Reputation Compendium

Wintersaber Trainers

Wintersaber Trainers

The Wintersaber Trainers are a night elf faction in northern Winterspring. Dwelling amid that snowy wilderness, they are distant in both space and temperment from their Teldrassil brethren and are thus not directly aligned with the Darnassus faction. They catch, tame, and train the beautiful purple Frostsabers which roam the area freely.

  • At Exalted, you may purchase a Winterspring Frostsaber mount for 81g. This is an elite-speed mount but requires only Apprentice Riding.

Repeatable Reputation Quests for Wintersaber Trainers

You initially begin as Neutral with the faction. Rivern Frostwind, standing on top of Frostsaber Rock (you have to run around it and climb up from the northern side), is the sole quest-giver. There are a total of three RRQs, all of which remain valid at all levels of reputation. You may begin gaining reputation with this faction at level 58 (when the first quest becomes available). Each quest yields 250 (350 for the Frostmaul) reputation points, so a total of 156 turn-ins will be necessary before you can buy that precious purple beastie.

Initially, you're given [60] Frostsaber Provisions, a collection quest that requires you to collect 5 Shardtooth Meat from Shardtooth bears and 5 Chillwind Meat from Chillwind chimerae of all types. There do not appear to be significant differences in drop rates between the various types of animals, so you should kill ones which are relatively easy for you (Maulers/Chimerae for lower-level characters, moving up to Elder Shardtooths and Chillwind Ravagers with higher levels). You will need to do this at least 6 times to raise your reputation halfway to Friendly.

Halfway through Neutral (1500 points), Rivern offers you an additional quest, [60] Winterfall Intrusion, requiring you to kill 5 Winterfall Shamans and 5 Winterfall Ursa in Winterfall Village. This is a fairly straightforward quest, especially for a group. However, it is a long run between Winterfall Village and Frostsaber Rock. If you're also trying to build reputation with the Timbermaw, you can "double-dip" running this quest. The downside to this is that Timbermaw rep hunters will be competing with you for these same mobs.

Finally, when you reach Honored (another 60 turn-ins), Rivern will also offer you [60+] Rampaging Giants, requiring you to kill 4 Frostmaul Giants and 4 Frostmaul Preservers for 350 rep. The giants live in Darkwhisper Gorge in southern Winterspring. These are elite mobs and so are best suited to groups (and treasure hunters). Characters who can solo these mobs may choose to do this instead of the Winterfall quest to avoid competition in the Winterfall village.

You do not lose reputation with the Trainers for killing wild Frostsabers. Nor do the wild Frostsabers stop harassing you when you become Friendly with the Trainers. The Frostsabers are tameable, so a Hunter could conceivable tame a pet to match his/her mount - just for extra style points.

Practical Notes

The common wisdom has been to set realistic goals for this to avoid becoming frustrated. Since Patch 2.3, this grind is much easier, but it is still very much a grind. Assume that it may take a month of real-world time to do this at the rate of 5-10 turn-ins a day. Generally, the giants are the hardest quest, but they can be easily taken out by a hunting party and are in less contention than the Winterfall furbolgs. The drop rate for meat for the provisions quest is fairly bad, so do your initial 6 runs as required. Thereafter, kill bears and chimerae whenever convenient (especially if you're doing any other quests around Winterspring), and focus on killing furbolgs (ramping up your Timbermaw faction while you do it). A good expectation for turn-in rate is 5/hour, which is in line with RRQs for other factions. Good luck and good hunting!