The Scourge Invasion (24 October-?)

    The Scourge have returned and we must set aside our squabbles to face this threat. The Argent Dawn will turn away none who wish to take arms against the Scourge menace. Those who would defend our lands are mustering at Light’s Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands. Together, we shall prevail.” – Keeper of the Rolls, The Argent Dawn

    A Scourge NecropolisIn the skies of Azeroth, a grim threat darkens the skies. The Scourge have been gathering their resources and now prepare to strike at the unsuspecting kingdoms. Floating pyramids – the attack necropoli of the Lich King Arthas – hover over each capital city. Across the continents, shards of power lance down to pierce the earth and establish a beachhead for the Scourge. The Argent Dawn, the Scarlet Crusade, and the Brotherhood of the Light have joined forces to oppose the threat. Can the heroes of the Horde and Alliance do any less? To arms!

    The Scourge is attacking the Plaguelands!The Scourge Invasion is a world event (official page here), this time triggered by the new aggression of the Lich King Arthas in preparation for the Wrath of the Lich King release. During the Invasion, the Scourge necropoli send down Necrotic Crystals and troops (L69-70 Scourge undead) into six areas: Winterspring, Azshara, Tanaris, the Eastern Plaguelands, the Burning Steppes, and the Blasted Lands (the World Map indicates which areas are actively under attack by placing a small skull in the region). At the same time, other necropoli threaten each capital city, maintaining a transit point where L8-11 undead appear. Periodically, elite mobs attack Stormwind and the Undercity, attempting to slay the ruler of the city. To answer this threat, the Argent Dawn greatly increases its presence in each capital.

    The Argent Dawn stands ready to resist the Scourge

    During the Invasion, additional quests and vendors are available at Light’s Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands. Invasion Scourge drop Necrotic Runes (BoP) which may be traded for items. Also, the Argent Dawn representatives in each capital city offer a low-level quest to scout the weaker Scourge forces landing outside the cities. Argent Dawn Champions in the cities will give you a set of 3 Marks of the Dawn (consumable item that gives a 1 hour Stamina buff).

    The mobs which spawn around the crystals earn 5 AD rep (through Friendly), just like normal Scourge. They also drop Invader Scourgestones occasionally in addition to Necrotic Runes. There are rare spawns (L71, including the Bone Witch, the Spirit of the Damned, and the Lumbering Horror) which drop multiple Necrotic Runes and have a chance to drop elite leg armor (part of the Undead Slaying sets listed below). The elites earn 10 AD rep through Honored. There are additional bosses which spawn in Karazhan, Scholomance, Dire Maul, Stratholme, Razorfen Downs, the Scarlet Monastery, and Shadowfang Keep worth 25 AD rep through Exalted. And managing to slay a Shadow of Doom yields 50 AD rep through Exalted (plus 30 Runes and the chance for a Undead Slaying chestpiece).

    Invasion Items

    After completing “[70] Under the Shadow”, the Argent Quartermasters will trade you the following items in exchange for Necrotic Runes:

    After you complete any of the “Notes from the Front” turn ins, you will (in about a week) receive a research report which point you to an NPC who will sell you:

    • Freshly-Squeezed Lemonade (Vendor (40s) Drink MinLvl: 45, Use: Restores 2934 mana over 30 sec. Must remain seated while drinking.)
    • Friendship Bread (Vendor (40s) Food MinLvl: 45, Use: Restores 2148 health over 30 sec. Must remain seated while eating.)

    Blessed Undead Slaying Sets

    Each set has a set bonus of up to +3% damage against undead when all four pieces are worn. The shoulders and gloves are exchanged for 15 Necrotic Runes from the Argent Quartermaster. The leggings drop randomly off the rare spawns at the Necrotic Crystal sites. The chestpieces drop randomly off the Shadows of Doom.

Boss Drops

These are drops from the itinerant Scourge bosses which infiltrate the various instances during the event.

  • Tenris Mirkblood (Servants’ Quarters, Karazhan) drops all the following
    • Vampiric Batling (Vampiric Batling small pet) – this is lootable by everyone in the raid
    • Arcanite Ripper (2H Axe DPS: 114.1, Dam: 325-542, Spd: 3.8, Sta: 48, MinLvl: 70, Equip: +24 critical strike rating, +112 attack power, Use: transforms you into the skeletal guitarist of L80 Elite Tauren Chieftain)
    • 2 Badges of Justice
  • Lord Blackwood (Scholomance)
  • Revanchion (Dire Maul West)
    • Bracers of Mending (Cloth Wrist MinLvl: 57, AC: 38, Sta: 5, Int: 9, Spi: 13, Equip: Increases healing done by spells and effects up to 18.)
    • Cloak of Revanchion (Back MinLvl: 58, AC: 45, Str: 10, Agi: 10, Sta: 11)
    • The Shadow’s Grasp (Cloth Hands MinLvl: 57, AC: 55, Sta: 14, Int: 14, Equip: Increases damage done by Shadow spells and effects by up to 20.)
  • Balzaphon (Deadside Stratholme)
    • Chains of the Lich (Neck MinLvl: 55, Equip: +22 spell power)
    • Staff of Balzaphon (2H Staff MinLvl: 55, DPS: 51.4, Dmg: 160-241, Spd: 3.90, Sta: 8, Int: 10, Spi: 7, Equip: +29 spell power, +14 critical strike rating)
    • Waistband of Balzaphon (Cloth Waist MinLvl: 55, AC: 48, Sta: 13, Int: 14, Equip: +16 spell power)
  • Lady Falther’ess (Razorfen Downs)
  • Scorn (Scarlet Monastery Graveyard)
  • Sever (Shadowfang Keep)

Invasion Quests

Quest Given By Description Reward
[8] Investigating the Scourge of [City] Argent Dawn agent near the entrance to [City] Collect 3 Dim Necrotic Stones from the Scourge outside the city and explore the summoning circle 1-2.5s
[65] Light’s Hope Chapel Argent Recruiter Deliver the Call to Arms Announcement to the Keeper of the Rolls at Light’s Hope Chapel 25 AD rep
[60] The Keeper’s Call A Letter from the Keeper of the Rolls (mail) Take the letter to the Keeper of the Rolls at Light’s Hope Chapel 1 Blessed Wizard Oil or 1 Consecrated Sharpening Stone
Those who are Revered or Exalted with the Dawn when the Invasion begins get this personalized invitation to the party in their mailbox.
[70] Cracked Necrotic Crystal (Alliance) Cracked Necrotic Crystal (item) Bring the Cracked Necrotic Crystal to Lt. Orrin outside the gates of Stormwind 1 Blessed Wizard Oil or 1 Consecrated Sharpening Stone
[70] Faint Necrotic Crystal (Horde) Faint Necrotic Crystal (item) Bring the Faint Necrotic Crystal to Lt. Rukag in the courtyard of the Undercity. 1 Blessed Wizard Oil or 1 Consecrated Sharpening Stone
These quests are triggered by the Scourge attacks on either Stormwind or the Undercity. When the attack is defeated, a Cracked/Faint Necrotic Crystal is looted from the elite mob that attacks.
[70] Document / Envelope / Letter / Missive / Note / Page from the Front
Obtainable at L45
Various notes taken from the Scourge Take the item to the Keeper of the Rolls at Light’s Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands 3300xp
Various notes drop randomly from Scourge killed around the shards. These are letters to family and loved ones which didn’t get sent before the sender was transformed into an undead. These are pointers to NPCs who offer a glass of lemonade and a hearty slice of bread (at 40s each) in memory of those they lost to war. A Sealed Research Report will come in the mail about a week after turning in the item, pointing you to one of the next-of-kin.
[70] Under the Shadow Commander Thomas Helleran Collect 10 Necrotic Runes 6600xp, 50 AD rep, allows redeeming Runes with the Argent Quartermaster at Light’s Hope Chapel.
[70+] Shadows of Doom Commander Thomas Helleran Go to a summoning circle and kill a Shadow of Doom 6600xp, 50 AD rep
[70] A Desperate Alliance / Desperate Research Commoners near the inn in capital cities Speak with Bishop Lazaril / Grand Apothecary Putress in the Terrace of Light in Shattrath Chains to [Home Capital City]
[Home Capital City] Bishop Lazaril / Grand Apothecary Putress Take the Light-infused Artifact/Dual-Plagued Brain to your home city.
[70r] Chamber of Secrets Argent Emissary, Light’s Hope Chapel Search the chamber of Tenris Mirkblood within the Servant’s Quarters of Karazhan Monster Slayer’s Kit (Trinket MinLvl: 70, Use: Ranged attack dealing ~500 dmg)

Winning the Battle

When the attack begins, Necrotic Crystals are shot down into the attacked region from the necropolis overhead. The crystals can be located from afar by the lightning bolts which shoot from the necropolis to the crystal. L69-70 Scourge materialize around each crystal, as well as rare spawns. In order to drive back the Scourge and force the retreat of the necropolis, you (and anyone in the neighborhood) must destroy the crystal. To do this, you must kill the surrounding Scourge until the crystal is damaged (takes many kills – 203 “normal” invasion Scourge – before the crystal becomes a “Damaged Necrotic Crystal”). Four Cultist Engineers will then beam down to fix the crystal. Talking to one of the Engineers and surrendering 8 Necrotic Runes will transform the Cultist into a Shadow of Doom. Transforming and killing all four will result in the destruction of the crystal. Destroying all the crystals in the area (usually two or three) eliminates the necropolis.

Note – the Shadows of Doom are tough. You should transform them one at a time. You will also have to deal with the L69-70 troops in the area while you fight the Shadow, so take at least a companion if not a full group.

When 150 battles have been won (necropoli driven off), Arthas’ minions retreat and the Invasion ends. You may ask the Argent Emissary in each capital city for the current progress of repulsing the Invasion. When this happens, the Argent Dawn presence is much reduced – in particular, the Keeper of the Rolls disappears, so you will no longer be able to turn in notes. An Argent Dawn representative will still redeem Necrotic Runes, but you will not be able to earn any more.

There’s a good map of possible Crystal landing points on WoWWiki. Araman posted the original test realm FAQ for the Invasion on Warcry.

You dare disrupt our works here?! The master will not be pleased. Take this time to prepare yourselves… when we return, there will be nothing but death and destruction in our wake! – Herald of the Lich King