Spirit of Competition (8 Aug-24 Aug 2008)

The Spirit of Competition comes to Stormwind

Every two years, the Spirits of Competition grow especially fervent, and draw close to the mortal realm. During such times, members of both the Alliance and Horde can honor the spirits and earn Competitor’s Tabards by seeking to defeat one another in the battlegrounds. For victory in competition, they can also earn the spirits’ favor in the form of a prized gold medal – and the special pet it summons. – from the official web site

To help celebrate the biennial Summer Olympic Games, this special Battlegrounds event provides a special Competitor’s Tabard to all active Battleground participants – all you need to do is stay for the duration of the battle. In addition, members of a winning Battlegrounds team have the chance to receive a Gold Medallion which summons a Spirit of Competition vanity pet (a small golden Chinese-style dragon). Currently, this is estimated to be an approximately 20% chance per win and does not depend on which Battleground or whether the player tries just one or multiple Battlegrounds (one guild member got his after two wins in Alterac Valley). Earned rewards are delivered in the mail immediately upon exiting the Battleground.

Spirit of Competition
vanity pet

Competitor’s Tabard