4 Mana Remnants from Wretched mobs and use them to charge a ward crystal 150 rep, 9.1g
[70] Distraction at the Dead Scar/The Air Strikes Must Continue Battlemage Arynna, Quel'Danas Bombing run to kill 2 Pit Lords, 3 Eredar Sorcerers, and 12 Wrath Enforcers 250 rep, 9.1g
Note that "Distraction at the Dead Scar," "The Battle for Sun's Reach Armory," and "Intercepting the Mana Cells" only become available after the Sun's Reach Sanctum is retaken.
[70] The Battle for Sun's Reach Armory/The Battle Must Go On Harbinger Inuuro, Quel'Danas Kill 6 demons (any type), place banner in the body of the Emissary of Hate 250 rep, 10.1g
Note that you do not need to kill the Emissary yourself; multiple characters may plant the standard in the same mob.
[70] Intercepting the Mana Cells/Maintaining the Sunwell Portal Exarch Nasuun, Terrace of Light, Shattrath Retrieve 10 Smuggled Mana Cells from Bash'ir Landing in the Blade's Edge Mountains (Bash'ir Landing is near 52, 17). You need to kill ethereals until you receive a Bash'ir Phasing Device. Use the device to look for clear boxes containing the mana cells, watching out for the Phase Wyrms. 250 rep, Shattered Sun Supplies, 10.1g
[70] Know Your Ley Lines Astromancer Darnarian, Sun's Reach Armory Use the Astromancer's Crystal (provided) to take ley line readings at the Dawning Square Poral (where the Emissary of Hate spawns), the Bloodcrystal (located in the big rotunda at the north end of Dawnstar Village, near 42, 35), and the naga Shrine at Greengill Coast (southern end of the village, near 61,61) 250 rep, Darnarian's Scroll of Teleportation, 11.99g
Note that this quest is only available after the Sunwell Portal has been opened from Shattrath.
[70] Intercept the Reinforcements/Keeping the Enemy at Bay Vindicator Kaalan, Sun's Reach Armory, Quel'Danas Fly over the Sin'loren, Bloodoath, and Dawnchaser and burn their sails. Slay 6 Dawnblade Reservists aboard any of the three ships. 250 rep, 7.59g
Note that "Intercept the Reinforcements", "Taking the Harbor", and "Making Ready" are only available after the Armory has been recaptured.
[70] Taking the Harbor/Crush the Dawnblade Magister Ilaster, Sun's Reach Armory, Quel'Danas Slay 6 Dawnblade Summoners, 6 Dawnblade Blood Knights, and 3 Dawnblade Marksmen 250 rep, 11.99g
[70] Making Ready/Don't Stop Now... Smith Hauthaa, Sun's Reach Armory, Quel'Danas Kill Darkspine Myrmidon for Darkspine Chest Keys. Use the keys on Darkspine Ore Chests to gather 3 Darkspine Iron Ore. 250 rep, 11.99g
[70] Ata'mal Armaments Smith Hauthaa, Sun's Reach Armory, Quel'Danas Retrieve 5 Ata'mal Armaments from the Ata'mal Terrace in Shadowmoon Valley and cleanse them on Hauthaa's anvil. 350 rep, 18.28g, Choice of
Note that this quest only becomes available once Hauthaa's forge and anvil have been completed.
[70] (Re)discovering Your Roots Mar'nah, Sun's Reach Harbor, Quel'Danas Collect 5 Razorthorn Roots from Razorthorn Rise (a quick flight northeast from Shattrath). This requires killing Razorthorn Flayers to get a Razorthorn Flayer Gland. Dismiss any combat pet and then use the gland to control any ravager. Use the "Expose Razorthorn Root" pet ability on Razorthorn Dirt Mounds to retrieve roots. 350 rep, Shattered Sun Supplies, 9.1g
Note that "Discovering Your Roots," "Disrupt the Greengill Coast" and "A Charitable Donation" are only available after the Harbor has been liberated.
[70] Disrupt the Greengill Coast Captain Valindria, Silvermoon's Pride, Sun's Reach Harbor, Quel'Danas Free 10 Greengill Slaves by retrieving Orbs of Murloc Control from the Darkspine Sirens. 250 rep, 11.99g
[70] A Charitable Donation/Your Continued Support Anchorite Ayuri, Sun's Reach Harbor, Quel'Danas Donate 10g 150 rep
[70] Open for Business Mar'nah, Sun's Reach Harbor, Quel'Danas Gather 5 Bloodberries from the Bloodberry bushes around the isle. 250 rep, 11.99g, Bloodberry Elixir
Note that this quest becomes available after the Alchemy Lab has been created.

Practical Notes

Once Sun's Reach is reclaimed, the concentration of daily quests on Quel'Danas is still very attractive. One practical order that has been fairly efficient for us is:

  • After porting to Quel'Danas, take "[70] The Battle Must Go On" from Inuuro and "[70] Know Your Ley Lines" from Darnarian in the Sanctum. Run down the hill and kill demons near the portal. Make sure to take a ley line reading here.
  • Run up the hill to the Armory. Go up to the second floor landing and take "[70] Keeping the Enemy at Bay" from Kaalan.
  • Run back to the Sanctum and turn in the quest to Inuuro. Take "[70] The Air Strikes Must Continue" from Arynna.
  • Run out to the docks and do the two airstrike quests. Return to the Sanctum and the Armory to turn in the quests. At the Armory, go to the top floor and take "[70] Crush the Dawnblade" from Ilaster. Run back to the inn and also take "[70] Open for Business" from Mar'nah. If you have extra quest slots, swing by the staging area to collect "[70] Further Conversions" and "[70] Arm the Wards!".
  • Now go west to the area around the Bloodcrystal. You should be able to harvest 5 Bloodberries while you're collecting your kills. Note that the summoners around the Bloodcrystal will not break off and attack you, so you just need to kill any imps in the room first, then take your ley line reading. Along the north end of the area, you can also pick off Sentries and Wretched mobs, if you've taken the extra quests - in general, the drop rate of Mana Remains makes "[70] Arm the Wards!" a time waster, but the Remains stay in your inventory even if you drop the quest, so it's worthwhile to take the quest and either complete it or drop it at the end of this run depending on how many you've collected.
  • Turn in quests, picking up "[70] Don't Stop Now..." from Smith Hauthaa at the Armory and then ride out to the Silvermoon's Pride next to the inn to get "[70] Disrupt the Greengill Coast". Ride south from the ship to get to the coast. Kill Sirens to get the Orbs of Murloc Control (one drops with each kill) - since these are area effect, you can usually get 2-4 murlocs with one orb, so you'll need to kill 3-4 sirens. Kill Myrmidons as convenient as you work your way across the island - like the Mana Remains quest, the drop rate here is sometimes frustrating. The keys stay on your keychain even after you drop the quest, though, so don't stress about completing this one - don't unlock any ore chests until you have 3 keys, though. Take the ley line reading at the shrine in the western part of the camp. Return and turn in the quests and scroll yourself back to Shattrath.
Your mileage may vary!

The Reclaiming of Sun's Reach

Each server will have to reclaim the town of Sun's Reach from the Legion forces on Quel'Danas. This requires the completion of the daily quests until certain levels are achieved. The questgiver of one of these quests will report on progress, as will the map in the Terrace of Light in Shattrath City.

Reclaiming Sun's Reach Sanctum

Initially, the three "outer ring" Terrace of Light quests ("Gaining the Advantage," "Sunfury Attack Plans," and "The Multiphase Survey") are available along with the Magisters' Terrace daily, "Wanted: Sisters of Torment." These appear to remain available from now on. The initial pointer quests to take you to Quel'Danas are available as well.

Once on Quel'Danas, adventurers will find that the Offensive only holds the Shattered Sun Staging Area and a small landing at the edge of the harbor. The Magisters' Terrace questline is available as are two repeatable quests ("Erratic Behavior" and "The Sanctum Wards"). For those with at least 225 Riding, "The Missing Magistrix" will allow access to two additional repeatable quests at the Throne of Kil'jaeden in Hellfire.

To reclaim Sun's Reach Sanctum, adventurers must complete a number of repetitions of "Erratic Behavior" and "The Sanctum Wards." When the Sanctum is reclaimed, these quests remain available under their ongoing names.

Reclaiming Sun's Reach Armory

The newly reclaimed Sanctum holds three new NPCs: Tradesman Portanuus (Trade Supplies), Harbinger Inuuro (questgiver), and Battlemage Arynna (questgiver). They provide two new dailies which build to the reclaiming of the armory: "The Battle for the Sun's Reach Armory" and "Distraction at the Dead Scar." After the necessary completions, these quests also remain available under their ongoing names and the Armory questlines become available.

Building the Sunwell Portal

Also starting when the Sanctum is reclaimed, Portanuus sends adventurers to Exarch Nasuun in the Terrace of Light in Shattrath City. Nasuun is building the portal that will allow adventurers to go from Shattrath to Quel'Danas easily. Help him by completing "Intercepting the Mana Cells." Completion of enough repetitions will create the permanent portal, which will be maintained by "Maintaining the Sunwell Portal."

Once the portal is complete, Astromancer Darnarian appears in the Sun's Reach Sanctum. He offers the daily quest "[70] Know Your Ley Lines" which earns a single use scroll to teleport an adventurer from Quel'Danas back to Shattrath.

Reclaiming Sun's Reach Harbor

Once the Armory is reclaimed, a General Goods vendor, arena equipment vendors and 2 new questgivers may be found inside. Vindicator Kaalan offers "Intercept the Reinforcements" while Magister Ilaster gives "Taking the Harbor." As with the previous phases, a number of completions will be required to secure the harbor area. These dailies will still be repeatable under their permanent names. This creates the Sun's Reach inn. In addition, "Disrupt the Greengill Coast" becomes available from Captain Valindria aboard the Silvermoon's Pride, just east of the inn.

Outfitting the Blacksmith

Also starting when the Armory is reclaimed, the newly spawned Smith Hauthaa (just outside the south entrance to the Armory) would like to begin selling her Badge of Justice loot. Unfortunately, she needs the basics - a forge and anvil. The quest "Making Ready" allows players to help her build these. Once these are complete, naga can still be farmed via "Don't Stop Now..." and an additional quest "Ata'mal Armaments" becomes available. Also, Hauthaa will start redeeming Badges of Justice.

Establishing the Alchemy Lab

Once the Harbor is reclaimed, Sun's Reach gains an inn and the Offensive has the luxury of completing the fittings of the town. Mar'nah seeks to build up an Alchemy Lab via "Discovering Your Roots". Once the lab is constructed, a Reagent Vendor becomes available and Mar'nah officially becomes "Open for Business." Shaani will then begin selling Jewelcrafting patterns. She sells all the patterns sold by the Scale of the Sands vendor, requiring the same level of Shattered Sun reputation as Scale reputation for each pattern. However, the Shattered Sun rep recipes cost substantially more than the same recipes purchased from Indormi (50g vs 6g).

Honoring the Fallen

With the Legion driven back from the Harbor, Sun's Reach is won. The Offensive takes to opportunity to honor those who purchased this victory at so high a cost. A Monument to the Fallen wil be completed via "A Charitable Donation." This also makes quest, "A Magnanimous Benefactor" available from Anchorite Kairthos atop the inn, allowing adventurers with Exalted standing to purchase the title "of the Shattered Sun" for the mere cost of 1000g.

K'iru Arrives

When all fixtures and fittings of Sun's Reach are complete, K'iru spawns and Sun's Reach is officially complete. K'iru perches on the second floor of the inn singing his Song of Victory, a buff that increases Stamina by 79 and Intellect by 40 for all players on the island.