Reputation Compendium


Gaining reputation with Stormwind, the human kingdom, has the same benefits as the other Alliance factions:

  • At Honored reputation, receive 10% savings at (most) human vendors
  • At Exalted reputation, gain access to human cross-faction mounts – allows non-humans to purchase horses

Primary sources for Stormwind reputation are quests given by Stormwind-affiliated (usually human) questgivers. Some areas where there are a good concentration of such quests:

  • Elwynn Forest
  • Stormwind City
  • Westfall
  • Redridge Mountains
  • Menethil in the Wetlands
  • Darkshire in Duskwood (excluding the Embalmer series)
  • Rebel Camp in northern Stranglethorn Vale
  • Southshore
  • Refuge Pointe in the Arathi Highlands
  • Watcher Biggs quests in the Swamps of Sorrows
  • Some Theramore/Duskwallow quest lines

Also, as with other Alliance factions, completing quests for the other factions yields reputation spillover (usually 1/4 of the reputation reward). As of the 1.7 patch, reputation spillover ceases for a faction at the middle of Exalted (spillover will continue to accrue in other factions).

Repeatable Reputation Quests for Stormwind

The main RRQ for Stormwind reputation is "The Lost Supplies," a level 40 quest in the Swamps of Sorrows. This quest involves finding Scattered Crates located throughout the Swamps, opening them and retrieving the Lost Supplies barrels, and delivering the barrels to Quartermaster Lungertz in Nethergarde Keep (in the Blasted Lands, just south of the Swamps). You may carry no more than one barrel at any time. Delivering the barrel yields 25 reputation points and a Box of Supplies, which usually contains ~3s and may contain potions, scrolls, herbs, or the occasional item.

Stormwind also participates in the "Cloth Quests", with a repeatable "Additional Runecloth" to Clavicus Knavingham, the Stormwind Cloth Quartermaster, located upstairs in Duncan's Textiles in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind City. This yields 75 reputation points for every stack of 20 Runecloth delivered. This quest is available after completing the other cloth quests.

Finding "The Lost Supplies"

contributed by Giltirion, Night Elf Hunter

His name is "Goliath"
- Etienne of Navarre, Ladyhawke

A reputation Farmer is what I have become
Running through this river world of woe
Following that siren call that ever leads me on -
"Hunter - to your scattered boxes go!"

Author's Note: With the removal of reputation drop off in patch 2.0, reputation hunters should ensure that they do all quests (even in the starting areas) in order to maximize direct and spillover reputation. It is now possible to become Exalted with any of the racial factions by L40 with a bit of planning and work. However, the following travelogue is still useful for those needing a few more rep points to flesh out their Stormwind faction.

Humans get to ride horses because of their race. Dwarf paladins get a horse at level 40. Gnome warlocks can ride something that once was a horse (the flame-hoofed felsteed). Only elves get left out of the equine games - unless they reach an Exalted reputation with Stormwind. For adventurers of any race who seek such exalted status, the Lost Supplies quest can be obtained as early as level 30, but depending on your class, you probably want to wait until around 38. I found that once I reached level 42, I could "run the boxes" with very little fighting due to the decreased aggro range.

There are around 15 spawn points for the Scattered Crates. The western 12 are linked, shared by 2 crates. Each crate has a respawn time of about 6 minutes. These seem to appear in three zones, with the crates tending to respawn in the same zone for 2-3 spawns. It is possible for both crates to spawn at the same location; when this happens, opening the first crate will reveal the unopened top of the second crate. Whenever possible, pay attention to spawn points on the way back to the Blasted Lands; that way you can run straight back to the other crate without checking the intermediate spawn points.

The central crates appear along the river channels in the Swamps, surrounded by level 35-37 spiders, crocolisks, and swamp jaguars. With practice and a little patience, you can reach each of these spawn points without a fight.

The western crates appear in the Misty Valley, populated by level 38-41 nature elementals (Swampwalkers, Swampwalker Elders, and Tangled Horrors). There is also a cave wherein dwells the Mire Lord, a named (non-elite) level 42 elemental. One of the crates appears in his cave (requiring you to defeat him to claim the crate), the others appear around the shorelines of the little lakes and are accessible.

The eastern crates are guarded by humanoid Lost Ones, the degenerate offshoots of the Draenor race. There are also 2-3 Stonard Explorers (level 37-38 Horde orcs) who will attack unwary Alliance adventurers (fighting back automatically enables you for PvP combat - and on PvE servers there are often Horde adventurers waiting to take advantage, so be cautious). You can reach 2 of the crates fairly safely. The other 2 are located near the Lost Ones’ huts; at higher levels, one of those can be reached without fighting, but the furthest east one is located at the foot of a Lost One hut and requires defeating 1-3 Lost One Hunters.

There are also 2-3 additional crates which spawn in the Lost Ones' encampment (Fallow Sanctuary). These are on their own timers and are a good fallback (once you are of high enough level to avoid aggroing the whole camp) when you can't find any other crates.

I used a modification of the route I first saw described by Barrid in Coringar's RRQ discussion in the forums. Remember that as soon as you find a crate, take the barrel from it and retrace your steps back to the Blasted Lands - you can only carry a single barrel.

Central Zone

Beginning at the road from the Blasted Lands, run north, curving to follow the mountainside (to avoid any Horde orcs who might be walking the path). Cross the road and move north, crossing the river between the two crocolisks and heading for the spawn point next to the old rowboat (stay to the right as you cross the clearing to avoid aggroing the swamp jaguars and spiders that prowl this area). If there's no crate, run along the water east far enough to check to see if a crate has spawned near the fallen tree across the river. Then run north along the east bank of the river (dodging the crocolisk who guards this crossing) until you reach the bridge. Cross the road and check the spawn point on the opposite bank, then follow the road east to the next bridge. Without crossing the bridge, run north along the bank and check the last of the central spawn points.

Eastern Zone

If you last found a crate to the east (or if this is your first run of the session), cross the river and continue east along the northern bank until the river ends where the Lost One Fisherman stands at the east end. Be careful in this area because Noboru the Cudgel and his henchmen patrol through here. Cross to the south bank without aggroing the fisherman, staying to the west of the tree. Check the spawn point near the base of the tree. Continue by crossing the road and checking the spawn point on the other side. Make your way east along the road, watching for Lost Ones and Stonard guards. Check the last two spawn points at the edge of Fallow Sanctuary. If you are high enough level, you can continue into the Fallow Sanctuary and check for one of the independent crates. Next time through, go west after checking the central zone. Otherwise, head back along the road to the western zone.

Western Zone

If you last found a crate to the west or you have just failed to find a crate to the east, head west along the road, watching for the spiders and jaguars. Cross the bridge and immediately turn northwest toward Misty Valley. Run along the northern side of the valley until you pass the fallen log and near the ponds. Be careful of the elementals. Run to the top of the small hummock at the edge of the pond; from the top, look south and then west to check the two nearest spawn points (the top of the crate will be barely visible to the west just on the other side of the ridge separating the ponds). Descend and continue to follow the valley wall west to check the third spawn point near the entrance to the Mire Lord's cave. Finally, make your way to the cave mouth and see if he's guarding one. From here, you can run back along the southern road (stay aware of the Horde patrols).

Practical Notes

If you complete most of the quests yielding Stormwind reputation while the quests are still green or better, you should be able to reach at least the midway point of Honored (possibly even the low end of Revered) by level 40. From the bottom of Revered, it takes 840 barrels (21,000 reputation) to reach Exalted (in my case, I was only about a third through Honored, so it took more like 30,000 reputation or 1200 barrels). On foot, once you learn the routes, you can average 6 crates an hour. With a Hunter using Aspect of the Cheetah, I was able to average about 8 minutes a run, so almost 8 crates an hour. By report, assuming you buy a (faction-appropriate) mount at level 40, you can average up to 10 crates an hour. Even at that best case, you're looking at 84+ hours of nothing but running barrels.

I spent over 12 game days completing this, but I spent a lot of time fighting and gathering. The Swamps are a great place for herbalists. They are also a good source of iron and mithril. In my Swamptime, I pulled hundreds of iron bars and a couple hundred mithril bars, which raised my mining skill a hundred points and allowed me to complete the Weaponsmith quests. Besides the XP, the spiders are a good source of Thick Spider's Silk and Shadow Silk, the jaguars drop the occasional Large Fang, and the Lost Ones provide Silk Cloth and the occasional Mageweave. The Box of Supplies received in trade for the barrels provided 7 blue items (including two Stalvan's Reapers) and several green items (level 30-35) as well as stacks of rank II scrolls. With those and the potions and herbs, I made enough at the AH that I could easily afford my new horse.

A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
And elves cannot ride on a horse, of course,
Unless, of course, in all due course,
They become exal-ted...