Reputation Compendium


The Ghostlands form an uneasy border between Eversong Woods and the Scourge-infested Plaguelands. The settlement of Tranquillien is a sanctuary amid these haunted woodlands.

Note: This faction seems primarily intended to introduce the concept of reputation grinding and faction rewards and to provide gear to the L10-20 adventurers in the Ghostlands. Completing the Tranquillien-related quests will raise your faction to Exalted.

  • At Friendly, you may select from
    • Apprentice Boots ([BoE] Cloth Feet MinLvl: 10, AC: 19, Sta: 1, Int: 2)
    • Bogwalker Boots ([BoE] Leather Feet MinLvl: 10, AC: 48, Agi: 2, Sta: 1)
    • Tranquillien Flamberge (2H Sword MinLvl: 10, DPS: 10.1, Dam: 29-44, Spd: 3.60, Str: 3, Int: 2, CoH: Sends a shadowy bolt at the enemy causing 35 Shadow damage)
    • Volunteer's Greaves ([BoE] Mail Feet MinLvl: 10, AC: 99, Str: 2, Sta: 1)
  • At Honored, you gain the 10% vendor discount and can buy
    • Apothecary's Waistband (Cloth Waist MinLvl: 12, AC: 17, Int: 2, Spi: 2)
    • Batskin Belt (Leather Waist MinLvl: 12, AC: 41, Agi: 2, Equip: +4 Attack Power)
    • Tranquillien Defender's Girdle (Mail Waist MinLvl: 12, AC: 89, Str: 2, Sta: 2)
  • At Revered reputation, you may purchase
    • Apothecary's Robe (Cloth Chest MinLvl: 10, AC: 28, Int: 4)
    • Deathstalker's Vest (Leather Chest MinLvl: 10, AC: 70, Agi: 4)
    • Suncrown Hauberk (Mail Chest MinLvl: 10, AC: 144, Sta: 4)
  • And at Exalted, you earn the right to purchase
    • Tranquillien Champion's Cloak ([BoE] Back MinLvl: 16, AC: 19, Sta: 7)

Reputation from Kills

No known mobs give Tranquillien reputation when slain.


The road to Tranquillien starts with "[10] Missing in the Ghostlands", given by Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider at Fairbreeze Village. This leads you to Courier Dawnstrider along the road at the border of Eversong Woods and the Ghostlands who asks you to complete his delivery to Tranquillien. Each quest given out of Tranquillien yields significant reputation, leaving you at Exalted if you complete all of them.