Reputation Compendium

Alliance Vanguard

Warsong Hold

The Alliance Vanguard represents the combined forces of the Alliance in Northrend. Originally, the Vanguard worked in common cause with the Horde Expedition against Arthas, but after the betrayal of Wrathgate, the Horde and Alliance have reverted to open warfare. The Alliance Vanguard includes:

  • The Valiance Expedition - the main military force from the Alliance, led by the humans of Stormwind. Their primary base of operations is Valiance Keep in the Borean Tundra, but representatives of the faction may be found wherever the Horde and Alliance are at odds. The Westfall Brigade Encampment in Grizzly Hills and the airship Skybreaker in Icecrown are examples. The Expedition is also the Alliance faction for the Strand of the Ancients battleground.
  • The Explorers' League - following in the footsteps of the legendary Brann Bronzebeard, this faction seeks the secrets of Northrend. Based out of Valgarde Keep in Howling Fjord, the League may be found throughout Northrend.
  • The Frostborn - Frost Dwarves of the Storm Peaks, the Frostborn are survivors of the conflicts between the races of Frost. Now infected by the curiousity of their Ironforge cousins, the Frostborn have made common cause with the Explorers' League.
  • The Silver Covenant - the high elven faction of Dalaran, they guard the Alliance quarter in Dalaran

Unlike other group factions, you have a separate faction standing with the Vanguard as a whole as well as the individual components. Vanguard faction is used to determine access to items from the faction quartermaster. The component faction standing is used to determine discounts at vendors of those factions. In general, any quest that yields reputation gains for one of the component factions has a 50% spillover to the Vanguard as a whole and 25% to the other component factions (so a quest earning 250 Explorers' League reputation also usually earns 125 Alliance Vanguard reputation and 62.5 reputation with the Frostborn and the Silver Covenant).

There are two Vanguard quartermasters: Logistics Officer Silverstone at Valiance Keep in Borean Tundra and Logistics Officer Brighton at Valgarde in Howling Fjord.

Reputation from Kills

Kills in L80 Northrend dungeons give Alliance Vanguard faction unless you're Championing another faction, with 50% spillover to the component factions.


There are Alliance Vanguard quests out of Valiance Keep and Valgarde in addition to the quests for the Expedition and League. Dragonblight has some quests out of Star's Rest as well.

Repeatable Reputation Quests for the Alliance Vanguard

With the increase in hostilities with the Horde, many Alliance Vanguard and Valiance Expedition daily quests are PvP-based, particularly in the Grizzly Hills. The Grizzly Hills quests will flag you for PvP when you accept the quest.

Quest Given By Description Reward
[71] Break the BlockadeBombardier Petrov, Westguard KeepKill 25 Blockade Pirates and 10 Blockade Cannons250 Valiance rep, 125 Vanguard rep, 20100 xp (2.4g)
The cluster bombs that Petrov gives out can only be used from the captured goblin zeppelin. If you face backwards at the bow of ths ship, you can throw cluster bombs both forward and backward. Also, note that you can just land on the ships with a flying mount and get your kills directly.
[71] Steel Gate PatrolSteel Gate Chief Archaeologist, Howling FjordKill 8 Gjalerbron Gargoyles250 League rep, 125 Vanguard rep, 4.7g, 2 Super Healing Potion, 20100 xp (2.4g)
Requires completion of the quest chain started by Overseer Irena Stonemantle at the Steel Gate in Howling Fjord.
[74P] Blackriver SkirmishScout Captain Carter, just southwest of Amberpine Lodge, Grizzly HillsSlay 10 Horde units or players at the Blackriver Logging Camp250 Valiance rep, 125 Vanguard rep, 5.6g, 20750 xp (9.96g)
[74P] Kick 'Em When They're DownSergeant Hartsman, Blue Sky Logging Grounds, Grizzly HillsKill 15 Horde units or players in Blue Sky Logging Ground250 Valiance rep,125 Vanguard rep, 5.6g, 20750 xp (9.96g)
[74P] Life or DeathRheanna, Blue Sky Logging GroundsUse the Renewing Bandage on 10 Wounded Westfall Infantry units250 Valiance rep, 125 Vanguard rep, 5.6g, 20750 xp (9.96g)
[78] Pushed Too FarFjorlin Frostbrow, Frosthold, Storm PeaksKill 16 Stormpeak Wyrms250 Frostborn rep, 125 Vanguard rep, 6.8g, 21600 xp (12.96g)
This daily becomes available after completing the Frostborn quest chains, including Baby Stealers and the Bronzebeard Brothers quests
[80] Blood of the ChosenKnight-Captain Drosche, Skybreaker, IcecrownKill 20 vrykul in Ymirheim250 Valiance rep, 125 Vanguard rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
Do this in concert with "Assault by Ground", as the Ymirheim Defenders who attack the ground troops count towards the goal.
[80] Assault by AirGround Commander Koup, Ymirheim, IcecrownKoup and the Skybreaker Squad Leader are at the foot of the Ymirheim rise (62.6, 51.3). Use the Suppression Turret on the Alliance Transport to limit anti-aircraft fire and allow 4 infiltrators to drop into Ymirheim250 Valiance rep, 125 Vanguard rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
There are some key points to succeed in this quest. First, make certain that the transport contains troops before you board it; on some servers, the troops either don't properly respawn or the Horde kills them where they sit. Hold down both mouse buttons to target the cannonfire at the harpoon guns. It may help to zoom in to first-person view in order to target weapons nearby; note that the cannon cannot target directly below the fighter.
[80] Assault by GroundSkybreaker Squad Leader, YmirheimEscort the Alliance ground troops into Ymirheim, ensuring that at least 4 survive250 Valiance rep, 125 Vanguard rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
[80P] King of the MountainFrazzle Geargrinder, YmirheimPlant the Alliance Battle Standard atop the mountain250 Valiance rep, 125 Vanguard rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
Frazzle is located near (57.0, 62.5). To get this quest, you must complete "Get to Ymirheim!" given out by Chief Engineer Boltwrench on Skybreaker. Jump in the robot and use 3 (and mouse targeting) to cause the robot to jump to the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain, use 1 to plant the flag. While this is a PvP quest, actual cases of PvP are rare. However, do this quest last so you aren't flagged while attempting the other quests in Ymirheim.

Practical Notes

Engineers will need to pursue Vanguard faction, as this is the source of the schematic for the Mekgineer's Chopper motorcycle mount. Some of the faction rewards at Revered are very good if earned at L74. The Grizzly Hills quests are straightforward, although PvP always adds a random factor. Steel Gate Patrol is quick, although the gold reward is much less than other dailies at L80. Doing this and the Frostborn daily are significant because these are the only dailies for those factions. Icecrown has several Valiance ones that do not require PvP.

There are achievements tied to reaching Exalted with the Vanguard and acquiring a Mekgineer's Chopper. There is also an achievement for completing all the PvP quests in Grizzly Hills at least once.

The best source of Silver Covenant reputation is the Argent Tournament in Icecrown.