Guide to the Seasons

The world of Azeroth has a significant amount of variation throughout the day and year. For instance, Nightfin can usually be caught at night, while Sunscale Salmon must be caught during the day. There are also major seasonal events which bring new quests, vendors, and opportunities for bold adventurers. This is an attempt to begin to capture the seasons of Azeroth. Please note that this content has so far changed each year (this being only the second year of Azeroth’s incarnation), so these pages will be updated as quickly as possible with each new season. The official information for these events may be found here. The dates have been updated from the new event calendar

Please note that due to cosmic dust and variations in the space-time continuum, holiday content begins to fade a day or so before the stated end of the season. It’s always best to try to complete holiday quests or related activities as soon as the season starts.