Reputation Compendium

Timbermaw Hold

Timbermaw Hold

"We are the last of the furbolg race... The Timbermaw tribe remains uncorrupted, yet we face the same hostility from outsiders; most believe that it is not possible... that there could actually be furbolg that escaped the corruption... Angry at those that strive to make enemies too quickly, my brethren now attack any that draw near; they trust no one. But perhaps, if you strive to make your presence peaceful with them, they might look upon you as an ally." - Grazle

The Timbermaw were the fortunate furbolg tribe who escaped the corruptive influence of the Skull of Gul'dan. They continue to survive and thrive, primarily by keeping to themselves and avoiding contact with outsiders and other furbolg tribes. They make their home on the border of Felwood, Moonglade, and Winterspring, with their main settlement at Timbermaw Hold in Felwood and a colony in Azshara. The Timbermaw are initially hostile to newcomers, meaning they will attack on sight. If you make the effort to prove yourself to them, you will find them knowledgeable and useful friends.

  • At Unfriendly, you will no longer be attacked on sight and can freely use the tunnel between Moonglade, Winterspring, and Felwood
  • At Neutral, you can turn in the Deadwood or Winterfall Ritual Totems to Kernda in Timbermaw Hold. At this point, Meilosh will sell you tailoring supplies and serve as a tailoring trainer through 300 Tailoring.
  • At Friendly, Meilosh will give you the quests "[55] Runecloth" and "[55] Sacred Cloth" and will sell you: It is also alleged that at Friendly, you will be able to loot the chests in the Timbermaw encampments in Azshara without being attacked.
  • At Honored, Gorn One Eye will begin to sell general goods to you, and you can also buy:
  • At Revered, the Timbermaw add to Meilosh's trove:
  • At Exalted, Gorn One Eye will give you the quest "[60+] The Root of All Evil" which yields the trinket Defender of the Timbermaw.

Reputation from Kills

You may gain reputation with the Timbermaw by slaying Deadwood Furbolgs in Felwood and Winterfall Furbolgs in Winterspring. As with similar arrangements in other factions, you will gain 20 reputation points for most kills, 40-100 for named mobs, provided the kill earns xp. Normal mobs give reputation through Honored, named through Revered.


Known quests which yield Timbermaw Hold reputation:

Quest Given By Description Reputation
[48] Timbermaw Ally Grazle, Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood Kill 6 Deadwood Warriors, 6 Deadwood Pathfinders, and 6 Deadwood Gardeners (unlocks "Feathers for Grazle" RRQ) 1400
[55] Deadwood of the North Nafien, Timbermaw Hold, Felwood Kill 6 Deadwood Den Watchers, 6 Deadwood Avengers, and 6 Deadwood Shamans (unlocks "Feathers for Nafien" RRQ) 1400
[55] Runecloth Meilosh, Timbermaw Hold, Felwood Bring 30 Runecloth to Meilosh (requires Friendly) 1000
[55] Sacred Cloth
Requires 290 Tailoring
Meilosh, Timbermaw Hold, Felwood Bring 2 Mooncloth to Meilosh (requires Friendly, 290 Tailoring) 1000
Trains: Mooncloth Boots
[55] Deadwood Ritual Totem Deadwood Ritual Totem (Item) Take the Deadwood Ritual Totem to Kernda in Timbermaw Hold (requires Neutral) 1400
[56] Winterfall Ritual Totem Winterfall Ritual Totem (Item) Take the Winterfall Ritual Totem to Kernda in Timbermaw Hold (requires Neutral) 1400
[58] Winterfall Activity Salfa, Timbermaw Hold, Winterspring Kill 8 Winterfall Shamans, 8 Winterfall Den Watchers, and 8 Winterfall Ursas (unlocks "Beads for Salfa" RRQ) 1400
[60+] The Root of All Evil
Obtainable at Exalted
Your own ghostly Timbermaw shaman!
Gorn One Eye, Timbermaw Hold, Felwood Plant the Demon Summoning Torch in the mouth of High Chief Winterfall's cave in the Winterfall furbolg village. Defeat the demon and retrieve the Essence of Xandivious for Gorn One Eye in Timbermaw Hold. Chains to "The Brokering of Peace". 1000
Defender of the Timbermaw
Xandivious is a L62 elite satyr, with an Aura of Rot nature damage aura. He is fearable, but the combination of the aura and fairly hard hits make a group necessary for most characters.

The trinket summons a ghostly Timbermaw Ancestor for approximately 30 seconds. During that time, he will heal party/raid members if they drop below 50% health or cast Wrath-like nature damage spells (heals ~500 health, damage ~300 - typically gets off around 5 casts). Depending on what other trinkets you have available, this can be useful in a straightforward boss fight or battlegrounds.
[60] The Brokering of Peace Gorn One Eye, Timbermaw Hold Bring the Timbermaw Offering of Peace to King Magni Bronzebeard in Ironforge/Thrall in Orgrimmar 500 Alliance/Horde rep - and a nice city-wide proclamation of your achievement

Repeatable Reputation Quests for Timbermaw Hold

Quest Given By Description Reward
Feathers for Grazle Grazle, Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood Turn in 5 Deadwood Headdress Feathers 300
Feathers for Nafien Nafien, Timbermaw Hold, Felwood Turn in 5 Deadwood Headdress Feathers 300
Beads for Salfa Salfa, Timbermaw Hold, Winterspring Turn in 5 Winterfall Spirit Beads 300
Brokering peace with the Timbermaw

Practical Notes

"You must find a way to show that you both are fighting for the same side. Although the Timbermaw may attack you now, if you are diligent, you will find a way." - Grazle

Grazle, Meilosh, and NafienInitially, the Timbermaw are hostile to everyone. You begin at 2500/3000 Hostile (500 points from Unfriendly). Only Grazle (located just across the road from the Emerald Sanctuary at 51, 85) and Nafien (standing outside the entrance to Timbermaw Hold at 64.8, 8.3) are friendly enough to offer you a chance to prove yourself. It is crucial that you avoid killing Timbermaw - the reputation loss is disproportionately large (25 points per kill), so just a few kills will make gaining their trust a daunting task.

At Hostile, doing the initial quests for Nafien and Grazle unlocks the "Feathers" quests which give 300 rep for every 5 feathers turned in. The feathers are a drop off any Deadwood mob once you've unlocked at least one of these quests (droprate seems to be about 20%). These quests continue to work through Revered (both Grazle and Nafien say that they will "continue to accept them as long as necessary"); it's thus probably better to bank the feathers or beads (they stack in 250s - 1.4 stacks (350 feathers) will take you through Revered) and progress by kills as long as possible.

To gain reputation with the Timbermaw, your only real option is to grind. If you're in a group of ~L52, you can probably handle grinding the three camps in Felpaw Village, just across the road from the path leading to Talonbranch Glade (down the hill from Timbermaw Hold). Otherwise, stick to the camps near the Emerald Sanctuary. One named Deadwood, Overlord Ror (L51), spawns at the west end of camp (near 48.2, 94.2) and is worth 60 rep. Ragepaw (L51 rare spawn) spawns in the open area near here as well and is worth 60 rep. Chieftain Bloodmaw (L56) spawns at the northeast end of Felpaw Village (near 62.7, 7.9) and is worth 60 rep.

Once you get to Unfriendly, you can make your way through to Winterspring. Salfa stands just to the right of the exit as you enter Winterspring. She gives you "Winterfall Activity," which then unlocks the "Beads for Salfa" turn-in quest, which truthfully has you fight harder mobs than the ones that drop feathers for the same rep gain. However, if you're also doing the Wintersaber's quest ("[60] Winterfall Intrusion") or the Winterfall quest series from Donova Snowden, you can "double-dip" your questing. Also, the Winterfall furbolgs drop runecloth much more regularly. High Chief Winterfall is worth 40 rep, Grizzle Snowpaw (rare spawn) yields 100, and Xandivious (summoned as part of the Exalted quest) is worth 100. Note that if someone summons Xandivious and fails to kill him, he takes up residence at the foot of the hill leading up to the High Chief's cave. It is possible to continue to farm mobs around him if you're careful.

Deadwood Ritual Totem At Neutral, you will be able to take Deadwood or Winterfall Ritual Totems to Kernda in Timbermaw Hold. These totems are random drops off furbolg mobs. This quest is not repeatable, so its back to grinding for you.