Pirates’ Day (19 September)

The Dread Captain DeMeza has pulled into Booty Bay and declared it Pirates’ Day! She’s making anyone who’s brave enough to share a drink with her an honorary crewmember. – pirate-garbed commoner

On Pirates’ Day, the Dread Captain DeMeza and her crew sail into Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale for a revel. During this season, you can gain a pirate costume and even lift a mug of grog with the Dread Captain herself and become an honorary crew member! (official page)

Pirates’ Day is homage to International Talk Like a Pirate Day, celebrated each year on this day. The Dread Captain is possibly homage to the Dread Pirate Roberts from the eminently quotable movie The Princess Bride. Her name is possibly a reference to Jen Demeza, but probably not. Mark “Cap’n Slappy” Summers and John “Ol’ Chumbucket” Baur are members of Team Pirate, the folks originally responsible for bringing you Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Speak with a Commoner in any capital city – in honor of the occasion, they have also donned pirate duds. For the asking, the Commoner (including Goblin Commoners in Booty Bay) will grant you the Corsair Costume buff, which lasts 60 minutes or until cancelled. Unlike most costumes, you can use a flight point without losing the buff. Fly or sail to Booty Bay. Captain DeMeza and her crew are perched atop the bank (next to the Horde flight point, reachable from the top floor of the inn – near 26.6, 76.6 if you really need coords). Simply speak to the Dread Captain and drink her health to become an honorary member of her crew – “Here’s to you, Dread Captain! Make me a pirate for the day.” You will trade in your Corsair Costume for a Dread Corsair buff that will last for 12 hours! Yarr!

Dread Captain Demeza
Scourge of the South Seas

Corsair Costume (dwarf)

Corsair Costume (human)
Ye’ve got some stones comin’ up here, lad. It’s Pirates’ Day, ye know… and ’til the sun rises on the morrow, Booty Bay is MINE. So! What do ye say? Raise a drink ta me and me crew, and join the celebration? Other than the single achievement (not required for the World Event meta achievement), this is basically just a season to relax and have fun with the whole pirate lifestyle. No extra quests, pets, or items for this season. Expect Trade chat to be filled with “Yarrrs” all day.

Welcome to Booty Bay, partner. Don’t mind DeMeza and her crew… we let the hellion run riot one day a year, Pirates’ Day, and then she leaves us in peace to go plunder the South Seas again. – Baron Revilgaz


Name Description Points
The Captain’s Booty Drink with the Dread Captain DeMeza to join her crew during Pirates’ Day. 10

Overheard on a Rooftop…

Cap’n Slappy: Ahoy, me hearty! Today’s OUR day, ye know… PIRATES’ DAY! Ol’ Chumbucket and I came up with the idea, and once the Dread Captain heard of it… well, here we are!

Ol’ Chumbucket: Tomorrow, the baron gets his town back… but for today – Pirates’ Day – it belongs to the Dread Captain DeMeza and her crew. Yarrr! And remember: lookin’ the part’s only HALF the celebration. Talk like a pirate, lad!

First Mate Hapana: Hapana simply grunts and waves you away towards the Dread Captain DeMeza. Beneath the fur of one massive arm can be seen a tattoo of the word “MAGATHA” in an arrow-pierced heart.

Nyuni (Hapana’s Pet): SQUAWK! Keelhaul the lad! Keelhaul!