Reputation Compendium

The Wyrmrest Accord

Wyrmrest Temple
Dragon now fights against dragon, and the fate of our frail world lies in the balance - Raelorasz

The Dragonblight is a sacred place to dragonkind, and shrines of each of the dragon kindred may be found in this frozen land. At the heart of the area is Wyrmrest Temple, guarded by dragonkin of each of the five dragonflights. Atop the temple spire, Queen Alexstrasza the Life-Binder leads the Red, Green, Bronze, and Black dragonflights in an alliance to restrain the Blue flight's war on magic.

Speaking with Tariolstrasz the Steward on the ground floor will give you transport to the top of the temple or the middle level where Lord Afrasastrasz coordinates the temple defenses against the squadrons of Blue dragons attacking from the nearby Blue Dragonshrine.

Cielstrasza, the Accord's Quartermaster, may also be found on the Queen's level.

  • At Friendly, Cielstrasza will sell you:
  • At Honored, you can buy:
    • Arcanum of the Eclipsed Moon
      (MinLvl: 80, Use: +25 arcane resistance and +30 stamina to head)
    • Bracers of Accorded Courtesy
      (Plate Wrist AC: 916, Sta: 28, Int: 29, Yellow Socket, Bonus: +4 haste rating, MinLvl: 78, Equip: +22 haste rating, +46 spell power)
    • Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions
      (Back AC: 140, Str: 31, Sta: 64, MinLvl: 78, Equip: +43 defense rating, +25 hit rating)
    • Fang of Truth
      (1H Sword DPS: 120.0, Dmg: 126-234, Spd: 1.50, Agi: 32, Sta: 29, MinLvl: 78, Equip: +33 hit rating, +48 attack power)
    • Sash of the Wizened Wyrm
      (Cloth Waist AC: 158, Sta: 37, Int: 51, MinLvl: 78, Equip: +40 hit rating, +60 spell power)
  • At Revered reputation, the dragons will supply you with
  • And at Exalted, your friends in the Red Flight grant you:
    • Reins of the Red Drake (Mount Requires Riding (300))
    • Design: Glimmering Monarch Topaz (390 Jewelcrafter) (Orange Gem +8 parry rating and +8 defense rating)
    • Dragonfriend Bracers
      (Leather Wrist AC: 247, Agi: 49, Sta: 38, MinLvl: 80, Equip: +38 critical strike rating, +100 attack power)
    • Grips of Fierce Pronouncements
      (Mail Hands AC: 784, Sta: 57, Int: 48, MinLvl: 80, Equip: +26 mana/5 sec, +77 spell power)
    • Legplates of Bloody Reprisal
      (Plate Legs AC: 1961, Str: 96, Sta: 117, MinLvl: 80, Equip: +90 armor penetration rating)
    • Sandals of Crimson Fury
      (Cloth Feet AC: 206, Sta: 49, Int: 50, Blue Socket, Bonus: +4 Intellect, MinLvl: 80, Equip: +51 haste rating, +77 spell power)

    • Reputation from Kills

      The Wyrmrest Accord is one of the factions that may be Championed by wearing its tabard in L80 instances, earning reputation gains for all kills.


      Wyrmrest quests are given out of the Transitus Shield in Coldarra, Borean Tundra, and then in Dragonblight, primarily from the Wyrmrest Temple.

      Repeatable Reputation Quests for the Wyrmrest Accord

      Quest Given By Description Reward
      [71] Drake HuntRaelorasz, Coldarra, Borean TundraUse the Blood-tipped Spear to subdue and return a Nexus Drake Hatchling250 rep, 4.70g, 20100 xp (2.40g)
      The hatchlings spawn on the plateau to the northeast. Ground-bound characters can either stake out a place on the edge of the plateau or on the northern structure. Flight-capable characters can just fly through one of the hatchlings to get its attention, then land in a clear spot (such as a ledge on the plateau face) to launch the harpoon. You may mount once the hatchling is subdued and ride back to Raelorasz.
      [74] Defending Wyrmrest TempleLord Afrasastrasz, middle level of Wyrmrest Temple, DragonblightFly a Wyrmrest Defender and kill 3 Azure Dragons, 5 Azure Drakes, and destabilize the Azure Dragonshrine250 rep, 5.60g, 20750 xp (9.96g)
      [80] Aces High!Corastrasza, Band of Transmutation, Coldarra, Borean TundraKill 5 Scalesworn Elites250 rep, 7.40g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
      Corastrasza is located on the eastern one of the platforms surrounding the top level of the Nexus (near 29.5, 24.8). There is a pointer quest to find her given out by Librarian Serra at the Transitus Shield at L80. A flying mount is needed to reach Corastrasza. Once you mount up, fly up until you're above the level where the elite blue dragons fly. Pick out an isolated target (or, after the initial salvo, lead the mob back up to higher air to avoid adds). Spam "1" until the dragon closes to combat range. You need to keep Flame Shield and Revivify up while damaging (and earning combo points on) the target mob. Basically, using the pattern 5, 3, and spamming 1 until the Flame Shield drops, then repeating the pattern seems to work dependably.

      You may also trade an Emblem of Triumph for a Commendation Badge that yields 520 rep.

      Practical Notes

      The Red Drake mount is obviously the big draw for this faction, but there are some nice plate pieces for tanks, as well as useful Arcana for head-slot enchants. If you complete the Coldarra and Dragonblight quests, you should be somewhere in the Honored range and can either just run the dailies or Champion the faction in dungeons to build up to the desired level. Since this faction has convenient dailies, it may be more efficient to Champion a different faction unless you really want that mount quickly.