Reputation Compendium

Sha'tari Skyguard

Sha'tari Skyguard with Nether Ray

The Sha'tari Skyguard proudly defend the skies above Shattrath City from airborne foes. The most noted of these adversaries are the arrakoa of Skettis. With hostilities on the rise, the Skyguard seeks recruits to join them in battle. Those who distinguish themselves may earn the right to fly a Nether Ray across the skies of Outland! Riding Nether Rays (200g base price) are elite flying mounts and require L70 and 300 Riding skill to use.

  • At Friendly, the Sha'tari will sell you:
  • At Honored, you gain access to the nether ray taxi between the Skyguard outposts in Blade's Edge Mountains and Terokkar Forest, and the Skyguard will break bread with you:
    • Skyguard Rations (Unique (20) Consumable MinLvl: 55, Use: 6000 health over 30 sec, Well-Fed: Sta: 15 and Spi: 15 for 15 min)
  • At Revered, you can claim
    • Skyguard's Drape
      (Back AC: 78, Agi: 15, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +52 attack power, Use: Reduces your fall speed for 10 sec)
    • Skywitch's Drape
      (Back AC: 78, Int: 15, Equip: +30 spell damage and healing, Use: Reduces your fall speed for 10 sec)
  • At Exalted, the impressed Skyguard will hail you by name in their camps and finally grant you:

Reputation from Kills

As you might expect, killing the Skettis adds to your standing with the Skyguard, 10 rep for each arrakoa or Monstrous Kaliri, 5 rep for Skettis Kaliri, 30 rep for the trees. Terokk is worth 200 rep, while each of his lieutenants is worth 50 rep per kill.


Quests begin from the flight deck of Shattrath City (near the flight point). Speak with Yuula, the Skyguard Recruitment Officer, to get started. Note that the quests at the Skyguard Outpost in the Blade's Edge Mountains are only available after completing the Ogri'la initiation quests.

Repeatable Reputation Quests for the Sha'tari Skyguard

There are several repeatable daily quests for Skyguard faction. Three of these quests are shared with the ogres of Ogri'la.

QuestGiven ByDescriptionReward
[70] Fires Over Skettis Sky Sergeant Doryn, Blackwind Landing, Terrokar Forest Bomb 20 Monstrous Kaliri Eggs on the roofs of Skettis 350 rep
[70] More Shadow Dust Severin, Blackwind Landing, Terrokar Forest Retrieve 6 Shadow Dust 150 rep, Elixir of Shadows
[70] Escape from Skettis Skyguard Prisoner Release a Skyguard Prisoner from the cages in Skettis and escort him to safety 150 rep
Note that the Skyguard Outpost quests require you to complete the Ogri'la entrance quests and the initial bombing run quest.
[70] Bomb Them Again Sky Sergeant Vanderlip, Skyguard Outpost Bomb 15 Fel Cannonball Stacks 500 rep, 500 Ogri'la rep
[70] Wrangle More Aether Rays Skyguard Khatie, Skyguard Outpost Wrangle 5 Aether Rays 350 rep, 350 Ogri'la rep
[70] Banish the Demons
Obtainable at Ogri'la Honored
Kronk, Ogri'la Banish 15 demons at the nearby Forge Camps 350 rep, 350 Ogri'la rep