Argent Tournament (Ongoing)

The Argent Crusade invites all players to this permanent in-game event to test their abilities against others who oppose the Lich King and his Scourge. Representatives of all ten faction home cities, from Orgrimmar to Stormwind, have travelled to the tournament grounds on the northeastern coast of Icecrown to take part in this event. Anybody who wishes to join in the event is welcome to make the trip to the Argent Pavilion located on the west side of the Argent Tournament grounds and start their journey to become a champion of their factions’ cities while preparing to face the enemy of all living beings. –Official Page

A – Argent Pavilion G – Silver Covenant Pavilion and Alliance Valiants’ Ring
B – The Ring of Champions H – Ebon Blade camp L – Profession Trainers
C – Stables I – Training Ground M – Black Knight’s Camp
D – Flight Point and Shirt Vendor J – Aspirants’ Ring N – Graveyard
E – Stage Area K – Argent Valiants’ Ring O – Trial of the Champion (instance)
F – Sunreaver Pavilion and Horde Valiants’ Ring P – Trial of the Crusader (raid)
and Triumph Vendors

Combatants of the Alliance and Horde! You are welcome under the banner of the Argent Crusade. To the south lies our goal. We will march to the Citadel and cut out the heart of the Scourge where it dwells. But this is no task to be taken lightly. A massive attack with every able-bodied man would end in needless slaughter. Every soldier lost would rise as the enemy. Azeroth would be left defenseless against the undead threat. Instead, we require a small, concentrated strike force for the attack to succeed. For that reason, we have created the Argent Tournament. Within these walls, you will be tested. Your skill in combat will be matched against the fiercest dangers Northrend has to offer under the watchful eyes of your leaders. Your prowess, your might, and your cunning will be under close watch. These games will determine the best Azeroth has to offer. The victor will take their rightful place in the assault upon the Citadel. We will stand together in the face of evil, and Arthas will fall!
 – Highlord Tirion Fordring

Jean Pierre Poulain at Krasus' Landing in DalaranThe Argent Tournament is an ongoing event. Characters may earn their spurs, rising from mere Aspirants to Champions – and even to Champions of all their team factions. These ranks are primarily earned by daily quests, with the Champion’s Seals earned as a Champion going towards gear, including epic items, mounts, and pets! In addition, the daily quests yield Silver Covenant or Sunreaver reputation, allowing you to actually build standing with these factions. Champions may also earn tokens for reputation with any city faction with which they have champion standing. As a side benefit, the Argent Tournament Grounds has a full set of profession trainers and vendors of all kinds.

In Patch 3.2, the Crusader’s Coliseum was finished, adding a new 5-player Trial of the Champion instance as well as a 10/25 (normal difficulty) Trial of the Crusader raid and a 10/25 (heroic difficulty) Trial of the Grand Crusader. These are the primary sources for the new Emblems of Triumph.

The Argent Crusade invites you to test your skills in honorable combat against other heroes of Azeroth at the Argent Tournament. The champions of the world’s great nations have gathered at the Argent Tournament Grounds in northeastern Icecrown to face all challengers. – Justicar Mariel Trueheart To begin, you will need to reach at least L77 and make your way to the Argent Tournament Grounds, located at the northeastern part of Icecrown (north of Sindragosa’s Fall). Initially, you can get a flight there by asking Jean Pierre Poulain on Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran or fly in yourself. Once there, Mariel Trueheart in the Argent Pavilion (“A” on the above map) will send you to the appropriate team pavilion – Silver Covenant (“G”) for Alliance or Sunreavers (“F”) for Horde. Inside, the Magister/Arcanist will begin your road to championship!


There are many vendors, including Broxel Goldgrasp, located next to the flight point (“D”) who sells t-shirts (he calls them “doublets”) with the tabard logos of the various factions for 25g apiece. You may only wear t-shirts of your own side. T-shirts are not soulbound, so you can send them to your favorite bank toon to show your team support.

Each racial faction has a Quartermaster in the appropriate pavilion. They will provide items for Champion’s Seals (or Writ, for the reputation badge). You may only speak to your own racial Quartermaster or one from a faction you serve as Champion. All items are Bind on Pickup except for the pets. You may not purchase items from the opposing team Quartermasters, so there is no way for an Alliance character to acquire Horde mounts or tabards. Sunreaver and Silver Covenant Quartermasters stock only a tabard, swift ground mount, swift flying mount, and the Shimmering Wyrmling pet.

Crusaders gain access to additional items from Dame Evniki Kapsalis, the Crusader’s Quartermaster in the Argent Pavilion:

  • Argent Crusader’s Tabard (50 Champion's Seals) – Use: Teleports the user to the Argent Tournament Grounds
  • Argent Crusader’s Banner (15 Champion's Seals)
  • Argent Charger (100 Champion's Seals) – a swift ground mount for paladins only
  • Argent Warhorse (100 Champion's Seals) – a swift ground mount for everybody else
  • Argent Pony Bridle (150 Champion's Seals) – MinLvl: 78, Use: Applies a mount to your Argent Squire. This allows your Argent Gruntling/Squire to run errands for you (to serve as a vendor (food, drink, reagents, general goods, and poisons), use a mailbox, or take items to or from your personal bank) once per hour
  • Heirloom Breastplates (60 Champion's Seals) – like the Heirloom Shoulders, adds 10% to earned xp (effect stacks with Shoulders!)
  • Heirloom Shoulders (60 Champion's Seals) – these are the same sold for 40 Emblems of Heroism
  • Heirloom Weapons and Trinkets (60/75/95 Champion's Seals) – these are the same items sold for 40/50/65 Emblems of Heroism


Note that to conserve space, “Silver Covenant/Sunreavers” has been abbreviated SCS for pavilion and reputation notes. Also note that most quests that give Silver Covenant/Sunreaver reputation give a 50% reputation spillover to the Vanguard/Expedition “group” faction as well. The quests which earn Horde or Alliance rep with one faction also provide 25% team spillover to the other team factions.

Argent Tournament Quests

Quest Given By Description Reward
The Argent Tournament Justicar Mariel Trueheart, Argent Pavilion Speak with Arcanist Taelis, Silver Covenant Pavilon, or Magister Edien Sunhollow, Sunreavers Pavilion 10 Silver Covenant/Sunreaver (SCS) rep, earns “Argent Aspiration” achievement, chains to “Mastery” quests
Mastery of Melee Arcanist Taelis/Magister Sunhollow, SCS pavilion Equip your lance, mount the Stabled (mount) outside the pavilion, speak to Jeran Lockwood at the Training Ground (“I”) and use Thrust 5 times on a melee target 75 SCS rep
When you have a lance equipped (Argent, Horde, or Alliance), you may mount up on the appropriate faction mount. This gives you 6 abilities:

  1. Thrust – melee attack
  2. Shield-Breaker – ranged attack that also removes 1 layer of Defend
  3. Charge – charge attack that also removes 1 layer of Defend
  4. Defend – adds a layer of Defend which reduces damage taken by 30%; stacks up to 3 times
  5. Refresh – fully heals your mount; can only be used out of combat
  6. Duel – challenge another player to a duel

You will quickly learn that you should stack Defend up to 3 layers before attacking the melee target or other combatants. Refresh Defend to limit the damage being taken.

Mastery of the Shield-Breaker Scout Shalyndria/Galathia Brightdawn, SCS pavilion Equip your lance, mount the Stabled (mount) outside the pavilion, speak to Valis Windchaser at the Training Ground (“I”) and use Shield-Breaker on 2 vulnerable ranged targets 75 SCS rep
Mastery of the Charge Avareth Swiftstrike/Amariel Sunsworn, SCS pavilion Equip your lance, mount the Stabled (mount) outside the pavilion, speak to Rugan Steelbelly at the Training Ground (“I”) and use Charge 2 times on a vulnerable charge target (easiest way is to use Shield-Breaker followed by Charge) 75 SCS rep
Completing all the Mastery quests unlocks the Aspirant daily quests.
Aspirant Quests
[80] (Daily) A Blade Fit for a Champion / Edge of Winter / A Worthy Weapon Arcanist Taelis/Magister Sunhollow, SCS pavilion
  • Retrieve the Ashwood Brand from the Lake Frogs on the shore of Ashwood Lake (just south of Camp Oneqwah, Grizzly Hills). Note that you must use the lip balm before every kiss or you will not be able to convert the frog into the maiden (random chance). If anyone in the area finds the maiden, anyone else can also talk to her and get the sword. One useful tip is to create a macro similar to:
    /use Warts-B-Gone Lip Balm
    /target Lake Frog
  • The second requires killing Lord Everblaze (L80 non-elite fire revenant) at the Titan building on the cliffs just east of the Crystal Vice at the start of the Path of the Titans (near 54.3, 74.5), looting the Everburning Ember, then traveling to Winter’s Breath Lake in Howling Fjord, northeast of Westguard or just southwest of Camp Winterhoof. The Maiden of Winter’s Breath Lake is a dryad entombed in ice on a floe in the middle of the lake (42.2, 19.7). Using the ember on the Frozen Maid to gain the sword.
  • The third requires collecting winter hyacinths from the icy lake in northwestern Crystalsong Forest. Use the hyacinths in the middle of the ring of floating objects in Drak’Mar Lake, on the border of Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills (near 93.2, 26.0). The most convenient flight point seems to be the Ebon Blade camp in Zul’drak.
250 SCS rep, 2 Aspirant Seals, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
[80] (Daily) Learning The Reins Scout Shalyndria/Galathia Brightdawn, SCS pavilion Complete: 5 Thrust attacks, 2 Shield-breaker, and 2 Charge attacks against targets at the training grounds. 250 SCS rep, 2 Aspirant Seals, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
[80] (Daily) Training in the Field Avareth Swiftstrike/Amariel Sunsworn, SCS pavilion Slay 8 Icecrown Scourge 250 SCS rep, 1 Aspirant Seal, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
For L80 characters, you can kill the mobs around Sindragosa’s Fall – the whelps and vrykul count. Or for those who like to double-dip, the Jotunheim mobs you kill for the “Leave Our Mark” daily (given out at the Shadow Vault) also count. Note that for some reason, the Ymirheim vrykul don’t count. For those who want a slightly easier challenge, catch a flight to Crusader’s Outpost and kill the bugs and zombies around Scourgeholme. You can kill Scourge throughout Icecrown except in the open ground areas.
[80] Up to the Challenge Arcanist Taelis/Magister Sunhollow, SCS pavilion Present Arcanist Taelis/Magister Sunhollow with 15 Aspirant Seals 10 SCS rep, Chains to “The Aspirant’s Challenge”
[80] The Aspirant’s Challenge Arcanist Taelis/Magister Sunhollow, SCS pavilion Speak with Squire David to summon your opponent. Return after defeating the Argent Valiant 250 SCS rep, chains to “A Valiant of (Home City)”
[80] A Valiant of (Home City) Arcanist Taelis/Magister Sunhollow, SCS pavilion Speak with the Grand Champion of your race to become a Valiant 10 SCS rep, 10 home faction rep, earns “Argent Valor” achievement
Valiant Quests
[80] (Daily) A Blade Fit for a Champion/Edge of Winter/A Worthy Weapon Faction Grand Champion, SCS Pavilion This is the same as the Aspirant quest, but uses faction-specific NPCs as the quest givers. 250 SCS rep, 250 faction rep, 2 Valiant’s Seals, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
[80] (Daily) A Valiant’s Field Training Faction Master of Arms, SCS Pavilion Slay 10 Converted Heroes 250 SCS rep, 250 faction rep, Valiant’s Seal, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
The Converted Heroes are L80 non-elites who wander the area north of the Corp’rethar gates at the west end of the Valley of Fallen Heroes (north of 40.3, 58.4). There are packs of them which lend themselves well to AoE or group kills, but soloers can find individual Heroes wandering if they’re careful. Do this on the way to “At the Enemy’s Gates”.
[80] (Daily) The Grand Melee Faction Master of Mounts, SCS Pavilion Defeat three Valiants in the Valiants’ Ring 250 SCS rep, 250 faction rep, Valiant’s Seal, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
Note that once you become a Valiant, you can no longer use the Silver Covenant/Sunreaver mount, which might be confusing to a human or blood elf. The Elwynn or Silvermoon mounts are located further down the picket line from the pavilion entrance. One method to succeed at this is to start behind the Valiant NPC. Get your Defend up to 3 shields and start the fight. As the Valiant walks away, Charge, immediately Thrust, then immediately Shield Break and reapply Defend. Close to melee range and keep Thrusting while keeping Defend at 3 shields. When the Valiant attempts to walk away, repeat the Charge sequence. Note that you can continue to challenge Valiants until you turn in the quest, so you can get the “Lance-a-Lot” achievement on your first day as a Valiant.
[80] (Daily) At the Enemy’s Gates Faction Master of Mounts Slay 15 Boneguard Footmen, 10 Boneguard Scouts, and 3 Boneguard Lieutenants 250 SCS rep, 250 faction rep, Valiant’s Seal, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
The camp is located in the Court of Bones outside the Citadel (near 48.9, 71.4). You will need to equip your lance and mount up on a Stabled Campaign Warhorse in the area. Scouts are flying creatures and will usually require the use of Shield Breaker – 2 hits will down them. Scouts necrocution attacks do drop you a level of Defend, so you will want to make sure you clear them before engaging any ground mobs. Footmen are very easy, as simply riding over them will kill them. Unfortunately, they respawn quickly. When fighting the officers (Lieutenant and Commander), during your melee phase, keep moving your warhorse around to trample footmen while you fight. Lieutenants are just like the tournament mobs, except that they have a maximum Defend stack of 1. Approach from either side of the roadway, clear any Scouts, Shield Break to pull the Lieutenant, trample any Footmen that come with him, and then fight a normal tournament battle.
[80] The Valiant’s Charge Faction Grand Champion Bring 25 Valiant’s Seals to the Grand Champion 250 SCS rep, 250 faction rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g), chains to “The Valiant’s Challenge”
[80] The Valiant’s Challenge Faction Grand Champion Speak with Squire Danny at the Argent Valiants’ Ring (“K”). Return after defeating the Argent Champion 250 SCS rep, 250 faction rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g), earns “Champion of (Faction)” achievement
[80] A Champion Rises Faction Grand Champion Speak with Justicar Mariel Trueheart at the Argent Pavilion 350 Argent Crusade rep, Argent Squire or Gruntling companion, 10 Champion’s Seals, 14.80g, 27550 xp (16.53g)
This quest unlocks the “Valiant of…” quests from the other Faction Grand Champions which allows you to become a Valiant of another Faction and rise to Champion. You can become a Valiant and still maintain your Champion status – this is recommended, since two of the Champion quests overlap the matching Valiant ones, so you get double credit. This quest is only offered when you complete the Valiant’s Challenge for your home faction. This chains to “The Scourgebane” for Death Knights and “Eadric the Pure” for everybody else.
[80] Eadric the Pure Justicar Mariel Trueheart Speak with Eadric the Pure 10 Argent Crusade rep, unlocks Champion daily quests
[80] The Scourgebane Justicar Mariel Trueheart Speak with Crok Scourgebane Unlocks Champion daily quests
Champion Quests
Note that most of the Champion quests give a choice between a Champion’s Writ and a Champion’s Purse. The Writ can be traded to any Championed Faction Quartermaster for a token yielding 250 rep with that faction (and 67.5 spillover to the rest of the team factions). The Purse contains an additional 10g (and, rarely, an additional Champion’s Seal). Quests are given out at the Ebon Blade camp for Death Knights and in the Argent Pavilion for everybody else.
[80] (Daily) Taking Battle to the Enemy Cellian Daybreak/Zor’be the Bloodletter Slay 15 Cult of the Damned Cultists 250 SCS rep, 325 Argent Crusade/Ebon Blade rep, Champion’s Seal, Champion’s Purse or Writ, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
The closest concentration of Cultists are up at Deathspeaker’s Watch, just west of the Tournament Grounds. This overlaps the SCS daily to rescue Crusader Kul nicely.
[80] (Daily) Among the Champions Luuri/Illyrie Nightfall Defeat four Champions 250 SCS rep, 325 Argent Crusade/Ebon Blade rep, Champion’s Seal, Champion’s Purse or Writ, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
[80] (Daily) Battle Before the Citadel Eadric the Pure/Crok Scourgebane Slay 3 Boneguard Commanders 250 SCS rep, 325 Argent Crusade/Ebon Blade rep, Champion’s Seal, Champion’s Purse or Writ, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
This is the upgrade to “At the Enemy’s Gates.” The Commander is intimidating, as he has far more health than you. Drawing extra Scouts in this battle is usually fatal. If you’re soloing, you can pick off the patrolling Commander and draw him back into the Argent camp to fight him without Scouts. The Commanders against the walls flanking the main Scourge host can be fought after clearing the 1-2 Scouts in the immediate area. Be careful with these, as you can draw in the unrelated Scourge who can’t be attacked from horseback. The best place to fight a Commander seems to be the steps behind the troops, as this area is blissfully Scout-free. Charge is your best friend in this fight, as the campaign mount charge does significant damage. In general, it’s nice to group up for this as it goes much more quickly.
[80G3] (Daily) Threat From Above Eadric the Pure/Crok Scourgebane Kill Chillmaw and 3 Cultist Bombardiers 250 SCS rep, 325 Argent Crusade/Ebon Blade rep, 2 Champion’s Seals, Champion’s Purse or Writ, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
This daily is unlocked by completing the quest “The Black Knight’s Fall” in the Black Knight questline detailed below. Chillmaw spawns near (44.3, 33.8), on the snowy hill north of the Ironwall Rampart and south of the Shadow Vault. It flies in a slow circle around the area, generally requiring a ranged attack to aggro, after which Chillmaw lands and standard tanking and spanking can take over. Chillmaw spawns the 3 Cultist Bombardiers who place AoE bombs. It’s generally a good idea to keep the fight slowly moving in one direction so that the bombs don’t stack up. Killing a Cultist simply causes another to respawn, so generally you should just burn down Chillmaw as quickly as possible and then pick off the Cultists. High-damage-mitigation (fancy phrase for “tank”) toons may be able to solo, but at least right now, it’s usually pretty easy to get in on a group.
SCS Quests
Once you become a Champion of at least one faction and rise to Exalted status with the Silver Covenant or Sunreavers, a set of additional daily quests are given out in the SCS pavilion.
[80] (Daily) Breakfast Of Champions / What Do You Feed a Yeti, Anyway? / Gormok Wants His Snobolds Savinia Loresong/Tylos Dawnrunner
  • Acquire 4 Jormungar Egg Sacs
  • Acquire 3 pieces of North Sea Shark Meat
  • Capture 8 Snowblind Followers
Champion’s Seal, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
  • Deep Jormungar are called by playing the drum next to the small snow mounds in the fields east of the Engine of the Makers in the Foot Steppes. You will occasionally wake up a Stormforged Marauder instead.
  • The two fishing boats are located in the waters just north of the Tournament Grounds, the Silver Blade near (66.7, 8.7) and the Crimson Dawn at (74.5, 10.0). You will recognize them by the pile of shark carcasses on the deck. Click on a chum bucket to grab a few (they stack in fives; grabbing two stacks is usually safe). Jump into the water and click on the chum bucket in your inventory to chum the waters. You have a chance to attract a shark or an Angry Kvaldir. Repeat until done.
  • Garm’s Bane is (as the quest says) just northeast of K3. You need to stand just northeast of the line of guardian lasers. The snobolds are running toward the laser line along with magnataur. Stay at the edge of the area and you can quickly net your quota as they run by
[80] (Daily) Stop The Aggressors / A Leg Up / The Light’s Mercy / Rescue at Sea Narasi Snowdawn/Girana the Blooded
  • Kill 10 Kvaldir
  • Recover 10 Stolen Tallstrider Legs
  • Perform last rites for 8 Slain Tualiq Villagers
  • Kill 8 Kvaldir Berserkers and 3 Kvaldir Harpooners aboard The Wavecrest / The Firehawk
Champion’s Seal, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
Hrothgar’s Landing is the island located to the north of the Tournament Grounds. If you fly straight there, you will cross over deep ocean and begin to build fatigue. Keep flying and you should reach the island before fatigue drops below 50%. Alternately, you can fly there along the chain of small islets leading north (through the area with the Kvaldir raiding ship).

  • Killing any 10 Kvaldir mobs on the ships or in the city count.
  • The Tallstrider legs are scattered around the port area and are also dropped by any of the Kvaldir mobs in the city. There are good concentrations of ground-spawn legs near the shelter at the landing (50.8, 30.5) or the Tuskarr elder circle where Drottinn Hrothgar hangs out (50.8, 15.4).
  • Slain Villagers litter the entire village, with good concentrations in the port area and the east side; you don’t need to target them, just click the Prayerbook near a villager to perform the rites.
  • The Wavecrest and The Firehawk are the two ships flanking the Kvaldir Raider. The Firehawk is to the west (43.4, 54.2) and The Wavecrest to the east (50.0, 49.3). Land on the rear (furthest from the Raider) deck among the friendly troops. Pick up mobs from the melee and pull them back, so you don’t have to fight the entire boatload. Stay away from the railings to avoid surprise raiders or kraken breath.
[80] (Daily) You’ve Really Done It This Time, Kul Narasi Snowdawn/Girana the Blooded Rescue Kul the Reckless and 4 Captive Aspirants from Deathspeaker’s Watch Champion’s Seal, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
Deathspeaker’s Watch is located up the hill just west of the Argent Pavilion. To open the cages and free the unfortunate Aspirant prisoners, you will need to obtain cage keys, dropped randomly from any of the cultist mobs. Kul is located in the southwest end of the camp (near 60.9, 23.1), on the raised landing where the Black Knight is being resuscitated.
Crusader Quests
Once your hero becomes an Argent Champion and gains the “Crusader” title, additional quests are given out by High Crusader Adelard and Crusader Silverdawn in the Argent Pavilion.
[80] (Daily) Mistcaller Yngvar / Ornolf the Scarred / Deathspeaker Kharos / Drottinn Hrothgar High Crusader Adelard Slay the named adversary Champion’s Seal, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
Each of these is L80 non-elite, approximately 11k health.

  • Mistcaller Yngvar is summoned in a cave on the west side of Hrothgar’s Landing (near 43.6, 25.3). Drop down in the cave entrance, take out the nearby mobs, and summon Yngvar near the fire.
  • Bor’s Fury is at the eastern end of the island (near 59.2, 31.7). Land on the deck, clear, and plant the banner to summon Ornolf.
  • Deathspeaker Kharos is on Deathspeaker’s Watch, just west of the floating silvery orb (near 64.2, 21.4). Land on the rise north of the fenced area, clear cultists, and then pull Kharos. Note that he spawns a slow-moving Shade minion – avoid the minion and it will eventually die shortly after you slay Kharos.
  • Hrothgar is summoned in the group of Tuskarr elder statues found in the northeastern part of the island, up a hill from the village (near 50.8, 15.4). There’s a single vrykul stationed near the bonfire and one patrol that comes up the hill. Clear them and blow the horn to summon Hrothgar.
[80] (Daily) Get Kraken! / The Fate Of The Fallen Crusader Silverdawn
  • Slay 3 Vrykul Deepcallers and throw 6 Flaming Spears at the North Sea Kraken
  • Bless 6 Fallen Hero’s Spirits
Champion’s Seal, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
  • This is another good old-fashioned bombing run. Drag the spears to your action bar and mount the hippogryph outside the Pavilion. The hippogryph will make a couple of figure eight passes around the sea battle. The Kvaldir Raider is the large Vrykul ship in the middle of the smaller attack craft. When the Kraken arises to threaten the smaller ships, target him and repeatedly launch your spears. The Deepcallers are all located on the deck of the Raider – target one of the formations and trigger the spears to launch a trio of missiles. You will then need to click on a Deepcaller in a different summoning circle and launch another salvo to pick up your 6 kills. If you don’t get all your kills in one round, you can continue to do the run until your kills add up. If you’ve done damage to the Kraken and it is killed (usually requires 3 Crusaders doing the quest at about the same time), you will find a Kraken Tooth in your bags. This grants the quest “Identifying the Remains” which is good for an additional daily completion (13.23g).
  • A Discarded Soul CrystalThis requires you to visit the Valley of Fallen Heroes, just west of the Aldur’thar Gate (near 53.9, 41.2). You will need to gather 6 of the Discarded Soul Crystals which can be found anywhere in this area of the Valley. There are L80 Scourge mobs in the area, but all are single pulls. Once you have crystals, you need to target a Fallen Hero’s Spirit – yellow (neutral) labeled mobs that roam the area. Using the relic consumes a crystal and frees the Spirit.

Additional Quests

These quests are not directly related to the gaining of Seals, but there’s an additional daily quest and a nice bit of Argent Crusade rep from unmasking a murderer in the ranks. The Black Knight questline is also required to unlock one of the Champion dailies, “Threat From Above.”


Quest Given By Description Reward
[80] (Daily) Contributin’ to the Cause
Obtainable at Champion
Squire Artie, Argent Pavilion Donate 10g 100 Argent Crusade rep
The Black Knight
The Black Knight of Westfall? (Alliance) Crusader Rhydalla, Argent Pavilion Investigate the Black Knight’s history 250 Argent Crusade rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g), chains to “The Seer’s Crystal”
The Cooper residence is located in Moonbrook, Westfall, due west of the fountain. The Dusty Journal is lying on the floor as you enter the building.
The Black Knight of Silverpine? (Horde) Crusader Rhydalla, Argent Pavilion Investigate the Black Knight’s history 250 Argent Crusade rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g), chains to “The Seer’s Crystal”
Valgan’s Field is located in northeast Silverpine. The book is located on the first floor of the southern house, next to the stairs (53.2, 28.1)
The Seer’s Crystal Crusader Rhydalla Retrieve a Seer’s Crystal from Unbound Seers in the Forlorn Woods, Crystalsong Forest 250 Argent Crusade rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g), chains to “The Stories Dead Men Tell”
The Seers can be found in Forlorn Woods in the ruined forum area northeast and across the river from the Violet Strand (near 28.8, 40.1) or near the ruins northwest of the Mirror of Twilight (42.6, 49.2). The crystal is a random drop.
The Stories Dead Men Tell Crusader Rhydalla Use the Crystal at the graves of three slain knights in the graveyard (“N”). 250 Argent Crusade rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g), chains to “There’s Something About the Squire”
There’s Something About the Squire Crusader Rhydalla Retrieve a Large Femur from a Skeletal Woodcutter and use it to incapacitate and search Maloric. 250 Argent Crusade rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g), chains to “The Black Knight’s Orders”
The Woodcutters can be found in the forest area just southwest of the Mirror of Twilight (the round lake in central Crystalsong Forest). Kill them until they drop a Large Femur. Maloric is standing in a nearby ruin (near 38.3, 59.4) and is neutral. Put any pet on passive. Walk behind the squire, target him, and use the item to sap him. Step in front of him to loot him (make sure your cursor changes from attack to loot). If you just walk away thereafter, you won’t have to kill him.
The Black Knight’s Orders Crusader Rhydalla Use the Enchanted Bridle and ride the Black Knight’s Gryphon back to his camp. Retrieve the Stolen Tournament Invitation and the Black Knight’s Orders. 250 Argent Crusade rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g), chains to “The Black Knight’s Orders”
The Black Knight’s Gryphon is located on the south side of his camp (“M”) on the road to the graveyard. You will land on a mountain road. Go uphill to the camp, fighting Cultists as you go. The Invitation and Orders are located inside the hut.
The Black Knight’s Fall
Obtainable at Champion
Crusader Rhydalla Defeat the Black Knight 350 Argent Crusade rep, 14.8g, 27550 xp (16.53g), earns “It’s Just a Flesh Wound” achivement, unlocks the “Threat from Above” daily, and chains to “The Black Knight’s Curse.”
The Black Knight is a relatively easy opponent, but the fight has a couple of points of note. In order to start the fight, you must be mounted on the Stabled Argent Warhorse, found in a stall near the flight point. He is a relatively easy opponent, using the standard Charge-Thrust-(Break)-Melee/Defend routine. If you don’t kill him with a Charge, he survives long enough to dismount and challenge you to foot combat. When this happens, do not manually dismount; this seems to bug the event. At the end of his speech, you’ll be automatically dismounted and can equip your normal weapon before battling him.
The Black Knight’s Curse Crusader Rhydalla Investigate the Black Knight’s Grave. 250 Argent Crusade rep, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g), chains to “The Black Knight’s Fate”
The Black Knight’s Grave is clearly marked in the graveyard with a glowing purplish circle. If you approach it, you will surprise a pair of Cultists. A L80 Cult Assassin stays to fight you while the other makes his escape. Killing the Cultist completes the quest. Note that if someone else has just completed the quest, you will need to wait for the Cultists to respawn.
The Black Knight’s Fate Crusader Rhydalla Kill Doctor Kohler at Deathspeaker’s Watch and retrieve his Orders. 250 Argent Crusade rep, 3 Champion’s Seals, 7.4g, 22050 xp (13.23g)
Deathspeaker’s Watch is just west of the Tournament Grounds. Kohler paces the platform at the southwest end of the encampment. You can land on the edge near the cage with Kul the Reckless, take out the individual cultists and then pull the Doctor fairly easily. This questline kind of trails off, but it does explain why you have to (continually) rescue Kul the Reckless and why the Black Knight shows up again in the Trial of the Champion.


Name Description Points
Argent’s Aspiration Train to compete in the Argent Tournament by becoming an Aspirant for your race’s faction 10
Argent Valor Train to compete in the Argent Tournament by becoming a Valiant for your race’s faction 10
Champion of (Faction) Earn the right to represent (Faction) in the Argent Tournament by becoming a Champion of that faction 10
A Silver Confidant Earn both exalted status with The Silver Covenant and the right to represent a city in the Argent Tournament
Unlocks Silver Covenant dailies at the Argent Tournament
The Sunreavers Earn both exalted status with The Sunreavers and the right to represent a city in the Argent Tournament
Unlocks Sunreaver dailies at the Argent Tournament
Exalted Champion of (Faction) Earn exalted status with and the right to represent (Faction) in the Argent Tournament
Earns the title “of (Capital City)”
Exalted Champion of the Alliance/Horde Earn exalted status with and the right to represent every (Team) race’s faction in the Argent Tournament 10
Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance/Horde Earn exalted status with the Argent Crusade and be an Exalted Champion of the Alliance/Horde
Earns the title “Crusader” and unlocks the Crusader dailies
It’s Just a Flesh Wound Unmask and defeat the Black Knight at the Argent Tournament 10
Lance a Lot Best a rider of every racial faction at the Argent Tournament. 10
Pony Up! Purchase and use an Argent Pony [Bridle] from Dame Evniki Kapsalis, the Crusader’s Quartermaster 10
Tilted! Defeat another player in a mounted duel at the Argent Tournament 10

King Varian Wrynn: Tirion

Highlord Tirion Fordring: King Varian, Lady Jaina. Welcome to the tournament. Your place in the coliseum is waiting.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: Thank you. It’s the least I can do to support this; we need to stand together.

Varian: You ask much of me, Tirion, to sit and watch, trusting the savages to keep themselves in check.

Tirion: My people are here to ensure they honor the rules of engagement. It will do your subjects well to see you in the stands.

Jaina: I’m sure Thrall will have his people under control…

Varian: Perhaps. I doubt the effectiveness of this gambit. We would be better served preparing our armies for the final assault. But if my presence is required in these games to gain your support in the battle, then I will remain. For now.

Highlord Tirion Fordring: Welcome, Warchief Thrall. Overlord Hellscream.

Thrall: Thank you for the invitation, Lord Fordring. We look forward to observing these games.

Garrosh Hellscream: Speak for yourself, Thrall.

Tirion: I hope you’ll see the merit of these events in time, Garrosh. We cannot win against the Scourge if we continue to war against one another.

Thrall: Wise words.

Garrosh: Words of a fool, you mean. The Horde will destroy the undead without your aid, human, or that of the pompous king.

Thrall: Garrosh, enough!

Tirion: Under my roof, gentlemen, I trust you will behave.

Thrall: Of course, Tirion. I apologize for his outburst. It will not be repeated.

Garrosh: Bah.

Tirion: If you will follow me, then.

Practical Notes

The tournament is an excellent set of dailies. This is the only way to build Silver Covenant/Sunreaver reputation, plus being a good source of Argent Crusade or Ebon Blade rep and home team faction. In addition, there’s a nice set of item level 200 gear, obtainable relatively quickly (since you get enough to buy an armor piece just by making Champion). It takes 3 days of dailies to clear Aspirant level, and 5 days to go from Valiant to Champion for a faction. As soon as you make Champion with your home faction, you should select another faction to serve as Valiant. As the weapons and armor are common to all factions on the team, you should pick your faction based on whether you still need to gain reputation with the faction (since you can gain up to 1000 rep a day with any faction you’ve Championed from writs and 1000 rep from doing Valiant dailies – and remember that you can continue to earn Valiant Seals and that they’re interchangeable between factions, so you can just keep working on a single faction and save up enough Seals to become Champion of all the others in a day) or on the pet/mount you could earn. Doing both the Valiant and Champion quests will earn you 2k of Silver Covenant/Sunreaver rep.

The Opportunity Cost of Crusadership: When you become a Champion with all factions, you can no longer accept Valiant quests. Because these are the main source of SCS rep, you do not want to finish off your last Valiant faction until you’ve gotten to Exalted with them. The Valiant quests all are located near where the Champion quests are as well, so there’s no extra travel time to do them. Once you are Exalted with the Argent Crusade (and the Silver Covenant/Sunreavers), you should then complete that last faction to earn the Crusader title. The two extra Crusader dailies reduce the penalty and earn additional Champion’s Seals. The Argent Pony Bridle is also a must-have upgrade for non-engineers, as it gives you the capabilities of a personal mail terminal, vendor, or bank.

If you are a Crusader and Exalted with the Silver Covenant/Sunreavers, you can earn 5 additional Champion’s Seals a day. Also, the loot bags given out by the 4 Champion dailies can rarely contain an extra Seal. At that level, it will take 15 days of dailies to earn the flying mount, 4 days to earn the pet of any faction, and 10 days to earn a faction ground mount (and 5 days for the tabard, if you’re also collecting those for looks or the achievement). Ignoring the banners, that means 19 days (190 seals) to get each faction’s mount, pet, and tabard, plus 45 for the flying mounts. So assuming you want no other gear, this will provide you well over four months of dailies. Plus, you’ll need to spend 15 days for the Argent Pony Bridle and another 10 for the Argent Warhorse. Remember that these dailies also earn money, so it’s reasonable to keep them on your list anyway.

Paletress’ Sermon

For those who never managed to sit through it…

Thank you all for attending this sermon. It’s wonderful to see so many familiar faces! Today I would like to touch on the three virtues of the Light. These are dark and difficult times for us all. The armies of the Scourge amass to the south. Companions fall on the battlefield and rise to serve our enemy moments later. Many of you have experienced a betrayal of trust. Yet you persevere, as we all must. In these times, no one is a stranger to the virtue of tenacity. In the face of despair and hatred, we continue to stand true to our beliefs and fight on. There can be no doubt as to your tenacity… but there are other virtues to consider.

Respect is the first virtue taught to those joining the path of the Light. Look across the aisle to those you would call enemy. Despite the hatred that separates you, there are qualities to respect in your opponent. Their prowess should be acknowledged. All of us gathered here have a concept of honorable combat. Conducting yourself with honor and treating your opponent as you wish to be treated shows respect. Respect your opponent on the field, whether he be your brother or your sworn enemy. No matter where your beliefs truly lie, such respect is acknowledging a connection… and in acknowledging those connections, you are closer to the Light.

There is one further step on the path of Light: compassion. Rivalries abound in this day and age. It’s easy to see differences wherever you turn. The challenge is in looking beyond appearances and understanding our similarities. Through this understanding, you can feel compassion for the losses others have suffered… even if the victim bears another banner. By feeling and understanding compassion in enemy and ally alike, you reaffirm your connection with the world.

Acting on these tenets, these virtues, help make the world a place we all can appreciate. A world of honor and justice. Think on my words, friends. In the darkness that surrounds us all, the Light is needed more than ever. I’ll be behind the confessional screen if anyone wishes to speak with me. Any doubts, any worries, any uncertainties I will happily soothe.