Brewfest (20 September – 5 October)

Brewfest comes to Orgrimmar and Ironforge

Celebrated by both the Horde and the Alliance, the Brewfest is a time to enjoy the fermented fruits of the harvest: pretzels, cheese, and booze! – Blizzard (official page)

After the harvest comes a time for celebration and feasting. The barley has had time to malt since the Harvest Festival, which means – it’s time for beer and contests of skill. In addition, those who demonstrate their support for the Brewmasters can earn valuable prizes, including a new pet and a ram mount!

Each capital city has a biergarten (“beer garden”) set up outside the front gates. In Orgrimmar and Ironforge, this is expanded to a full festival ground where different vendors vie for your custom. The Thunderbrew and Barleybrew families (T’chali and Drohn, for the Horde) try to enlist your endorsement of their products, while hardworking vendors just try to keep their biergartens stocked. Overindulgence can lead to chasing creatures that noone else can see, from pink elekks to the jackalope-like wolpertinger. Twice a day (at 6:15 server time, morning and evening), the ceremonial Tapping of the Keg proclaims the joy of the season (celebrated by High Tinker Mekkatorque or Shadow Hunter Vol’jin) and grants all in attendance a buff that grants +10% xp for 2 hours. The Brewfest Revelers will grant you the “Brewfest Toast” buff (+15 Stamina for 30 minutes, stacks with Fortitude or other Stamina buffs) if you toast one of them by emoting /shindig at them.

Location Alliance Horde
Brewfest Grounds Dun Morogh, at the foot of the road leading up to Ironforge Rocktusk Farm, just southwest of Orgrimmar’s main gate. The Racing Ram stable is across the road, just south of Orgrimmar.
Beer Gardens Darnassus
Stormwind City
Silvermoon City
Thunder Bluff
Terrace of Light, Shattrath City (between the Scryer and Aldor Tiers)
The beer garden in Darnassus is at the east end – the main gates leading to Teldrassil, not Ruth’eran Village. The beer garden in Thunder Bluff is located at the main lift to the Lower Rise.

If you still have tickets from the inaugural Brewfest season, you can exchange them with Belbi Quikswitch/Blix Fixwidget, the Brewfest vendor, for the new Brewfest tokens. Also, if you earned the Brewmaster’s Handstamp in past years, the Riding Ram apprentices will still sell you the regular and swift Brewfest Ram mounts. Otherwise, the only way to earn the mount is as a rare drop from Coren Direbrew in the Grim Guzzler.

Brewfest is (obviously) patterned after the Bavarian Oktoberfest, traditionally celebrated at the end of September in Munich and imitated around the world.

Dark Iron Invasion!

Because even evil dwarves love a good party, Dark Iron digging machines erupt from the biergartens outside Orgrimmar and Ironforge every half hour. To help stop them from draining and breaking the free beer kegs, pick up a Complimentary Brewfest Sampler mug from one of the tables by right-clicking on it. Drag the icon from your inventory to your action bar. When the dwarves attack, stand near one of the big sampler kegs (marked with a bouncing purple arrow during the event), face towards the center of the Brewfest grounds, and click your sampler to drain the mug and throw it at the nearest Dark Iron. An attendant will toss you a new filled mug. Unlike previous years, you do not need to /wave to get a new mug. And you don’t even need to aim. Periodically, one of the barkers will place a mug of Super Brew (large tankard) on the ground; running over the tankard will give you a whirlwind buff that will stun any Dark Iron you touch. If the Dark Irons destroy the keg you’re guarding, run to another keg and help defend it. Note, however, that the final waves are rather hectic, requiring lots of defenders to succeed, so your best chance will be during reasonably populated server times. Typically, a minimum of 3-5 defenders per keg are needed. The invasion lasts 5 minutes or until the kegs are destroyed.

Coren Direbrew

The force behind the Dark Iron invasion is Coren Direbrew. From the Grim Guzzler bar in Blackrock Depths, Coren nurses his resentment at not being invited to Brewfest. As a seasonal boss, interested adventurers may queue for this bar fight, no longer requiring parties to make the journey to BRD. You may use the Dungeon Finder interface or speak to a Battered Brewmaster usually found near the inn in capital cities. A minimum of L78 is required to queue for the Direbrew fight.

You begin the encounter by speaking with Coren and insulting him. Coren is a L80 elite with 302.4k health and is periodically joined by Dark Iron troops (L80 non-elite, 10-12k health). Keep an off-tank or DPS on add duty, since they have a nasty habit of ganging up on your healer if you ignore them. Coren will also summon brewmaids (37k health). They don’t deal a tremendous amount of damage, so you can usually ignore them after the tank grabs aggro on them. From time to time, they will throw a mug of ale at you. You must drink it within 15 seconds or you will be stunned – the easiest way to manage this is to keep your backpack (or the first bag from the right with an open slot) open during the fight. When a mug appears in your inventory, right-click on it to avoid the stun effect. A well-geared party can actually just focus fire on Coren and down him with DPS before the brewmaids really get going.

Brewfest Items

Direbrew drops a variety of trinkets and items. He will always drop one of the trinkets randomly. The first queued encounter of the day will yield a Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest, which will contain 2 Emblems of Frost and may contain one or more rare items (we’ve seen one person get the Tankard and the Shanker in one keg).

  • Direbrew’s Remote – provides a teleport straight to the Grim Guzzler bar in Blackrock Depths
  • Great Brewfest Kodo – swift speed kodo mount (requires 150 Riding)
  • Swift Brewfest Ram – swift speed ram mount (requires 150 Riding)
  • Tankard O’ Terror – Bind on Equip, 1H Mace, 171.5 DPS, Agi: 47, Sta: 37, MinLvl: 80, +29 critical strike rating, +27 haste rating, +66 attack power (Item Level 226)
  • Direbrew’s Shanker 2.0 – 1H dagger, 143.2 DPS, Agi: 38, Sta: 38, MinLvl: 80, +51 attack power, +27 critical strike rating, +22 hit rating
  • Ancient Pickled Egg – [U] Trinket, MinLvl: 80, +98 spell power, chance for +505 haste rating for 10 sec
  • Bitter Balebrew Charm – [U] Trinket, MinLvl: 80, Sta: 170, Use: Summon the Black Brewmaiden, who will smite your foes with your empty tankards. Wave at her for Brewfest Brew!
  • Brawler’s Souvenir – [U] Trinket, MinLvl: 80, +84 dodge rating, Use: +335 dodge rating for 20 sec
  • Bubbling Brightbrew Charm – [U] Trinket, MinLvl: 80, Sta: 170, Use: Summon the Brewmaiden whose very presence bolsers a party’s vigor (+139 health/2 sec to all party members for 30 sec). Wave at her for a Brewfest Brew!
  • Coren’s Chromium Coaster – [U] Trinket, MinLvl: 80, +84 critical strike rating, chance on melee/ranged critical strike for +1000 attack power for 10 sec
  • Mithril Pocketwatch – [U] Trinket, MinLvl: 80, +84 critical strike rating, harmful spells have chance for +590 spell power for 10 sec

It’s been pointed out that the trinket items are generally clones of the vendor items currently requiring 40 Emblems of Heroism, so this may be an attractive alternative. All the trinkets are Bind on Pickup and can’t be disenchanted or sold.

The vendors will provide ample opportunities to sample free mugs of foaming beer at any of the biergartens. In addition, food and drink vendors will sell specialty food and drink; many of these require the Brewfest season to be effective, so we won’t have endless supplies of +20 Stamina drink lying around. Some of the available goodies include:

  • Barleybrew Clear, Small Step Brew (3c) – Restores 151 mana/18 sec. +2 Stamina and Spirit for 15 min “well fed” bonus
  • Barleybrew Light, Long Stride Brew (15c) – MinLvl: 5, Restores 436 mana/21 sec. +4 Stamina and Spirit for 15 min “well fed” bonus
  • Barleybrew Dark, Path of Brew (50c) – MinLvl: 15, Restores 835 mana/24 sec. +6 Stamina and Spirit for 15 min “well fed” bonus
  • Barleybrew Gold, Promise of the Pandaren (10.4s) – MinLvl: 75, Restores 7200 mana/30 sec. +20 Stamina and Spirit for 30 min “well fed” bonus
  • Thunder 45, Jungle River Water (1s) – MinLvl: 25, Restores 1344 mana/27 sec. +8 Stamina and Spirit for 15 min “well fed” bonus
  • Thunderbrew Ale, Brewdoo Magic (2s) – MinLvl: 35, Restores 1992 mana/30 sec. +12 Stamina and Spirit for 15 min “well fed” bonus
  • Thunderbrew Stout, Stout Shrunken Head (4s) – MinLvl: 45, Restores 2934 mana/30 sec. +14 Stamina and Spirit for 15 min “well fed” bonus
  • Thunder’s Plunder, Crimson Stripe (10.4s) – MinLvl: 75, Restores 7200 mana/30 sec. +20 Stamina and Spirit for 30 min “well fed” bonus
  • Gordok Grog (4s) – MinLvl: 55, Restores 4200 mana/30 sec. +20 Stamina and Spirit for 15 min “well fed” bonus
  • Mudder’s Milk (6.4s) – MinLvl: 65, Restores 7200 mana/30 sec. +20 Strength and Spirit for 30 min “well fed” bonus
  • Ogre Mead (6.4s) – MinLvl: 65, Restores 7200 mana/30 sec. +20 Stamina and Spirit for 30 min “well fed” bonus
  • Chuganpug’s Delight (10.4s) – MinLvl: 75, Restores 7200 mana/30 sec. +20 Stamina and Spirit for 30 min “well fed” bonus
  • The Essential Brewfest Pretzel (3c) – Restores 61 health/18 sec. +2 Stamina and Spirit for 15 min “well fed” bonus
  • Spiced Onion Cheese (15c) – MinLvl: 5, Restores 243 health/21 sec. +4 Stamina and Spirit for 15 in “well fed” bonus
  • Diced Sausage (0.5s) – MinLvl: 15, Restores 552 health/24 sec. +6 Stamina and Spirit for 15 min “well fed” bonus
  • Succulent Sausage (1s) – MinLvl: 25, Restores 874 health/27 sec. +8 Stamina and Spirit for 15 min “well fed” bonus
  • Savory Sausage (2s) – MinLvl: 35, Restores 1392 health/30 sec. +12 Stamina and Spirit for 15 min “well fed” bonus
  • Pickled Sausage (4s) – MinLvl: 45, Restores 2148 health/30 sec. +14 Stamina and Spirit for 15 min “well fed” bonus
  • Spicy Smoked Sausage (5s) – MinLvl: 55, Restores 4320 health/30 sec. +20 Stamina and Spirit for 30 min “well fed” bonus
  • The Golden Link (8s) – MinLvl: 65, Restores 7500 health/30 sec. +20 Stamina and Spirit for 30 min “well fed” bonus

Brewfest RamBrewfest tokens are given out for service to the Brewmasters. They’re earned primarily as quest rewards. As with Battleground tokens, if you have no free inventory slots, any tokens you earn will be mailed to you. Tokens are soulbound and may be saved and redeemed any time before the end of the season for such (also soulbound) goodies as:

  • 50 Tokens:
  • 100 Tokens:
  • 200 Tokens:
    • Brewfest Dress (patterned after the traditional Bavarian dirndl)
    • Brewfest Regalia (a traditional Bavarian outfit including white shirt, vest, and lederhose)
      Note that (as of the start of the festival this year) the chestpieces can be sold back to a vendor within 2 hours to receive a refund of the tokens, so you could buy the Brewfest outfit, get to Dalaran and dance, then return the chestpiece and buy your club membership with the refund.
    • “Brew of the Month” Club Membership (starts a quest that signs up the applicant for a subscription service that will mail a new beverage each month; members may also purchase refills of the brew of the month for a nominal fee – these brews generally have some special effect)
  • Mount Costumes – These Brewfest Hops (MinLvl: 30) will transform your mount “into something more festive”
    • 2 Tokens: Fresh Brewfest Hops (7 day item life) – transforms your mount into a Brewfest Ram (Alliance) or Brewfest Kodo (Horde)
    • 5 Tokens: Fresh Goblin/Dwarven Brewfest Hops (7 day item life) – transforms your mount into the Brewfest mount of the opposing team
    • 20 Tokens: Preserved Brewfest Hops (no item expiration) – just like Fresh Brewfest Hops but the item doesn’t expire

Brew of the Month Club

Joining the Brew of the Month club requires buying the annual membership form from the token vendor for 200 tokens, accepting the quest, and turning in the quest to the BotM Club organizer – Larkin Thunderbrew in the inn in Ironforge or Ray’ma in the Valley of Strength along the east wall of Grommash Hold. You will then get a monthly mailing with a sample of brew and can buy more of the month’s special for a nominal fee (1.5s per six pack) from a vendor located with the organizer. Each drink has an effect which occurs randomly upon drinking (so you may have to drink more than one to gain the effect – typical proc rates appear to be around 1 in 4). You are also left with empty brew bottles which you can recycle (sell to vendors) or, if you’re less civic-minded, throw at someone. Your shipments will begin with the next month, but if you’d like to shave a month off getting your “Brew of the Year” achievement, you can immediately buy a sixer of this month’s brew from the Brew Vendor.

  • October: Autumnal Acorn Ale – summons a little squirrel that follows you around for a minute either loving you or pelting you with nuts
  • November: Bartlett’s Bitter Brew – become nauseated and spew slime on anyone in front of you when the buff expires or is cancelled
  • December: Lord of Frost’s Private Label – stun you with an ice block effect; this item is also found in Ahune’s cache during the Midsummer seasonal event
  • January: Wild Winter Pilsner – gives an enraged appearance and gives a ground-shaking stomp when the buff ends
  • February: Izzard’s Ever Flavor – become gassy for five minutes, belching a large cloud of green smoke when the buff expires or is cancelled
  • March: Aromatic Honey Brew – causes you to run feared from a swarm of bees
  • April: Metok’s Bubble Bock – gives a bloated feeling and then produces a large blue bubble
  • May: Springtime Stout – receive the Flower Child buff, covering the ground around you with wildflowers
  • June: Blackrock Lager – gives a fire-breathing effect
  • July: Stranglethorn Brew – spawns a pack of mini Jungle Gnomes to menace you
  • August: Draenic Pale Ale – spawns a herd of Pink Elekks
  • September: Binary Brew – gain a blue (red for Horde) glow and the ability to speak Gnomish/Goblin Binary (selected from your chat window tab)


Quest givers may be found throughout the festival grounds outside of Orgrimmar and Ironforge. There’s a mix of single quests and repeatable ones. Horde and Alliance have essentially the same quests this season.

Quest Given By Description Reward
[-1] Brewfest! Commoner in any capital city Speak to the Brewfest Organizer at the Brewfest Grounds Mug of Barleybrew Clear, Thunder 45, or Gordok Grog
[-1] Welcome to Brewfest! Brewfest Organizer Take a free beer! Mug of Barleybrew Clear, Thunder 45, or Gordok Grog
Note that you can only do one of the above two quests.
[-1] Now This is Ram Racing…Almost Ram Racing Master Maintain 3 different levels of speed for 8 seconds each. 4 minute time limit. Prerequisite to the “There and Back Again” and “Bark for…” dailies and “Another Year, Another Souvenir”.
When you take this quest or the daily one, you are given a set of Ram Racing Reins that appear in your inventory (icon looks like a belt). The reins will disappear in 4 minutes, but you can just drop and retake the quest or ask the Ram Riding Apprentice for another set if you accidentally trash them. Click on the Ram Racing Reins to speed up. You will need to keep a steady pulse of clicks to maintain speed. In practice, trot and gallop were fairly easy; the canter (middle speed) was harder. Just click enough so you’re bouncing between trot/canter, click a couple extra times to get well into canter, then resume a rhythmic clicking. If your reins expire, you can get another set from the Ram Racing Apprentice. Your ram builds fatigue while cantering (+1-2/tick) or galloping (+5 per tick), but recovers while trotting (-2/tick) or walking (-4/tick). If the Ram Fatigue buff reaches 100, your ram becomes exhausted and you will crawl along for 15 sec. Ram Fatigue will drop to 85 when the ram’s done being exhausted. Ride the road between the Ram Racing tent and Kharanos/Razor Hill to take advantage of the apple baskets along the road. Passing near them clears your ram fatigue (this takes a little practice to do reliably, and lag can interfere with triggering the basket; one way that worked fairly well for some was jumping over the baskets).
[-1] Catch the Wild Wolpertinger! Goldark Snipehunter/Glodrak Huntsniper Catch 5 Stunned Wolpertingers Wolpertinger’s Tankard
You can only see the Wolpertingers and Pink Elekks if you feel drunk. For those who have any issues with drinking, the hunter will issue you – for free! – a pair of Synthebrew Goggles which give you the effects of being drunk while you wear them. Drag the Wolpertinger Net to your action bar and run around tab-targeting the Wild Wolpertingers and netting them. You need an empty bag slot to receive the Stunned Wolpertingers. The same method works for Pink Elekks as well – and you don’t even need a bag slot for those. Note that “Pink Elekks on Parade” is a Dumbo reference. Alliance toons may skip a trip to Darnassus – Teldrassil Elekks also wander the beer garden in Shattrath.
[-1] Pink Elekks On Parade Goldark Snipehunter/Glodrak Huntsniper Visit the beer gardens outside the other cities and zap three Elekks at each location. 40 tokens
[-1] Chug and Chuck! Boxey Boltspinner (A)
Bizzle Quicklift (H)
Use the Complimentary Brewfest Sampler to hit S.T.O.U.T. 5 times 10 tokens
Note that you will have to manually pick up a new Sampler for each throw. You only need to be facing the general direction of the target, right-click on the Sampler to drink and throw. During the actual Dark Iron invasion, attendants will refill your Sampler. You must be at the correct range to hit STOUT – either stand right atop it and drink/throw or stand at the booth entrance – a few paces back from the tables. Face generally forward; no other aiming is required (or possible).
[-1] Direbrew’s Dire Brew
Obtainable at L75
Direbrew’s Dire Brew (item) Give Direbrew’s Dire Brew to the Brewfest Organizer 22,050 xp (13.23g at max level), 40 Tokens
This is a group-lootable item dropped by Coren Direbrew after you defeat him the first time.
Daily Quests
[-1] There and Back Again Ram Racing Master Retrieve as many kegs as possible from Kharanos/the road to Razor Hill in 4 min 2 tokens per keg (10 tokens for first run of 3 kegs)
The first run requires you to fetch 3 kegs in 4 min. Thereafter, you can talk to the Ram Racing Master for the option to help out again. Note that you just need to ride past the supplier or the apprentice in order to catch/dump the Portable Brewfest Keg and get credit. A good run is about 45 sec, assuming you can keep the ram in full gallop and hit the apple baskets to dump fatigue. You can get by using only the two middle baskets (for the Alliance) and skipping every other basket (for the Horde) – you can get reins from the apprentice to practice your route without using up your daily quest. You get an additional 30 sec for turning in a keg. 7-10 kegs per day (up to 20 tokens) is very doable; on the Alliance side, there are reports of runs up to 17 or 18 kegs. This quest can be repeated approximately every 12 hours (strangely, 12 hours for some characters, 18 for others). Important Note: Unlike other quests, the quest giver has no “!” above his head; you need to talk to him to get the quest.
[-1] Bark for the…
Brewers at the Thunderbrews, Barleybrews, T’chalis, or Drohns Bark to commoners at each of 4 flags in the nearby capital 15 Tokens
You can only bark for one vendor per day. Generally, you have to hold to a trot/canter within the city to make the time limit. You just have to ride past the flags to get completion (no yelling or emoting needed). This takes practice, but you can repeat it until you get it right; just abandon the quest if time runs out. When you’ve barked at all four flags, you will get an “Objective Complete” message. At this point, if your ram becomes exhausted, you can just right-click on the buff to dismount, mount up on your own favorite mount of choice, and ride off the the festival grounds. The racing ram does go much faster when galloping than a normal ground mounts. This quest counts against the quota of 25 daily quests per character.

  • For Alliance, one route is to go left at the gate to Ironforge (so you enter Ironforge near the bridge to the bank), cross the bridge to pick up the flag at the bank, turn right and ride counterclockwise to pick up the Military Ward one, keep riding through Tinker Town to reach the Hall of Explorers, then cut back across the Great Forge to pick up the Mystic Ward; when exiting, ride down the mountainside rather than take the road to shave off a few seconds.
  • For Horde, one route is to ride in to pick up the auction house flag, continue through The Drag to the Valley of Honor, wheel around back to The Drag, turning right to head to the Valley of Wisdom, ride between the flags and turn left to get to the Valley of Spirits, ride back to the rim of the valley, bounce off the rooftops back down to the Valley of Strength, ride out the main gate through the ram corral (to clear fatigue with the apple basket there), then gallop in to the vendor.
[-1] This One Time, When I Was Drunk… Dark Iron Mole Machine Wreckage Talk to Boxey Boltspinner/Bizzle Quicklift 10 Tokens
The wreckage looks like a large gear, left behind for about 10 minutes after a Dark Iron incursion completes. It only spawns if the Dark Irons are driven off without destroying all the vendor beer kegs. This requires the defenders to keep the Dark Iron Guzzlers from tapping and destroying the large beer kegs next to the brewery booths for the full 5 minute invasion, typically stunning around 300 of them. You will know you’ve succeeded if the Dark Iron Herald orders the retreat. This quest may be completed once a day.


Name Description Points
Strange Brew Drink each of the Brewfest beers
There are nine beers sold by the three breweries at the main Brewfest grounds. Remember that your free beer from the Brewfest Organizer counts for this achievement, but the samples don’t.
Does Your Wolpertinger Linger? Obtain a Wolpertinger pet
This is once again a quest reward from “Catch the Wild Wolpertinger!”
The Brewfest Diet Eat 8 of the Brewfest foods
Food items are sold at the main Brewfest grounds by the sausage, cheese, and bread vendors.
Brew of the Month Join the Brew of the Month club 10
Drunken Stupor Fall 65 yards without dying while completely smashed during the Brewfest Holiday
As with the General achievement “Going Down?”, one of the easiest places to do this is jumping from the Scryer’s Tier elevator and down to the Terrace of Light in Shattrath.
Direbrewfest Kill Coren Direbrew
While you need to be L78 to queue for the Direbrew event, a lower level character can ride along with a well-geared party and get credit for the kill. This requires getting to BRD the old-fashioned way.
Down With The Dark Iron Defend the Brewfest camp from the Dark Iron attack and complete the quest, “This One Time, When I Was Drunk…” 10
Disturbing the Peace While wearing 3 pieces of Brewfest clothing, get completely smashed and dance in Dalaran 10
Have Keg, Will Travel Obtain a Brewfest mount or transform yours into one using Brewfest Hops 10
Brewmaster Complete all the above achievements.
Earns the title “Brewmaster”
Brew of the Year Sample 12 beers featured in the Brew of the Month club 10
A Brew-FAST Mount Obtain an epic Brewfest mount Feat of Strength

There were also Feats of Strength for obtaining the souvenir beer steins from previous years.

Coren Direbrew briefs his trusted agents

Drink it all, boys!

Yeh will not try our bitter,
Yeh will not serve our ale!
But have Brewfest without our lot?
Just try it, and ye’ll fail!

We’ll drink yer stout and lager,
Drain all the pints and kegs!
We’ll drink and brawl and brawl and drink,
’til we can’t feel our legs!

Oh, we’re from Blackrock Mountain,
We’ve come ta drink yer brew!
Dark Iron dwarves, they do not lie,
And so yeh know it’s true!

So lift a mug to Coren,
And Hurley Blackbreath too!
This drink is weak, without much kick,
But oi! At least it’s brew!

Practical Notes

The initial quests yield 50 tokens. Doing the two dailies will take around 15 minutes and will typically earn 20-35 tokens (for 7-10 keg runs). If you time it right, you can run the kegs another time each day for another 10-20 tokens. So you could typically expect to be gaining between 30 and 60 tokens a day. The whole Brewfest festival lasts approximately 2 weeks, yielding 470-890 tokens for the season. A complete Brewfest outfit (hat, clothes, shoes) will run you 350 tokens. To complete the achievements, you will need a minimum of 352 tokens: pay 350 tokens for the outfit, make your way to Dalaran and dance, sell the chestpiece back to the vendor and use the tokens to buy the Beer of the Month club membership, and buy some Brewfest Hops to costume your mount.

Special thanks to our guildmates, Strafe on Lightbringer, Dakyras on Dath’Remar, and Worgul on Alexstrasza for updates to this year’s guide.