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The sporelings are a unique race of intelligent animate plants. Their primary settlement is Sporeggar in the swamps of Zangarmarsh. They are in need of assistance, as their way of life is at risk. The ecological changes being wrought by the naga in Coilfang Reservoir are destroying their habitat, and they are in constant conflict with the Bog Lords. While primitive, they have unparalleled knowledge of the properties of swamp plants which they will share with those who gain their trust.

Characters begin 2500/3000 Unfriendly with Sporeggar.

In addition to being a reputation turn-in, glowcap mushrooms are used as the primary currency of the sporelings. Glowcaps may be found throughout Zangarmarsh as ground spawns at the foot of larger mushrooms.

  • At Unfriendly, you can turn in Mature Spore Sacs or Bog Tendrils to Fahssn at the Spawning Glen for reputation.
  • At Neutral, you can begin interacting with Sporeggar NPCs, gaining the ability to turn in Glowcaps or Fertile Spores for reputation, and can buy
    • Marsh Lichen
      (Consumable MinLvl: 55, Use: +4320 health/30 sec, Well-fed: +10 Spirit for 10 min)
    • Recipe: Sporeling Snack (325 Cooking)
      (Consumable MinLvl: 55, Use: +20 pet Stamina and Spirit for 30 min)
    • Recipe: Clam Bar (300 Cooking)
      (Consumable MinLvl: 55, Use: +4320 health/30 sec, Well-fed: +20 Stamina and Spirit for 30 min)
  • At Friendly, your new friends offer you
    • Tallstalk Mushroom (Consumable MinLvl: 40, Use: Shows the location of all nearby giants on the minimap for 1 hour)
    You also gain access to the quests "[64] Now That We're Friends" and "[65d] Bring Me A Shrubbery!".
  • At Honored, you can buy
    • Muck-Covered Drape(Back MinLvl: 64, AC: 66, Sta: 30, Use: Reduces your threat to enemy targets within 30 yards, making them less likely to attack you )
    • Petrified Lichen Guard(Shield MinLvl: 62, AC: 3043, Block: 62, Str: 15, Sta: 24, Equip: Afflicts your attacker with deadly poison spores each time you block)
    • Redcap Toadstool (Consumable MinLvl: 40, Use: Removes 1 poison effect, Lowers Nature Resistance by 50 for 1 min)
  • At Revered reputation, you uncover
  • And at Exalted, the "tame" bog giant Fhwoor gives you the quest "Fhwoor Smash!" and you gain access to

Tiny Spore Bat
vanity pet


Reputation from Kills

Bog Giants of various types yield 15 Sporeggar rep per kill through Honored. Marsh Dredgers and Lurkers (found in and around Fungorr Cavern in southeast Zangarmarsh) yield 15 rep per kill through Revered.


Sporeggar quests are given out in the Sporeggar area, starting with Fahssn, found east of the Spawning Glen in southwestern Zangarmarsh (near 19, 63).

Quest Given By Description Reward
[64] Sporregar
Obtainable at Friendly
FahssnTake the Salvaged Spore Sacs to Msshi'fn in Sporeggar9750 xp, 750 rep
[64] Now That We're Friends
Obtainable at Friendly
Gzhun'ttKill 12 Bloodscale Slavedrivers and 12 Bloodscale Enchantresses9750 xp, 750 rep, Choice of:
[65d] Stalk the Stalker
Obtainable at Neutral
Khn'nix, SporeggarSlay the Black Stalker in the Underbog and return her brain12500 xp, 1050 rep, Essence Infused Mushroom or Power Infused Mushroom
[65d] Oh, It's On!
Obtainable at Neutral
T'shu, SporregarRetrieve an Underspore Frond from Hungerfen's plant in the Underbog12500 xp, 1050 rep, Everlasting Underspore Frond
[65g3] Fhwoor Smash!
Obtainable at Exalted
Fhwoor, SporeggarEscort Fhwoor into the area of the Marshlight steam pump to retrieve the Ark of Ssslith.13750 xp, ~1000 rep, choice of:

Repeatable Reputation Quests for Sporeggar

While Unfriendly or Neutral, you can collect and turn in Mature Spore Sacs or Bog Lord Tendrils. At lower levels, it's better to farm the withered giants found in the Dead Mire in northeast Zangarmarsh. When you can reliably kill the L64ish Naga at Bloodscale Enclave, running the kill quest lets you earn some Cenarion Expedition rep as well (up to Friendly with the Expedition). These mobs also drop the Unidentified Plant Parts used as Cenarion turn-ins. While Neutral, you can harvest Glowcaps, although since these are also currency for the Sporelings, it's generally better to sabe the glowcaps and just focus on tendrils and spore sacs. Beginning at Neutral, you can turn in Fertile Spores, while at Friendly you can start turning in Sanguine Hibiscuses. The first turn-in yields ~10k xp in addition to the reputation reward.

Note that all the harvested/dropped turn-ins are not soulbound and may thus be found on the AH.

Quest Given By Description Reward
[63] The Sporelings' Plight/More Spore Sacs
Obtainable through Neutral
Fahssn, the Spawning Glen, ZangarmarshHarvest 10 Mature Spore Sacs (retrieved from Spore Sac ground spawns in the Spawning Glen)750
[64] Natural Enemies/More Tendrils!
Obtainable through Neutral
FahssnCollect 6 Bog Lord Tendrils (dropped from Bog Lords/Fungal Giants throughout Zangarmarsh)750
[64] Glowcap Mushrooms/More Glowcaps
Obtainable while Neutral
Msshi'fn, Sporregar, ZangarmarshHarvest 10 Glowcaps (ground spawn lighted mushrooms found throughout Zangarmarsh)750
[64] Fertile Spores/More Fertile Spores
Obtainable at Neutral
Gshaff, SporregarHarvest 10 Fertile Spores (dropped from Spore Bats of all types and Marsh Walkers)750
[64] Now That We're Still Friends
Obtainable at Friendly
Gzhun'tt, SporeggarKill 12 Bloodscale Slavedrivers and 6 Bloodscale Enchantresses (found at the Bloodscale Enclave, northwest of Zabra'jin)750
[65d] Bring Me A(nother) Shrubbery!
Obtainable at Friendly
Gzhun'ttHarvest 5 Sanguine Hibiscus from the Underbog, Coilfang Reservoir750