Harvest Festival (16-20 September)

Uther's Tomb Hellscream Memorial

As the harvest is gathered in for the autumn, both the Horde and Alliance pause to remember that greater harvest already gathered, those heroes who laid down their lives to protect their people. In particular, Uther Lightbringer of the Alliance and Grom Hellscream of the Horde are remembered for their sacrifice in the great Wars. This memorial celebration includes pilgrimages to the graves of the fallen heroes and grand feasting. The official site page for this festival may be found here.

Harvest Feast tables are set outside the main gates of Orgrimmar and Ironforge, laden with Harvest food. Also, the shades of the other fallen heroes may be glimpsed in the area.

Harvest Items

Harvest food items (except bread) may be freely taken from the feasting tables. They stack in 20s, are BoP, and have no expiration. Harvest Bread is summoned by the use of the Bounty of the Harvest horn (see below) and expires if you log out for more than 15 minutes.

If you want to make sure you end up with full stacks of the food items, remember that you can right-click on a stack in your inventory to select and destroy excess food. For instance, if you have 15 Harvest Boar in your inventory, and you get a stack of 8 from the table, you can right-click on the stack in your inventory, select 3 items, and drag them to the main window to destroy them. Then click on the stack of 8 in the loot window to end up with a full stack of 20.

Also, the two questgivers are selling an assortment of fireworks, including:


The quests to honor the two great heroes are given out near the feast tables outside the gates of Ironforge and Orgrimmar. You will be given a memorial tribute pouch which you must take to the appropriate memorial. Right-click the pouch in your inventory while standing at the memorial to get quest credit. For the effort, you are given a commemorative book of poetry as well as team reputation. For max level characters, the quests yield 13.23g in lieu of xp.

Quest Given By Description Reward
[-1] Honoring a Hero
Obtainable at L30
Wagner Hammerstrike, Ironforge Light a candle at Uther’s Tomb, Sorrow Hill, Western Plaguelands 22,050 xp, 500 Alliance rep, Jennre Loresinger’s For the Light!
Uther’s Tomb is located at the southeast end of Sorrow Hill, near Darrowmere (52.1, 83.2). If you’re not yet farming Sorrow Hill, you can get there by running up the river east of Southshore in Hillsbrad. The river eventually leads to Darrowmere and has a small number of L21-26 mobs, most of which can be avoided (lower level mobs are on the west bank). Run up into the hills west of where the river flows out of Darrowmere and you’ll reach the tomb; it’s the large building just above the “D” in “Chillwind” on the world map. Sorrow Hill proper is infested with L51-53 Scourge undead, but the tomb itself is clear.
[-1] Honoring a Hero
Obtainable at L30
Javnir Nashak, Orgrimmar Take a bottle of spirits to the Hellscream Memorial, Demon Fall Canyon, Ashenvale 22,050 xp, 500 Horde rep, Tolven Warsong’s The Horde’s Hellscream
The memorial is located near (82.8, 79.0) in southeastern Ashenvale. If you look at the world map, you’ll see a grayish valley southeast of Splintertree post at the south end of Felfire Hill. The monument is located in the western part of that valley. If you make your way down through the Warsong Lumber Camp, the entrance to the valley is just south of the bridge from Warsong to Felfire Hill. The monument has several L29-30 Searing Infernals (individually pullable). Yes, this is harder than the Alliance quest (again).

Two days after completing the quest, you should receive a letter from the questgiver in the mail containing a Bounty of the Harvest, a horn that summons 4 Harvest Bread (12 hour cooldown).

For the Light!
dedicated to Uther Lightbringer

His name brought Light to darkest Azeroth.
His valor tore the walls of misery down.
The Silver Hand would ne’er do better more
than give the world the knight who’d give himself.
His fame was not that which he sought to grow,
nor was the lordship over his own kind.
Instead he chose to fight for Lordaeron
to hope his kin would have to fight no more.
The tragic tale of this most holy knight
will never end with his unholy death.
We honor him, and we shall give him thanks!
Uther always shall know glory and Light!

– Jennre Loresinger

The Horde’s Hellscream
dedicated to Grom Hellscream

His name will not die.
His sacrifice will always
serve to show the way.

Shackles once that choked
the inhale of honor’s breath
no longer bind us.

Can you hear his scream?
A battle wail for the Horde.
Victory or death!

We must remember
his strength in the face of death.
His dream, now made real.

Dangers everywhere!
Enemies seek to bring us
back to the shackles

When we fight, think of
he who did what must be done.
Hellscream, forever!

– Tolven Warsong