Reputation Compendium

The Violet Eye

Archmage Cedric on the outskirts of Dalaran

The Violet Eye are an association of mages and other operatives from Dalaran. They are agents of the Kirin Tor, originally set to watch Karazhan and Medivh. With unusual activity in Karazhan, they need assistance in investigating and dealing with the demonic threats from that cursed tower. Those who gain their favor will find that the are a source of magical knowledge that rivals the Highbourne. At the very least, they hold the secrets to gaining entry into the deeper secrets of Karazhan itself.

  • At Friendly, Archmage Leryda will give you the quest "[70] Down the Violet Path" and your first Violet Signet trinket.
  • At Honored, Leryda will upgrade your Signet (and give you a new quest), and can buy:
    • Design: The Frozen Eye (375 Jewelcrafter)
      (Ring Sta: 12, CR: 35, MinLvl: 70)
    • Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Wonder (375 Alchemist)
      (MinLvl: 65, Use: +35 resistances, +18 all stats for 1 hour)
    • Plans: Iceguard Breastplate (375 Blacksmith)
      (Plate Chest AC: 1268, Sta: 21, CR: 60, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +10 defense rating)
    • Plans: Iceguard Helm (375 Blacksmith)
      (Plate Head AC: 1030, Sta: 42, CR: 50, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +20 defense rating)
    • Inscription of Endurance
      (MinLvl: 70, +7 resistance to all magic schools to shoulder item)
  • At Revered, Leryda upgrades your Signet again and you may purchase:
    • Plans: Iceguard Leggings (375 Blacksmith)
      (Plate Legs AC: 1110, Sta: 30, CR: 60)
    • Pattern: Shadowprowler's Chestguard (365 Leatherworker)
      (Leather Chest AC: 333, Str: 32, Agi: 40, Sta: 12, MinLvl: 70, Sockets: Red, Blue, Yellow, Socket Bonus: +4 Agility, Equip: +8 hit rating)
    • Mysterious Arrow (Arrow MinLvl: 70, +46.5 DPS)
    • Mysterious Shell (Bullet MinLvl: 70, +46.5 DPS)
  • At Exalted, Leryda completes the upgrades to your Signet. Also, you will be allowed to switch your Signet by turning in the old one and paying 100g.
    • Formula: Enchant Weapon - Greater Agility (350 Enchanter)
      (+20 Agility to melee weapon, requires L35 item or higher)
    • Pattern: Cloak of Darkness (360 Leatherworker)
      (Back AC: 101, Str: 23, Sta: 25, Blue Socket, Socket Bonus: +2 Critical Strike Rating, Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 24)

Reputation from Kills

Most mobs in Karazhan give 10-25 rep, with bosses yielding from 125 to 500 (for Malchezaar) rep. These continue through Exalted. This is the primary method of gaining reputation with this faction.


Quest Given By Description Reward
Violet Signet
[70] Down the Violet Path
Obtainable at Friendly
Archmage Leryda, Deadwind Pass Return your Violet Signet after becoming Honored
[70] Distinguished Service
Obtainable at Honored
Archmage Leryda Return your Violet Signet after becoming Revered
[70] Eminence among the Violet Eye
Obtainable at Revered
Archmage Leryda Return your Violet Signet after becoming Exalted
The Key to Karazhan
[70] Archmage Alturus Apprentice Tasserel, World's End Tavern, Shattrath Speak to Archmage Alturus outside of Karazhan in Deadwind Pass (this is a pointer quest and is optional) 5, 1250 xp
[70] Restless Activity Archmage Alturus, Deadwind Pass Collect 10 Ghostly Essences 250, 12650 xp, 4g 40s
[70] Arcane Disturbances Archmage Alturus Use the Violet Scrying Crystal near underground sources of water in the Master's Cellar 250, 12650 xp, 4g 40s
[70] Contact from Dalaran Archmage Alturus, Deadwind Pass Take the report to Archmage Cedric, Dalaran 75, 6250 xp, Chains to "Khadgar"
[70] Khadgar Archmage Cedric, Dalaran Take Alturus' report to Khadgar in Shattrath City 75, 6250 xp, Chains to "Entry Into Karazhan"
[70d] Entry into Karazhan Khadgar, Shattrath City Retrieve the First Key Fragment from the Shadow Labyrinth at Auchindoun 250, 6g 90s
[70d] The Second and Third Fragments Khadgar, Shattrath City Retrieve the Second Key Fragment from the Steamvault, Coilfang Reservoir, and the Third from The Arcatraz, Tempest Keep 350, 8g 61s, Restored Apprentice's Key
[70] The Master's Touch Khadgar, Shattrath City Go into the Caverns of Time and convince Medivh to enable your Restored Apprentice's Key 350
[70] Return to Khadgar Medivh, The Black Morass Return to Khadgar in Shattrath City and show him the Master's Key. 500, The Master's Key
[70] The Violet Eye Khadgar, Shattrath City Speak to Archmage Alturus outside Karazhan. 75
[70r] Assessing the Situation Archmage Alturus Find Koren inside Karazhan. 250
[70r] Keanna's Log Koren, Karazhan Search the Guest Chambers inside Karazhan for Keanna's Log and bring it to Archmage Alturus outside Karazhan. 250
[70r] A Demonic Presence Archmage Alturus Destroy the Demonic Presence at the top of Karazhan. 250
[70] The New Directive Archmage Alturus Speak to Archmage Cedric in the Outskirts of Dalaran. 3000, Violet Badge
Medivh's Journal
[70r] Medivh's Journal
Obtainable at Honored
Archmage Alturus Go into Karazhan and speak to Wravien 250
[70r] In Good Hands Wravien, Karazhan Speak to Gradav at the Guardian's Library in Karazhan 10
[70r] Kamsis Gradav, Karazhan Speak to Kamsis at the Guardian's Library in Karazhan 10
[70r] The Shade of Aran Kamsis, Karazhan Obtain Medivh's Journal from Aran 250
[70r] The Master's Terrace Kamsis Go to the Master's Terrace in Karazhan and read Medivh's Journal 250
[70] Digging Up the Past Archmage Alturus Got to the mountains south of Karazhan and retrieve a Charred Bone Fragment (fragment is behind the summoning stone up against the mountain - note that this quest cannot be completed in a raid group!) 250
[70] A Colleague's Aid Archmage Alturus Take the Charred Bone Fragment to Kalynna Lathred at Area 52 in the Netherstorm 75
[70h] Kalynna's Request Kalynna Lathred, Area 52, Netherstorm Retrieve the Tome of Dusk from Grand Warlock Nethekurse (Shattered Halls) and the Book of Forgotten Names from Darkweaver Syth (Sethekk Halls). 250
[70r] Nightbane Kalynna Lathred Use Kalynna's Urn at the Master's Terrace in Karazhan to summon and defeat Nightbane. Retrieve the Faint Arcane Essence and return it to Archmange Alturus. 3000, Pulsing/Soothing/Infused Amethyst