Lunar Festival (23 January – 12 February)

Omen the Demon WolfElder StargladeCoinciding with the Lunar New Year, the Lunar Festival ostensibly commemorates the defeat of the wolf demi-god Omen in Moonglade. This is celebrated by fireworks displays every hour after sunset (in Stormwind and Booty Bay). Unfortunately, Omen is only mostly dead and arises from the depths of Lake Elune’ara in Moonglade periodically. This is also the season to honor our elders, those heroes and sages of the past.

The Lunar Festival draws from the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) celebrated throughout mainland Asia. Omen is inspired by the legend of Nian, a monster that lived under the sea that attacked people during the second new moon after the winter solstice. One name for Chinese New Year is “the passing of the beast” (guo nian). Another tradition during this time is traveling to meet with ones family (elders) and sharing a reunion dinner. In some areas, the New Year’s season ends with a Lantern Festival fifteen days into the new year.

There are two separate quest lines for this season. On the Omen side, a series of quests leads you to Moonglade and (if you’re L40+) an encounter with the demi-demon. On the Elder side, there are Elder NPCs scattered all across Azeroth in mysterious beams of moonlight just waiting for mortal adventurers to come and commune with them in exchange for a few words of wisdom and a Coin of Ancestry.

“This small token will give no
answers. But perhaps it will be
of some amusement to you.”

A day or so after meeting an Elder, s/he will send you a Lucky Red Envelope in the mail containing an Elder’s Moonstone (like the Elune Stones created with Elune’s Lantern, shine moonlight on a targeted area for 3 minutes) or a Lucky Rocket Cluster (+250 health buff for 30 minutes, requires a Cluster Launcher). The Omen quest line provides a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack containing 4 ea. blue, green, red, white, and yellow small rockets and 2 ea. blue, green, red, white, and yellow large rockets. The packs themselves do not stack.

The Lunar Festival has special seasonal vendors found in any of the capital cities (generally near the capital city’s Elder and Harbinger). They sell a variety of items, including the fireworks needed for two of the achievements. Note that Rocket Clusters and Rockets must be used with an appropriate launcher. Engineers can learn to craft launchers, and there are both Cluster and Rocket launchers around any circle of greater moonlight in Moonglade or the capital cities. The vendors sell a variety of items, including:

Valadar Starsong will redeem Coins of Ancestry for the following (bind on pickup) goodies:

  • 8 Festival Dumplings (1 Coin of Ancestry) – festive food that restores 4% of health & 3% of mana per second for 25 sec (stacks in 8s).
  • Festive Lunar Dresses (5 Coins of Ancestry) – in green, pink, and purple, packaged with a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack
  • Festive Lunar Pant Suits (5 Coins of Ancestry) – in black, blue, and teal, packaged with a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack
  • Elune’s Candle (5 Coins of Ancestry) – 88 charge firework very useful for disturbing the sleep of ancient demon wolves

Fariel Starsong offers the following recipes for 5 Coins of Ancestry each. Note that unlike the self-contained fireworks usually made by engineers, these rockets require the use of a matching launcher to set off.

Quest Given By Description Reward
The Lunar Festival Lunar Festival Emissary Talk to the Lunar Festival Harbinger 10 Cenarion Circle rep, chains to “Lunar Fireworks”
The Emissaries are usually located near the banks in the capital cities. The Harbingers are located in each capital city – for Alliance, outside the gates of Stormwind, the Cenarion Enclave in Darnassus, and the Mystic Ward of Ironforge; for Horde, near the flight point in Orgrimmar, the north end of Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff, and in the old Lordaeron throne room above the Undercity – near a bright pillar of moonlight. Emissaries and Harbingers may also be found in Dalaran’s Runeweaver Square and the north end of the Terrace of Light in Shattrath.
Lunar Fireworks Lunar Festival Harbinger Launch 8 Lunar Fireworks and 2 Cluster Fireworks and return to a Lunar Festival Harbinger at any capital city. 150 Cenarion Circle rep, Lunar Festival Invitation, chains to “Valadar Starsong”
You can buy the rockets and clusters from the nearby Lunar Festival Vendor for 25c (rockets) and 1s (clusters) each. Then stand in the circle of greater moonlight next to either the Fireworks Launcher or the Cluster Launcher and right-click the firework in your inventory.
Valadar Starsong Lunar Festival Harbinger Use your Lunar Festival Invitation in the moonlight to travel to Moonglade. Speak with Valadar Starsong in Nighthaven when you arrive. 1250 xp
Nighthaven is located north of the party – run along the road. Valadar and Fariel Starsong are located at the northeast end of town (53.6, 39.2). Make sure to get the griff route so you can visit Moonglade again without being a druid or gaining Timbermaw rep. The invitation only works for 24 (played) hours. Sindrayl the Hippogryph Trainer is located near (48.1, 67.3), on the way to Omen’s spawning ground. Faustron the Wind Rider Master is located near (32.1, 66.4), near the road leading up to Timbermaw Hold.
Elune’s Blessing
Obtainable at L40
Valadar Starsong, Nighthaven, Moonglade Summon Omen, defeat him and gain Elune’s blessing 500 Cenarion Circle rep, 7250 xp (at L40), 95s, Elune’s Lantern, Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack, 3 Solid Stone
Omen lies defeatedDuring this season, you can use the Lunar Festival Invitation to get to Moonglade by portal from any of the capital cities. Omen is a two-headed demon dog who rises from Lake Elune’ara on the southeast shore (near the Stormrage Barrow Den and conveniently close to the graveyard). Unlike the Greench, you do not need to tap Omen to get credit for the kill – after he’s dead, you need to go stand near (or in) his body (near the red crystal inside his body at the center of the bright pillar of moonlight) until you get the message that you’ve received the Blessing (a 60 min +10% buff to all stats). After returning to Valadar, you may either use your invitation in the appropriate dancing circle to get back to a capital city or take the griff route to Auberdine or Ashenvale or Everlook. The invitation has a 10 minute cooldown between uses.
The Elder Quests (Printer Friendly)
These quests require you to find and speak to an Elder. You gain 75 all-team rep (Alliance or Horde) and a Coin of Ancestry from each. They are fairly easy to find, since there’s a white spotlight on them. Note that there’s a wide range of Elder locations, including some in deep dungeons. Elders may be found in both the heroic and normal versions of the instance. Also, Elders are not team-specific – Alliance can use the Elders in Hordelands and vice versa. At last report, there were 75. Remember that you can use your Lunar Invitation to gate between the capital cities by way of Moonglade – this may save you some time. You can port to Moonglade from opposing capital cities, just not to them (this is especially useful for making good escapes after grabbing the coin from a capital city). If you’re corpse dragging in hostile territory, ensure that you have instant quest text enabled from your options panel and try rezzing inside the Elder to gain a little extra time. Remember that as long as you don’t damage the NPCs, you will not flag for PvP (except for capital cities where you flag on entry). Speaking with an Elder gives you quest credit against the “Quests Completed” achievements, but do not count towards a region quota for the Loremaster achievements. These quests also do not award guild experience or reputation.
Khaz Modan
Elder Bronzebeard in the pool at the Mystic Ward, Ironforge (Alliance capital), clockwise from the main gates. Coming through the tramway from Stormwind tends to be easier than the front gate, if that's convenient - ride counterclockwise through the Hall of Explorers and Forlorn Cavern. If you come through the main gate, stick to the outside as you ride in, so that you have a chance of rezzing in one of the buildings in the event you don't make it to the Elder on the first pass. Ironforge
(29.2, 17.1)
Elder Goldwell Kharanos (Alliance town), Dun Morogh, area has L30 Alliance guards and road patrols. Safest approach is from northeast, coming in on the hill south of Steelgrill's Depot Dun Morogh
(53.9, 49.9)
Elder Silvervein on a hill just northeast of town overlooking Thelsamar (Alliance town), Loch Modan. Horde characters can approach from the road without drawing the L30 town guards. Loch Modan
(33.3, 46.6)
Elder Ironband just outside Blackchar Cave, Searing Gorge, area has several L47-49 Greater Lava Spiders Searing Gorge
(21.4, 79.1)
Elder Rumblerock southeast side (about one switchback up) Dreadmaul Rock, Burning Steppes, in an area with L50-52 ogres Burning Steppes
(70.2, 45.4)
Elder Dawnstrider next to the goblin camp at Flame Crest, Burning Steppes, back through the Ruins of Thaurissan which has L52-55 elementals and Dark Irons. Burning Steppes
(53.6, 24.5)
Elder Morndeep straight across the Detention Block from the entrance, in the Ring of Law arena, Blackrock Depths instance (L48-50+ mobs); you can run in, complete the quest, and run out before the arena event starts
Elder Stonefort in Hordemar City, Lower Blackrock Spire instance (L58+), across the first rope bridge
Azeroth (Southern Kingdom)
Elder Hammershout Elwyyn Forest, just outside the gates of Stormwind City (Alliance capital) Elwynn Forest
(34.6, 50.3)
Elder Stormbrow Goldshire (Alliance town), Elwynn Forest, at the pond just northwest of the forge, safely accessible coming up the road from the southwest. Elwynn Forest
(39.8, 63.7)
Elder Skychaser on top of the guard tower in Sentinel Hill, Westfall; Horde characters will end up PvP flagged; the area guards are only L18-30. Westfall
(56.6, 47.1)
Elder Starglade outside the gates of Zul'Gurub, Stranglethorn Vale Northern Stranglethorn Vale
(71.0, 34.3)
Elder Winterhoof on the roof of the bank of Booty Bay, Cape of Stranglethorn. Jump onto the roof from the Horde flight point (accessible from the top level of the Salty Sailor tavern). Stranglethorn Vale
(39.9, 72.5)
Elder Starsong in the Pit of Sacrifice in the Sunken Temple instance, Swamp of Sorrows (L48-49 elite dragonkin and whelps)
Elder Bellowrage in the coalition camp just north of the Dark Portal, Blasted Lands. L47-49 carrion birds and hyenas roam the area, and L55-57 Felguards patrol the rim; easily reached by taking the Blasted Lands portal from any capital city Blasted Lands
(54.3, 49.4)
Lordaeron (Northern Kingdom)
Elder Highpeak on a hill between Agol'watha (troll ruins) and The Creeping Ruin, The Hinterlands The Hinterlands
(50.0, 48.0)
Elder Moonstrike on top of the castle with the Scholomance instance entrance, just take the stairs all the way to the top; if you run north along the eastern side of the river east of Southshore and Tarren Mill, it will curve around and eventually empty into Darrowmere lake with L30ish beasts as the only challenge W.Plaguelands
(69.2, 73.4)
Elder Meadowrun in the Weeping Cave, Western Plaguelands, north of Malicia's Outpost, surrounded by L38-40 undead things W.Plaguelands
(66.0, 47.9)
Elder Windrun inside Crown Guard Tower, Eastern Plaguelands E.Plaguelands
(35.5, 68.8)
Elder Snowcrown next to the wall just south of the chapel at Light's Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands E.Plaguelands
(75.7, 54.5)
Elder Farwhisper in Festival Lane, out the west gate and north from Elders' Square. Elders' Square is just inside the back entrance (the Elders' Square Service Entrance) of the Stratholme instance (L60+)
Elder Obsidian just north of the road at the east end of Sepulcher (Horde town), Silverpine Forest; Horde guards are ~L25, follow the road west, bear right when you near the top of the hill Silverpine Forest
(45.0, 41.1)
Elder Graveborn just east of the road at the south end of Brill (Horde town), Tirisfal Glades; Horde guards are mostly ~L20, with one L85 guarding the plague spreader - safest way is to come in from the east behind the wall Tirisfal Glades
(61.9, 53.9)
Elder Darkcore all the way straight back (south) upstairs in the Undercity (Horde capital), Tirisfal Glades; no NPC guards, just PvP Tirisfal Glades
(66.6, 38.2)
Elder Bladeswift at the foot of the Archdruid's tree, Cenarion Enclave, Darnassus (Alliance capital), north of the Ruth'eran portal. If you swim across the river north of the portal, you can avoid most of the L65-75 guards in the area. Darnassus
(39.1, 31.9)
Elder Bladeleaf next to the house near the moonwell in Dolanaar (Alliance town), Teldrassil. Horde seekers will have to ride straight east through Darnassus and then follow the road. There are L60 wandering mobs, so the best approach is to ride in from the east, behind the house. Guards in the area are only ~L15. Teldrassil
(56.8, 53.1)
Elder Starweave on the banks at the river mouth at the west end of Lor'danel (Alliance town), safely approachable from the west Darkshore
(49.6, 18.9)
Elder Stonespire northwestern end of Everlook, Winterspring Winterspring
(60.0, 49.9)
Elder Brightspear on the porch of the ruined building on the southeast shore of Lake Kel'Theril, Winterspring, surrounded by L50-56 highborne ghosts Winterspring
(53.2, 56.7)
Elder Nightwind north end of the shrine in Jaedenar, Felwood (south of the road between Bloodvenom Post and the bridge at Bloodvenom Falls), in an area with L46-48 slimed mobs Felwood
(38.4, 52.9)
Elder Skygleam just east of the feet of the broken statue, Ravencrest Monument, Azshara, guarded by L13-15 naga. The bridge to get to this area is at (55.7, 76.5), just east of the Southern Rocketway Terminal. Azshara
(64.7, 79.4)
Elder Riversong in a gazebo on the west end of Astranaar (Alliance town), Ashenvale. Horde characters will probably want to approach from Hellscream's Watch and come across the lake. L20ish guards are in the area and will flag you for PvP. Ashenvale
(35.5, 48.9)
Elder Moonwarden The Crossroads (Horde town), The Barrens; Horde guards are L25, quickest path to the Elder is to come in the south side, to the west of the hill just west of the gate (gap is around 48.3, 60.0), Elder stands just north of the gap Northern Barrens
(48.5, 59.2)
Elder Runetotem inside the south gate at the flight point of Razor Hill (Horde town), Durotar; Horde guards are L15ish Durotar
(53.2, 43.6)
Elder Darkhorn On the rise above the Valley of Strength and the Drag, near the city flight point. Landbound adventurers will want to use the elevator near the gate to the Drag at 52.0, 62.8. Orgrimmar
(52.3, 60.0)
Elder Windtotem on a hill just behind the bank in Ratchet, The Barrens Northern Barrens
(68.3, 69.9)
Elder High Mountain just south of Vendetta Point (Horde settlement), Southern Barrens Southern Barrens
(41.5, 47.6)
Elder Bloodhoof next to the bridge just north of Bloodhoof Village (Horde town), Mulgore; Horde guards are L14ish Mulgore
(48.5, 53.2)
Elder Ezra Wheathoof at the north end of Elder Rise, Thunder Bluff (Horde capital); Horde guards are L75, use the elevator at the north end of the main rise (the elevator is at 53.6, 28.2), ride in and take a sharp left into the first building to take the bridge to Elder Rise. Thunder Bluff
(72.8, 23.6)
Elder Splitrock in the chamber southeast of Zaetar's Grave (east of Rotgrip's pool) in the Maraudon instance, Desolace; mobs are L45-48 - you do not need to fight Princess Theradras or Rotgrip to reach the Elder
Elder Grimtotem in the Lariss Pavilion, Lower Wilds, Feralas, just north of Camp Mojache, in an area with L41-43 wolves and bears Feralas
(76.7, 37.9)
Elder Mistwalker in The Maul, the free-for-all PvP arena in the Broken Commons (outside the instance) of Dire Maul, Feralas (PvP and L50-54 hyenas and ogres)
Elder Skyseer Freewind Post, Thousand Needles, currently the site of a battle between Grimtotem forces, tauren partisans, and a few Alliance troops. The path up to the mesa starts around 46.3, 58.1 for the landbound. Thousand Needles
(46.3, 50.9)
Elder Morningdew on the south platform of Fizzle & Pozzik's Speedbarge, floating in the middle of the Shimmering Deep, Thousand Needles. Shimmering Deep
(77.2, 75.6)
Elder Dreamseer on the south side of the cage in Gadgetzan, Tanaris Tanaris
(51.4, 28.8)
Elder Ragetotem just west of the Uldum gates, Valley of the Watchers, Tanaris Desert, in an area with L46-48 Sandstone Golems. Tanaris
(37.2, 79.0)
Elder Wildmane in the Zul'Furrak instance in the chamber with the pool of Gahr'zilla, Tanaris (L47+)
Elder Thunderhorn on a hill at the northern end of Slithering Scar, Un'Goro Crater, L50-53 silithids Un'Goro Crater
(50.4, 76.1)
Elder Bladesing in the moonwell at Cenarion Hold, Silithus Silithus
(53.0, 35.5)
Elder Primestone near the Ravaged Twilight Camp, Crystal Vale, Silithus, surrounded by L55-58 elementals Silithus
(30.8, 13.3)
Elder Sardis at the water's edge, just outside the walls at the northeast end of Valiance Keep (Alliance town), Borean Tundra Borean Tundra
(59.1, 65.6)
Elder Pamuya on the cliff overlooking the Mightstone Quarry, just north of Warsong Hold (Horde town), Borean Tundra Borean Tundra
(43.0, 49.6)
Elder Arp D.E.H.T.A. encampment, Borean Tundra Borean Tundra
(57.4, 43.7)
Elder Northal Transitus Shield in Coldarra, Borean Tundra Borean Tundra
(33.7, 34.3)
Elder Igasho at the back of the Singing Forest (eastern doorway) next to Ormorok the Tree-Shaper in The Nexus instance, Coldarra, Borean Tundra
Elder Sandrene across the bridge from the flight point at Lakeside Landing, River's Heart, Sholazar Basin Sholazar Basin
(49.8, 63.6)
Elder Wanikaya in the middle of Rainspeaker Rapids, just south of the Avatar of Freya, Sholazar Basin Sholazar Basin
(63.6, 49.2)
Elder Bluewolf in the portal room in Wintergrasp Keep, Wintergrasp. Your faction must control the keep to gain access to this Elder. Wintergrasp
(49.0, 13.9)
Elder Nurgen at the bottom of Hadronox's lair, in the Brood Pit near Anub'arak's platform in the Azjol-Nerub instance, Dragonblight
Elder Morthie east side of Star's Rest (Alliance town), Dragonblight. L71-72 mobs wander in the area but can be avoided. Dragonblight
(29.7, 55.8)
Elder Skywarden just outside the southwest gate of Agmar's Hammer (Horde town), Dragonblight Dragonblight
(35.1, 48.4)
Elder Thoim at the turtle docks in Moa'ki Harbor, Dragonblight Dragonblight
(48.7, 78.1)
Elder Kilias at the entrance to the Raptor Pens, where King Dred paces, in the Drak'Theron Keep instance, Grizzly Hills
Elder Beldak just outside the southeast end of the Westfall Brigade camp (Alliance town) in Grizzly Hills Grizzly Hills
(60.6, 27.7)
Elder Whurain on a hill overlooking Camp Oneqwah (Horde town), Grizzly Hills. The Elder may be safely approached by coming over the hill from the northwest. Grizzly Hills
(64.1, 47.0)
Elder Lunaro on the second floor of a small ruined building in the Ruins of Tethys, Grizzly Hills, on an island next to Gavrock Grizzly Hills
(80.5, 37.2)
Elder Tauros northeast end of Zim'Torga, Zul'drak Zul'drak
(58.9, 56.0)
Elder Ohanzee on the balcony behind the Drakkari Colossus in the Gundrak instance, Zul'drak.
Elder Jarten in the Njorn Stair area, at the bottom of the stairs after the room with Prince Keleseth in the Utgarde Keep instance, Howling Fjord
Elder Chogan'gada in a chamber behind the stairs at the bottom of the stairwell after Skadi's gauntlet in the Utgarde Pinnacle instance, Howling Fjord
Elder Graymane just east of the flight point at K3, Storm Peaks Storm Peaks
(41.1, 84.7)
Elder Fargal near an ice formation on the western rim of Frosthold (Alliance town), Storm Peaks. You can easily avoid the area's guardian eagles by approaching from the west Storm Peaks
(28.9, 73.7)
Elder Stonebeard inside Bouldercrag's Refuge, Snowdrift Plains, Storm Peaks Storm Peaks
(31.2, 37.6)
Elder Muraco on the roadway leading up to Camp Tunka'lo (Horde town), Storm Peaks Storm Peaks
(64.6, 51.3)
Elder Yurauk in the Crystalline Quarry, downhill from Krystallus, in the Halls of Stone instance, Storm Peaks, two right turns from the entrance


Name Description Points
Elune’s Blessing Complete the Elune’s Blessing quest by defeating Omen 10
Lunar Festival Finery Purchase a Festive Pants Suit or Festive Dress from Valadar Starsong, Moonglade 10
The Rocket’s Red Glare Shoot off 10 Red Rocket Clusters in 25 seconds or less 10
Frenzied Firecracker Shoot off 10 Festival Firecrackers in 30 seconds or less 10
Elders of the Eastern Kingdoms Honor the Elders which are located in Eastern Kingdoms 10
Elders of Kalimdor Honor the Elders which are located in Kalimdor 10
Elders of Northrend Honor the Elders which are located in Northrend 10
Elders of the Dungeons Honor the Elders which are located inside the dungeons 10
Elders of the Alliance Honor the Elders in the Alliance capital cities 10
Elders of the Horde Honor the Elders in the Horde capital cities 10
A Coin of Ancestry Receive a Coin of Ancestry 10
5 Coins of Ancestry Receive 5 Coins of Ancestry 10
10 Coins of Ancestry Receive 10 Coins of Ancestry 10
25 Coins of Ancestry Receive 25 Coins of Ancestry 10
50 Coins of Ancestry Receive 50 Coins of Ancestry 10
To Honor One’s Elders Complete all the above achievements 30, Title: Elder

Special thanks for updates and information to Zombob of Too Horde to Handle on Lightbringer, Arlys of Sanctum on Zangarmarsh, Worgul on Alexstrasza.