Hallow’s End and the Day of the Dead (18 October – 2 November)

A smiling face in Ironforge Within the Azerothian calendar, late in the harvest season is a time to remember the Forsaken breaking away from the Scourge. While the Alliance and Horde are currently on uneasy terms, this act of great sacrifice is honored by all. During this festive time, all the cities will be decked out with spooky decorations. Some screenshots and more information may be found on Blizzard’s official site for both Hallow’s End and Day of the Dead.

Innkeepers also get into the spirit. You may Trick or Treat an innkeeper once an hour (real time, not played). The innkeeper will either give you a treat bag or will give you a costume which will last for 60 minutes or until manually cancelled (costumes are the same as the wands listed below). An innkeeper may instead play a trick on you which will last a minute or two (usually a costume such as a snake or frog). You cannot mount or catch a griffin while wearing most costumes (pirate and ninja are two exceptions); you can still use the tram, zeppelins, or boats. To manually cancel a costume, right-click the buff icon. The wisp and ghost costumes automatically dispel when struck in combat; the others remain (all costumes are dispelled should you be slain). Innkeeper treat bags can contain Hallowed Wands, Flimsy Masks, Tooth Picks, Penny Pouches, assorted Halloween Candies, or (very rarely) the Hallowed Helm or Sinister Squashling pet. Also, each inn contains a Candy Bucket from which you can take a Handful of Candy. The Candy Bucket quests count towards the overall quests performed achievement, although they do not count for the regional ones.

Headless Horseman sets the night on fireDay of the Looking Like the DeadDuring this season, all Azeroth fears the raiding of the Headless Horseman. Once a noble paladin of the Silver Hand, Sir Thomas Thomson was driven mad in the Scarlet Monastery and now chants bad poetry and battles all others as if they were Scourge. His Shade can be found burning down local villages, triggered by a daily quest; players can form volunteer bucket brigades to keep the buildings from burning to the ground. He also can be found haunting the Scarlet Monastery graveyard; his use of warlock-like fire spells, a detachable head which attacks separately, and paladin armor and arms makes him a formidable opponent, even for a party of seasoned adventurers. You may queue for the Headless Horseman encounter via the Dungeon Finder.

Hallow’s End ends at the stroke of midnight on 31 October. An hour later, the Day of the Dead festival begins, lasting until midnight of 2 November. During the Day of the Dead, you can visit the graveyards of any of the capital cities (including Shattrath and Dalaran) to join in the memorial dance. Targeting Catrina with a /dance emote will gain you an achievement and the Honor the Dead buff which gives you a festive skeletal appearance for 12 hours. Using Orange Marigolds lets you see the Cheerful Spirit in the graveyard who will trade Bread of the Dead for a Macabre Marionette companion (unfortunately usable only during the festival). This part of the holiday is patterned after the Latin American Day of the Dead observance.

So come! Dance with me! Let us cherish and honor those we have lost in their ghostly presence, so that they might eat and drink and smile and know that they are loved. – Catrina

Hallow’s End Items

Various items may be obtained through quests, as random drops, or from vendors during this season. As is typical with most holiday giveaways, the items are generally Bind on Pickup and cannot be AHed or traded (although they may still be sold to a vendor). Most of the food items have a 14 day item duration, which means that after 14 days of played time, the item will disappear.

  • Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treat – (BoP, 14 day duration) These candies give you a random costume buff for 20 minutes when eaten. The costumes include:
    • “great pumpkin” (“You feel larger… and oranger…) – alleged to occasionally proc a chill (slowing) effect
    • skeletal giant (“You look a bit thin…) – grants underwater breathing
    • pirate (“Yeargh…”) (riding a mount is allowed with this costume) – increases swim speed by 50%
    • ghost (“OoOoOoo…”) – grants levitation (slow fall/water walking); this costume cannot engage in combat

    You may also purchase these from seasonal vendors in Orgrimmar or Ironforge after completing the orphan quest.

  • Bobbing Apple – (BoP) These apples may be retrieved from the bobbing apple tanks in any inn. You can carry a maximum of 5 at any time. These apples restore 2% health per second for 24 seconds and if eaten for at least 10 seconds, result in a well-fed bonus of 25% to stamina and spirit for 15 minutes.
  • Handful of Candy retrieved from a Candy Bucket may contain:

    Each handful contains a random number of these candies. Each candy may be consumed for the buff. The buff effects stack up to 4 times, and you may have all four candy buffs stacked up to 4 times apiece.

  • Halloween candies are food items (BoP, 14 day duration) that restore 3% health and mana per second for 25 seconds. Types include:
  • Hallowed Wands (BoP) allow you to give a 60 minute costume buff to a party member (not yourself). Costumes include: bat, ghost, leper gnome, ninja, pirate, skeleton, wisp, or random. Wands have 5 charges.
  • Flimsy Paper Masks (BoP, 7 day duration) that can be worn in the head slot (female and male variants of all player races).
  • Tooth Picks (BoP, applies “Sparkling Smile” buff which adds a gleam to your teeth for about a minute) come in stacks of 10 as a possible treat in the Innkeeper treat bags.
  • Penny Pouch (BoP, 1 Slot Bag, sells for 1c) a possible treat in the Innkeeper treat bags
  • Weighted Jack-O-Lantern (BoP, 14 day duration, applies a buff that turns your head (or a player target’s head) into a jack-o’-lantern for 1 hour)
  • Pumpkin Bag (BoP, 16 Slot Bag) These can drop in place of a Traveler’s Backpack during the season from L50-60 mobs.
  • Jack-o’-Lantern (BoP, 18 Slot Bag) These are world drops from L60-70 mobs during the season.

There are also seasonal vendors: Katrina Shimmerstar (outside the bank in Ironforge) and Rachelle Gothena (uphill from the bank in Orgrimmar). They sell four types of candy and, once you complete the orphan quest, they can also provide more Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treats:

The Headless Horseman in SM Graveyard drops 3-5 Weighted Jack-O-Lanterns and usually an Epic ring (Item Level 200). All characters will also receive a stack of 20 Tricky Treats, which are consumables with a 1 day duration that give you a Sugar Rush that boosts your movement speed by 4% for 30 seconds. The speed buff stacks, increasing duration by 30 seconds as well, but there’s a random chance that any one eaten while already buffed will cause you to become sick and unable to eat more for 15 min (counts as a poison debuff and can be dispelled). Note that the loot rights for the slain Horseman go to the character who started the encounter. Your first Headless Horseman victory of the day will yield 24 Justice Points and a Loot-Filled Pumpkin. The Pumpkin typically contains a flimsy mask and one or more of the helms, blade, mounts, and pet.

  • The Horseman’s Seal ([BoP] [U] (Finger) Sta: 71, Int: 50, MinLvl: 80, Equip: +29 Hit Rating, +36 Haste Rating)
  • Ring of Ghoulish Glee ([BoP] [U] (Finger) Agi: 33, Sta: 94, MinLvl: 80, Equip: +29 Hit Rating, +36 Critical Strike Rating)
  • Wicked Witch’s Band ([BoP] [U] (Finger) Sta: 71, Int: 50, Spi: 34, MinLvl: 80, Equip: +33 Critical Strike Rating)
  • The Horseman’s Horrific Helm ([BoP] (Plate Head) AC: 1821, Str: 86, Sta: 102, MinLvl: 80, Sockets: 1 Meta, 1 Yellow, Bonus: +8 Strength, Equip: +36 Hit Rating, +48 Critical Strike Rating, Use: Laugh like the Headless Horseman)
  • Hallowed Helm ([BoP] (Cloth Head) AC: 3, looks like a jack-o’-lantern)
  • The Horseman’s Baleful Blade ([BoP] [U] (MH Sword) DPS: 143.5, Spd: 2.7, Agi: 26, Sta: 38, MinLvl: 80, Equip: +26 Hit Rating, +26 Expertise Rating, +77 Attack Power, Use: Summon Pumpkin Soldiers to burn your foe
  • Flying Broom (BoP, 14 day item life, MinLvl: 60, Riding (225), flying broom, mount speed adjusts with location and riding skill)
  • Magic Broom (BoP, 14 day item life, MinLvl: 30, Riding (75), ground mount, mount speed adjusts with location and riding skill)
  • The Horseman’s Reins (BoP, MinLvl: 30, Riding (75), flying horse mount with flaming green hooves, mount speed adjusts with location and riding skill)
  • Sinister Squashling (vanity pet that looks like a Jack-o-lantern on a walking vine)

The mysterious Wickerman stands outside the Ruins of Lordaeron The light of the Burning Man drives out the autumn chill
The Wickerman – Got a light?

The Lighting of the Wickerman occurs each night at 8 pm. Horde players in attendance gain the Invocation of the Wickerman, a 2 hour buff that increases health and mana regeneration and stamina by 25%. Alliance players can gain this buff by killing one of the Wickerman Guardians. They drop Wickerman Guardian Embers which can be used to apply the buff.

Day of the Dead Items

Most of the Day of the Dead items are usable only during the festival itself, but learning the Bread of the Dead recipe does count for the cooking achievement.


The Hallow’s End quests are mostly for the fun of dressing up. The Hallow’s End treats you receive for these quests give you a random costume when eaten. Neither the faction nor xp rewards are exceptional, and the Hallow’s End treats are on a timer and will expire in a couple of weeks. The low-level ones are relatively easy, though, so if you’ve got the time (and like using the treats), this isn’t a waste.Horde and Alliance have different questlines.

Quest Given By Description Reward
[-1] The Headless Horseman
Obtainable at L75
Costumed/Masked Orphan Matron Find the Headless Horseman’s Pumpkin Shrine 1250 xp
[-1] Call the Headless Horseman
Obtainable at L75
Pumpkin Shrine, Forlorn Cloister, Scarlet Monastery Graveyard Summon and defeat the Headless Horseman 1250 xp
This fight is balanced for a solid party of 5 L78-80 adventurers, although groups with a member as low as L75 have reported success. L78 is required to queue for the fight. Just right-click on the Shrine to summon the Horseman; initially he will target the summoner, so if that’s not the tank, the tank needs to be nearby. The general outline for the fight is:

  • As with any normal boss fight, let the tank get aggro and DPS the Horseman.
  • When his body drops to ~1%, the Head of the Horseman detaches and the body becomes immune to attack. The body then heals itself while the head attacks. Focus DPS on the head.
  • When the body is healed to 100% or the head loses 33%, the head rejoins the body and the fight resumes as at the start.
  • During this second fight, the Horseman will cast Conflagration which is both a confusion and DoT effect. A PvP trinket can remove the effect. When the body drops to 1%, the head will split off again and the body will launch into an AoE Whirlwind effect. DPS needs to burn the head down to 1/3 health (or let the body heal itself) before the head rejoins the body again.
  • At this point, the Horseman will throw Pulsing Pumpkins which hatch into Pumpkin Fiends after several seconds (the fiends actually have only around half the health of the pumpkins themselves, so if your tank has shouts ready to grab aggro as they spawn, it’s better to ignore the pumpkins). As with the previous two fights, you need to DPS the body, then go for the head. If you don’t manage to burn down the head before the body heals, the head will rejoin and you get to repeat this round again – but fiends don’t despawn between rounds, so repeats are tough.
  • Speak with the ghost of Sir Thomas to get the last quest (can only do this once).
[-1] Free at Last! Sir Thomas Take the Tome of Thomas Thomson to a Costumed/Masked Orphan Matron 5 Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treats, 250 Stormwind/Orgrimmar rep, 15800 xp
Daily Quests
[-1] “Let the Fires Come!”/Stop the Fires! Costumed/Masked Orphan Matron Put out the fires set by the Shade of the Headless Horseman 3 Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treats, 1 Weighted Jack-O-Lantern
The Shade of the Headless Horseman appears whenever anyone accepts “Let the Fires Come!”; everyone else in the area can participate. The Shade flies above the village and showers it with fire. Players will have to pick up buckets and attempt to put out the flames (right-click the water tub to get the first bucket, drag the bucket to your hot bar, hit the hot key to target the water bucket like an AoE spell, right-click the tub to refill your bucket). If you manage to put out all the flames before the end of the event (approximately 5 minutes), the Shade (a L11 non-elite mob) will land and attack. When he is defeated, his head will fall to the ground as a Large Jack-o’-Lantern which can be looted by each player once per day.
[-1] Smash the Pumpkin! Large Jack-o’-Lantern
Take the Scorched Holy Symbol (provided) to the Costumed/Masked Orphan Matron 35s, Crudely Wrapped Gift possibly containing one or more of:

  • Rickety Magic Broom (Binds on Use) Use: a broom mount, no riding requirement, no speed bonus (travels at standard run speed)
  • 3-5 Weighted Jack-O-Lanterns
  • 3-5 Halloween Candies (Candy Bar, Candy Corn, or Lollipop)
  • One of any of the Hallowed Wands
  • One of any of the Flimsy Masks
  • Handful of Candy
  • A note from your admirer
[-1] Costumed Orphan Matron
Obtainable at L10
Commoners of various races in the capital cities Speak with a Costumed Orphan Matron in either Goldshire, Kharanos or Azure Watch. 1250 xp
[-1] Fire Brigade Practice Costumed Orphan Matron Throw water buckets onto 5 fires, and then speak with the Costumed Orphan Matron 75 local area rep, Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treat
[-1] Hallow’s End Treats for Jesper!
Obtainable at L10
Jesper, Stormwind Orphanage, Cathedral Square, Stormwind Speak with the innkeepers of Stormwind, Ironforge, and Darnassus, as well as Talvash del Kissel in Ironforge. Perform the tricks they ask of you in exchange for the treats they offer.
Return to Jesper at the Stormwind Orphanage with a Darnassus Marzipan, Gnomeregan Gumdrop, Stormwind Nougat, and Ironforge Mint.
1250 xp, 250 Alliance rep, 30 Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treats
Each person asks you to perform an /emote (/flex, /chicken, /dance, /train) at them (select the person as the target, talk to them to get the emote they want, type the emote, talk to them again to complete the quest). Talvash del Kissel is the hardest to find if you haven’t done the Uldaman quest lines – he’s in the Mystic Ward of Ironforge, clockwise from the Hall of Mysteries
[-1] Crashing the Wickerman Festival
Obtainable at L25
Sergeant Hartman, Southshore Locate the Forsaken’s Wickerman Festival in Tirisfal Glade. Return to Sergeant Hartman in Southshore once you’ve done so. 12650 xp, 250 Alliance rep, 4g 40s, 15 Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treats
The festival is located just north of the old city of Lordaeron, now the entrance to Undercity, right off the road through Tirisfal Glades. You can either run the road through Silverpine Forest or run up by Dalaran and swim across the lake. The festival is guarded by high-level elite mobs, so it’s likely that a low-level character will have to run back to his/her body from Faol’s Rest on the eastern end of the Glades. What we did was have a pet (or an expendable player 🙂 ) run past the festival – running past it is sufficient to get the completion message. This allowed the other players to run in far enough to get the complete flag, then turn around and run back before they drew aggro. Your mileage (and repair bills) may vary. Note that even if the mobs don’t catch you, this will flag you for PvP.
[-1] The Power of Pine (PvP)
Obtainable at L25
Sergeant Hartman, Southshore Use a Stink Bomb Cleaner to remove any Forsaken Stink Bomb that’s been dropped on Southshore. Return to Sergeant Hartman in Southshore when you’re done. 3150 xp, 250 Alliance rep, 15 Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treats
Accepting this quest now spawns a Forsaken Prankster who drops multiple stink bombs. This allows Alliance to complete this quest even on a server that doesn’t have Horde trying to complete the matching quest “Stinking Up Southshore” to drop the stink bombs.
[-1] Masked Orphan Matron
Obtainable at L10
Commoners of various races in the capital cities Speak with a Masked Orphan Matron in either Razor Hill, Brill or Falconwing Square. 1250 xp
[-1] Fire Training Masked Orphan Matron Toss buckets on 5 fires, then speak with the Masked Orphan Matron 75 local area rep, Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treat
[-1] Hallow’s End Treats for Spoops!
Obtainable at L10
Spoops, Orgrimmar Orphanage, Valley of Honor, Orgrimmar Speak with the innkeepers of Orgrimmar, Undercity, and Thunder Bluff, as well as Kali Remik in Sen’jin Village. Perform the tricks they ask of you in exchange for the treats they offer.
Return to Spoops at the Orgrimmar Orphanage with a Thunder Bluff Marzipan, Darkspear Gumdrop, Orgrimmar Nougat, and Undercity Mint.
1250 xp, 250 Horde rep, 30 Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treats
Each person asks you to perform an /emote (/flex, /chicken, /dance, /train) at them (select the person as the target, talk to them to get the emote they want, type the emote, talk to them again to complete the quest).
[-1] Stinking up Southshore (PvP)
Obtainable at L25
Darkcaller Yanka, Wickerman Festival, Tirisfal Glades Toss 3 Stink Bombs into Southshore 3150 xp, 350 Undercity rep, 15 Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treats
The possible approaches that have worked for others: stealth or corpse drag to the second floor of the inn behind the two L15 NPCs (the Armstrongs) and throw in the center of the room or come in from the south around the docks (requires dealing with one guard). The inn gambit works well combined with the next quest.
[-1] Rotten Eggs (PvP)
Obtainable at L30
Darkcaller Yanka, Wickerman Festival, Tirisfal Glades Place the Rotten Eggs in the main brew keg 3150 xp, 25 Horde rep, Chains to “Ruined Kegs”
The main brew keg is the top one in the stack of five small kegs located behind the innkeeper on the ground floor of the inn. Stealth or rez next to the kegs and right-click to complete the quest. Some have reported being able to activate the kegs through the floor; as you stand on the landing facing up the stairs, try mousing over the right side of the 3rd stair up from the landing.
[-1] Ruined Kegs
Obtainable at L30
Beer Keg, Southshore Return to Darkcaller Yanka 1650 xp, 250 Horde rep, 15 Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treats
Day of the Dead
[-1] The Grateful Dead Cheerful [Race] Spirit Acquire and deliver Bread of the Dead to the spirit Macabre Marionette
You can use potions or a warlock’s Detect Invisibility spell or purchase Orange Marigolds from Chapman, the Day of the Dead vendor, in order to see the quest giver. You will need to cook up the Bread of the Dead in the graveyard, since it requires a Ghostly Cooking Fire.


Name Description Points
Trick or Treat! Receive a handful of a candy from one of the Candy Buckets located in an inn. 10
Out With It Eat so many Tricky Treats that you get an upset tummy. 10
Bring Me The Head of…Oh Wait Kill the Headless Horseman 10
The Savior of Hallow’s End Complete one of the quests to save a village from the Headless Horseman 10
The Mask Task Obtain a Flimsy Mask during Hallow’s End 10
That Sparkling Smile Show off your sparkling smile by using a Tooth Pick 10
Rotten Hallow (Alliance) Ruin Hallow’s End for the Horde by completing Sergeant Hartman’s quests which involve crashing the Wickerman festival and cleaning up the stinkbombs from Southshore.
(Horde) Ruin Hallow’s End for the Alliance by completing Darkcaller Yanka’s quests which involve going to Southshore, ruining the kegs with rotten eggs and tossing stinkbombs into the town.
G.N.E.R.D. Rage Earn 50 honorable kills while under the influence of the G.N.E.R.D. buff. It’s a slap in the face! 10
Check Your Head Use Weighted Jack-o’-Lanterns to put pumpkin heads on each of the races listed below:

Gnome Blood Elf Draenei
Dwarf Human Night Elf
Orc Tauren Troll
The Masquerade Get transformed by the Hallowed Wands listed below:

Bat Pirate
Ghost Skeleton
Leper Gnome Wisp
Sinister Calling Obtain a Sinister Squashling pet and Hallowed Helm. 10
Tricks and Treats of Kalimdor Visit the Candy Buckets in Kalimdor 10
Tricks and Treats of Eastern Kingdoms Visit the Candy Buckets in Eastern Kingdoms 10
Tricks and Treats of Outland Visit the Candy Buckets in Outland 10
Tricks and Treats of Azeroth Complete the Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, and Outland Tricks and Treats achievements 20
Hallowed Be Thy Name Complete the above achievements
Earns the title “The Hallowed”
The Horseman’s Reins (Feat of Strength) Obtain The Horseman’ Reins
A Mask for All Occasions Collect the 20 unique Flimsy Masks listed below:

Female Blood Elf Female Nightelf Male Blood Elf Male Nightelf
Female Draenei Female Orc Male Draenei Male Orc
Female Dwarf Female Tauren Male Dwarf Male Tauren
Female Gnome Female Troll Male Gnome Male Troll
Female Human Female Undead Male Human Male Undead
Dead Man’s Party Dance with Catrina to become a skeleton during the Day of the Dead 10