Midsummer Fire Festival (21 June – 4 July)

The Fire Festival comes to Ruth'eran Village

Replacing the old Engineers’ Explosive Extravaganza, the Midsummer Flame Festival is a celebration of fire ending with a grand fireworks show on 4 July. There are festival camps scattered around Azeroth, each with a bonfire and a Ribbon Pole, tended by Flamekeepers and firebreathers.

Festival bonfire in Ashenvale
  • Dancing around the pole (by right-clicking the top of the pole) yields +10% experience from kills for up to an hour (3 minutes, then additional 3 minute increments for each tick (3 seconds) spent dancing).
  • When Burning Blossoms are cast into the bonfire, you (and those in the immediate area) gain the Fire Festival Fury buff (+3% critical hit for 1 hour and the chance to inflict additional fire damage). You may also use a Blossom to reignite an extinguished bonfire. Also, Blossoms are the currency for a number of seasonal vendor rewards.
  • If you’re in an area with a settlement bonfire burning, you gain the Bonfire’s Blessing buff (30% chance on hit (melee, ranged, or spell) to do an additional +10/level fire damage) – this is the main reason to want to relight an extinguished one.
In Coilfang Reservoir, the Twilight Cultists have joined with the naga to summon an ancient power. Ahune the Frost Lord haunts the Slave Pens, seeking to bring cold and darkness to this midsummer time. You may queue for “The Frost Lord Ahune” in the Dungeon Finder or by talking to the seasonal Dungeonmaster in any capital city.

There are several quest chains that unlock daily Blossom-earning quests (the dailies are worth 20 Blossoms a day). In addition, there are bonfires scattered about the various towns (much like the Elders in Lunar Festival season) with fires you can honor (or not) for additional Blossoms. For those who really seek adventure, you can steal the opposing faction’s flames from the bonfires in their capital cities! To the best of our knowledge, there are no reputation gaining opportunities this season.


  • The Ribbon Pole is based on the May pole tradition.
  • The festival starts on 21 June, which is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The bonfires are an example of solestitia, or symbolic practices of the solstice. They were lit to deter evil spirits who were emerging as the days waned. Coincidentally, in previous years, the Scourge Invasion happened at the same time, so the bonfires don’t seem too effective.
  • In the Celtic tradition, jumping over the bonfires was thought to cleanse you from a variety of maladies.
  • Plants picked on Midsummer’s Eve were assumed to have greater virtue, as reflected by the buff granted by the Burning Blossoms.
Dancing 'Round the Maypole

Midsummer Items

In general, as with most seasonal items, these are all Bind on Pickup except for the Juggling Torches. Midsummer Merchants or Suppliers will happily sell you items for a few Blossoms. They can be found near the bonfires in any Azerothian capital.

    Crown and Mantle of the Festival
    Crown, Mantle, Vestment, and Sandals

  • Burning Blossoms – As previously mentioned, these grant the Fire Festival Fury (+3% crit and bonus fire damage) buff when cast into a bonfire. They stack in 250s but have only a 14 day item life, so you’ll have to make choices about how to use them this year.
  • Handful of Summer Petals (2 Blossoms) – creates a shower of flower petals that follow the target. 10 day item life.
  • Mantle of the Fire Festival (100 Blossoms) – (Cloth Shoulder) AC: 2 – Bronze shoulders with flaming basins
  • Vestment of Summer (100 Blossoms) – (Cloth Chest) AC: 3, adds a fiery effect to hands when used
  • Sandals of Summer (200 Blossoms) – (Cloth Feet) AC: 2, adds a fiery ring around your feet when used
  • Juggling Torch (5 Blossoms) – Right-click to throw a Juggling Torch at the targeted area. Anyone who knows how to juggle torches can catch it where it lands. Not soulbound.
  • Brazier of Dancing Flames (350 Blossoms) – places a fiery brazier with a dancing flaming female figure; if you click on the brazier and /dance, turns you into a fire dancer as well for 3 min
  • Captured Flame (350 Blossoms) – Summons or dismisses a Spirit of Summer (red wisp non-combat pet).
  • Elderberry Pie (5 Blossoms/5) – Increases Defense by 13 for 1 hour. 14 day item life.
  • Fire-toasted Bun (5 Blossoms/5) – Improves your hit rating by 20 for 1 hour. 14 day item life.
  • Midsummer Sausage (5 Blossoms) – Increases damage done from spells by up to 23 for 1 hour. 14 day item life.
  • Toasted Smorc (5 Blossoms/5) – Increases healing done by magical spells by up to 44 for 1 hour. 14 day item life.
  • Bag of Smorc Ingredients (5 Blossoms) – Creates 5 toasted smorcs at any cooking fire. 14 day item life.
  • Fiery Festival Brew (2 Blossoms/5) – When consumed, these cause you to breathe fire (same effect as the Festival Firebreathers) for 10 seconds. 14 day item life.
  • Crown of the Fire Festival – (Quest reward) (Cloth Head) AC: 2 – Looks like a flaming circlet hovering above your head like a halo
  • Tabard of Summer Skies – (Quest reward)
  • Tabard of Summer Flames – (Quest reward)

Brazier of Dancing Flames

/dance with the Brazier…

Lord Ahune

The Ahune encounter is a two-phase fight. In the first phase, an elite elemental and swarms of non-elites attack. During this phase, the tank has to keep the elite engaged while AoE handles the non-elites. Damage done to Ahune is reduced by 75% during this phase. Ranged DPS can still be useful to soften Ahune up, but melee should be avoided. The biggest hazard is the Ice Spear, which will launch a player into the air. Look for the blue swirl and initial set of ice crystals and move off the targeted spot. Phase 2 starts after about 90 seconds, where Ahune submerges into his Frozen Core for 30 seconds. All DPS should then attack the core. Note that there are known issues when Ahune is killed during phase 1, so the best way to avoid this is to always kill him in core form.

Using the Dungeon Finder, the first victory over Ahune per day grants a bonus of 19.86g and a Satchel of Chilled Goods. Ahune also has the chance to drop a cloak each time he is slain. You may queue for additional chances to farm the cloak drops. The Satchel contains 24 Justice Points, some Burning Blossoms, and has a chance to contain a variety of interesting items, including:


  • Cloak of the Frigid Winds (Cloth Back AC: 604, Sta: 256, Int: 180, Spi: 120, MinLvl: 85, Equip: +120 haste rating)
  • The Frost Lord’s Battle Shroud (Cloth Back AC: 604, Str: 180, Sta: 270, MinLvl: 85, Equip: +120 critical strike rating, +120 expertise rating)
  • The Frost Lord’s War Cloak (Cloth Back AC: 604, Agi: 180, Sta: 270, MinLvl: 85, Equip: +137 critical strike rating, +91 haste rating)
  • Icebound Cloak (Cloth Back AC: 981, Str: 180, Sta: 269, MinLvl: 85, Equip: +143 dodge rating)
  • Shroud of Winter’s Chill (Cloth Back AC: 604, Sta: 256, Int: 180, MinLvl: 85, Equip: +120 critical strike rating, +120 haste rating)

The Satchel of Chilled Goods may contain:

  • Formula: Enchant Weapon – Deathfrost (350 Enchanter) (CoH: +150 Frost damage and reduce target’s melee, ranged, and casting speed by 15% for 8 sec)
  • Frostscythe of Lord Ahune (2H Staff DPS: 218.6, Sta: 700, MinLvl: 85, Equip: +207 crit rating, +207 haste rating, +1849 spell power, Use: cause snowfall in the immediate area)
  • Ice Chip (Frigid Frostling pet)

Tabard of Summer Skies
(Quest reward)

Frostling pet
(Ahune drop)

Spirit of Summer pet
(from Vendor)

Brazier of Dancing Flames
(from Vendor)

Tabard of Summer Flames
(Quest reward)


Note that seasonal quests generally scale the xp and money rewards with character level (more xp and gold for higher-level characters); the values provided are approximations for the maximum value given for a L70 character. The dailies appear to give ~6% level xp.

Quest Given By Description Reward
The Master of Summer Lore (Alliance)
The Spinner of Summer Tales (Horde)
Commoner (usually found near inns in all capital cities) Speak to a Festival Lorekeeper/Talespinner at the bonfire in any of your faction’s capital cities 1250 xp, 1 Burning Blossom
Incense for the Festival/Summer Scorchlings Festival Lorekeeper/Talespinner Take incense to a Scorchling outside one of your faction’s settlements 1250 xp, 1 Burning Blossom
Festival Scorchling says: Thank you again, NAME, for this delectable incense.
Festival Scorchling devours the incense. It’s ravenous!
Festival Scorchling says: So good! So packed with energy!
Festival Scorchling says: It has everything a growing scorchling needs!
Festival Scorchling says: I can feel the power SURGING within me!
Festival Scorchling bellows with laughter!
Festival Scorchling says: Now! Finally! Our plans can take effect!
Festival Scorchling says: YOU WILL ALL PERISH IN FLAMES!
Festival Scorchling blinks…
Festival Scorchling says: Ah. I was merely jesting…
Torch Juggling
Playing with Fire Fire Eater (found at any settlement bonfire) Speak with a Master Fire/Flame Eater in any capital city 1250 xp
Torch Tossing Master Fire/Flame Eater Hit 8 braziers with your practice torches 1250 xp, 5 Burning Blossoms, Chains to “Torch Catching”
Make sure to put the torch onto your action bar. Activate it to bring up the targeting circle. Wait for the arrow to appear, target the brazier, and click. It’s important to bring up the targeting circle and wait for the arrow to switch – if you try to target a brazier that’s already active, you’ll just end up chasing the arrow around the circle without getting credit because the dwell time on any brazier is quite short.
Torch Catching Master Fire/Flame Eater Catch 4 torches in a row 1250 xp, 5 Juggling Torch, 5 Burning Blossoms, unlocks daily quests
This is hard to master. Several people have reported success by zooming all the way out and pointing the camera down at your character. Follow the shadow on the ground and place your character where the torch will hit (you can see it’s falling since the shadow grows larger). You will automatically rethrow the torch, so be prepared to watch for the shadow again. If you miss and are close to where the torch drops, you’ll be hit with the Flame of Failure, which will take 5% of your HP every second for 5 seconds. Have food, bandages, or a heal spell ready. Also, it’s easier to do this at off-hours or a remote site (Exodar, Silvermoon) to avoid having confusion from too many torches in the air. And it’s easier to do this indoors, rather than an outdoor, brightly lit location, since the shadows tend to fade out a little. Ironforge (and, it is reported, Thunder Bluff) are good catching sites.
More Torch Catching (daily) Master Fire/Flame Eater Catch 10 torches in a row 4.4g, 22050 xp, (13.23g at max level), 5 Burning Blossoms
More Torch Tossing (daily) Master Fire/Flame Eater Hit 20 braziers with your practice torches 4.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g at max level), 5 Burning Blossoms
Twilight Activity
Unusual Activity
Obtainable at L20
Earthen Ring Elder Retrieve Twilight Correspondence from the Twilight Cultist mobs at the Zoram Strand, Ashenvale (just south of Blackfathom Deeps) 7500 xp, 5 Burning Blossoms, Chains to “An Innocent Disguise”
Loyal servants of the elemental lords, OUR TIME IS NOW.
Too long we have languished in the shadows, biding our time, serving our masters, seeking the end we know must come. Now, as the flames of Ragnaros’ Appeasement burn brightly through the night, we have in our grasp the tools to incite war and chaos on a cataclysmic scale!
The Firelord is imprisoned in our world. He is not at his full power, but his might is formidable. Given an equally formidable opponent in this realm, the resulting clash would begin the great elemental war that will bring about the end we have sought.
In Neptulon’s service is a great frost lord by the name of Ahune. Even now he is marshalling his power to wage war against Ragnaros. All he requires is a gateway into our world: a gateway we will provide. We have the allies. We have the location. We have the strength and the will.
Final negotiations with our new faithful allies and guests will be conducted in a safe, out of the way location northwest of our primary location in Ashenvale.
Before this “festival” of the ignorant masses comes to a close, Ahune shall face Ragnaros in the shadow of Blackrock. The world will quake with the forces unleashed.
All our toils have worked toward this moment. Our masters will rise against one another in one glorious battle that will tear Azeroth asunder.
We live in the end times, my brothers. Hold to your tasks. Strive on. We will soon be triumphant!
An Innocent Disguise Earthen Ring Guide Use the Orb of the Crawler to spy upon the new Twilight camp to the west of the Blackfathom Deeps entrance on the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale (9.2, 12.3). 7500 xp, 5 Burning Blossoms, Chains to “Inform the Elder”
Inform the Elder Earthen Ring Guide Travel to a capital city and return the Totemic Beacon to the Earthen Ring Elder 7500 xp, Unlocks the “Striking Back” daily, Chains to “Ahune, the Frost Lord” for L65+ characters
Striking Back (daily) Earthen Ring Elder There are actually different level-appropriate variants of this quest, requiring you to slay the mob summoned from an appropriate Ice Stone:

  • [22] Slay the Frostwave Lieutenant at Zoram Strand, Ashenvale
  • [32] Slay the Hailstone Lieutenant at Ethel Rethor, Desolace (around 42, 33)
  • [43] Slay the Chillwind Lieutenant on the water elemental’s isle in western Stranglethorn Vale (around 21, 23)
  • [51] Slay the Frigid Lieutenant in the cave underneath Firewatch Ridge, northwest Searing Gorge (around 21, 37)
  • [60] Slay the Glacial Lieutenant at Twilight’s Run in northern Silithus (around 67, 21)
  • [67] Slay the Glacial Templar near the Dark Portal in Hellfire Peninsula
up to 7500 xp, 10 Burning Blossoms
The Ice Stones are summoning crystal pillars (like the ones in Silithus). A non-elite ice elemental is summoned by touching the stone. Some of the stones are also guarded by lower level Cultist mobs. There’s an Earthen Ring Elder at the bonfires in any capital city, including Shattrath.
Ahune the Frost Lord
[70] Ice Shards Shards of Ahune Bring the Ice Shards to Luma Skymother Tabard of Summer Skies/Flames, 20x Burning Blossom

Finding the Flames

Outside Alliance and Horde settlements throughout the land, festival bonfires are burning. At each bonfire is a Flame Warden or Flame Keeper (look for the red canopy near the settlement). For flames of your own faction, you can speak with the Warden/Keeper to “Honor the Flame” and gain 5 Blossoms (13775 xp/8.27g at L85). For flames of the opposing faction, you right-click on the bonfire itself to stamp out the fire and gain 10 Blossoms (27550 xp/16.54g at L85). The settlement bonfires are all outside the town proper and so can be approached fairly easily (at least on a PvE server). However, note that stamping out an opposing bonfire flags you for PvP. Note, though, that you are not flagged until you complete the quest (and remember that using a flight point will clear your PvP flag unless you’ve explicitly enabled it via the /pvp command). There are 40 Alliance bonfires and 38 Horde bonfires (found to date). In addition, there are neutral bonfires in some of the Cataclysm zones which may be honored for 15 Blossoms and the Reverence for the Flame buff (+10% to experience from kills for 1 hour). You can only interact with each bonfire once per year. (Printer Friendly List)

Stealing the Flames

…there is power inherent in all festival fires burning throughout the holiday. We’re taking care of ours, but I’m certain there are sacred flames burning deep within our enemy’s cities… – Festival Lorekeeper/Talespinner

Flame of Orgrimmar In order to gain the Crown of the Fire Festival , you must venture into the capital cities of the opposing faction and risk guards and PvP to retrieve the flames from the bonfires. When you trigger (via right-click) the bonfire, you will gain a Flame of (City) item which you must return to a Lorekeeper/Talespinner in one of your own faction’s capitals. For each turn in, you earn 25 Blossoms and a choice of consumable items. Turning in all four opposing flames unlocks “A Thief’s Reward” and earns you the crown, the “King of the Fire Festival” achievement, a nice bit of experience, and some cash. Please note that while you can get the Flame items at any level, you must be L50 to complete the quests and earn the crown.
Quest Given By Description Reward
Stealing Undercity’s Flame
Stealing Darnassus’s Flame
Stealing Orgrimmar’s Flame
Stealing Ironforge’s Flame
Stealing Thunder Bluff’s Flame
Stealing Stormwind’s Flame
Stealing Silvermoon’s Flame
Stealing Exodar’s Flame
Obtainable at L50
Flame of [City] (item) Return the Flame of [City] to the Festival Loremaster/Talespinner 9500 xp
25xBurning Blossom
Choice of:

A Thief’s Reward Festival Loremaster/Talespinner 9500 xp
Crown of the Fire Festival
Note that when you complete this quest, all in the area receive the Fire Festival Fortitude buff (+30 Sta for 1 hour).


Name Description Points
Burning Hot Pole Dance Dance at the ribbon pole for 60 seconds while wearing the completed Midsummer set 10
The completed Midsummer set includes the Mantle of the Fire Festival, the Vestment of Summer, and the Sandals of Summer, requiring a total of 400 blossoms to purchase.
Torch Juggler Juggle 40 torches in 15 seconds in Dalaran 10
This requires you to have completed the “Torch Catching” quest to learn how to catch torches and to purchase Juggling Torches from the vendor (5 blossoms apiece). You will need around 10 torches (more to be safe!), so this requires spending at least 25 blossoms (plus the 5 torches received as a quest reward). Find a non-laggy spot in Dalaran and drag the torches to the action bar. Triggering the torch will give you a targeting circle. Target the ground under your own feet and left click. Spam action key/left-click. You can have around 10 torches in the air at one time. You may want to have more torches in the event you drop some. Obviously, if you’ve never learned to catch and don’t want to bother, you can complete this by buying 40 torches (since you’ll drop them all). One nice advantage is that the torches don’t expire and are not soulbound, so you can pass them freely. One good use of this is to have your bank toon (or other secondary toon) take the training and do the initial dailies. This will yield enough blossoms to buy sufficient torches without spending needed blossoms on your main achievement-hogging character.
Extinguishing Eastern Kingdoms Desecrate the Horde/Alliance bonfires in Eastern Kingdoms 10
Extinguishing Kalimdor Desecrate the Horde/Alliance bonfires in Kalimdor 10
Extinguishing Outland Desecrate the Horde/Alliance bonfires in Outland 10
Desecration of the Horde/Alliance Complete the Extinguishing Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Outland achievements 10
Flame Warden/Keeper of Eastern Kingdoms Honor the flames of Eastern Kingdoms 10
Flame Warden/Keeper of Kalimdor Honor the flames of Kalimdor 10
Flame Warden/Keeper of Outland Honor the flames of Outland 10
The Fires of Azeroth Complete the Flame Warden/Keeper of Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Outland achievements. 10
King of the Fire Festival Complete the quest, “A Thief’s Reward”, by stealing the flames from your enemy’s capital cities. 10
Ice the Frost Lord Slay Ahune in the Slave Pens 10
The Flame Warden/Keeper Complete all the above achievements
Earns the title: Flame Warden/Keeper