The Feast of Winter Veil (15 December – 2 January) and New Year’s Eve (31 December)

From The Feast of Winter Veil:
“The later seasons of Azeroth are marked as a time of change in many cultures. The dwarves and the tauren especially look to a legend of the coming Winter Veil – the blanketing of the land in snow, thus heralding a time of renewal – as a time for celebration.”

To open the season, Greatfather Winter sends out Winter Veil greetings in the mail. Artisan or Master tailors (skill > 225) will receive a recipe for either [250] Red or Green Holiday Clothes; Horde characters get the green recipe, Alliance get red. Expect lots of activity on the neutral auction houses this year. Artisan or Master leather workers (skill > 225) will receive a recipe for [285] Winter Boots. Master cooks (skill > 300) will receive a recipe for [325] Hot Apple Cider (MinLvl: 65, Use: Restores 7200 mana/30 sec, +20 Stamina and Spirit). You may also purchase these recipes from the Smokywood Pastures vendors in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. Note that the vendors are neutral, so it’s possible for an Alliance character to buy the Green Winter Clothes recipe (and for the Horde to get Red).

In the inns across Azeroth, you may find Winter Revelers standing under the mistletoe. Blowing a /kiss at a reveler will earn you 5 of one of the following:

  • Mistletoe (+20 spirit to another player for 30 min)
  • Handful of Snowflakes (create a snow shower that falls on a target mob for a short time, item expires in 10 days)
  • Fresh Holly (change your mount into a reindeer, requires Winter Veil).

You may receive the reward once per (real-time) hour. You can keep /kiss-ing the reveler for no reward if you want.

Around the snowy places of Azeroth (in particular, the Alterac Mountains), you may find piles of Holiday Snow which can be harvested for Snowballs. You may also purchase Snowballs from the Smokywood Pastures’ vendors. Snowballs are required to use the Winter Veil Disguise Kit and non-combat pets and may also be thrown at other players. Throwing a snowball at a player from the opposing faction does not trigger your PvP flag.

Hardpacked Snowballs which pack a harder punch may be found in Hardpacked Snowdrifts in the Alterac Valley. Hardpacked Snowballs may only be used against the opposing team. These can’t be used to activate the Disguise Kit or the pets. Because they have a knock-back effect, they make recapturing/defending towers a little more interesting.

Humanoids around Azeroth have all caught the holiday spirit. You may find red or green Winter Hats (a bind on pickup uncommon (green) item) as random drops. Higher level humanoid bosses have been dropping these regularly, but they’ve also been found (more rarely) on low-level humanoid mobs as well. The following bosses are known to drop hats:

  • Red Winter Hats:
    • Admiral Ripsnarl, Deadmines
    • Grand Magus Telestra, The Nexus
    • Jedoga Shadowseeker, Ahn’Kahet: The Old Kingdom
    • High Priestess Azil, The Stonecore
    • Corla, Blackrock Caverns
  • Green Winter Hats:
    • Lord Godfrey, Shadowfang Keep
    • Mage Lord Urom, The Oculus
    • Drahga Shadowburner, Grim Batol

You can generally tell if a boss will drop the hat, because the boss will be wearing it! Some suggest that if you need to farm a hat for the achievement, you can enter The Nexus, take a peek at Telestra to see if she’s wearing the hat, and then reset the instance until you find her so equipped.

Outside the Gates of Ironforge and near the flight points for Orgrimmar and Stormwind (and in Runeweaver Square (Dalaran), Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, the Ruins of Lordaeron, Menethil), a Smokywood Pastures’ goblin runs the PX-238 Winter Wondervolt. The device gives you a red or green helper gnome costume that lasts 30 minutes (or until manually cancelled by right-clicking the buff icon). This is required to complete the seasonal PvP quest “With a Little Helper from My Friends”.

For L80+ toons, the Smokywood Pastures’ vendors offer a daily quest to recover presents stolen by The Abominable Greench. The reward includes a Stolen Present which contains 25-30 Justice Points and the chance for one or more items, including:

Note that this is currently the only way to get the companion pet Lumpy, a little coal elemental, or the Tree-shaped dagger. The other items can be purchased from the toy vendors in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, or Dalaran. If you receive an item which was a previous Winter Veil Gift in your Stolen Present, you do get the associated Feat of Strength.

From 25 December through 1 January, the decorated trees in the Smokywood Pastures’ area near the banks in Ironforge and Orgrimmar will have presents free for the taking. Grab them while you can – this may be the only day goblins actually give anything away. There are six presents, each of which shows a gear cursor on mouse-over. Level-appropriate presents will be marked with a quest-giver exclamation point. Opening the present yields a quest completion which gives you a present. Opening any one grants you the “He Knows If You’ve Been Naughty” achievement. The presents are:

Winter's Little Helper Winter's Little Helper Winter Reindeer Tiny Snowman

Wondervolt operators will give the quest [1] Winter Presents during this time which just sends you to Greatfather Winter (no other rewards).

All December 31, Stormwind and Thunder Bluff (and Booty Bay) celebrate the New Year. A never-empty (for the day) mug of cheer is yours for the taking, and dancing with the revelers will earn you the “Celebrate Good Times!” buff, +10% to all stats for 30 minutes. During nighttime, fireworks displays will light the skies above the cities on the hour. Wondervolt operators will give the quest [-1] New Year’s Celebrations, which has you deliver a package to Innkeeper Allison of the Gilded Rose in Stormwind’s Trade District (Alliance) or Innkeeper Pala in Thunder Bluff (Horde) for 9s and 250 Stormwind/Thunder Bluff rep (with 62.5 team spillover).


  • Smokywood Pastures == Hickory Farms
  • All of the Smokywood Pastures’ goblins (Copperpinch and Jinglepocket) are named for stores:
    Penney == J.C. Penney’s Khole == Kohl’s
    Jaycrue == J. Crew Guchie == Gucci
    Kaymard == Kmart Macey == Macy’s
    Nardstrum == Nordstrom’s Wulmort == Walmart
    Seersa == Sears Gapp == The Gap
    Whulwert == Woolworth’s Mirvyna == Mervyn’s
    Dillord == Dillard’s Targot == Target
    Kosco == Costco Bessbi == Best Buy
    Morshelz == Marshall’s Eebee == EB
    Olnayvi == Old Navy
    Hecht == Hecht’s
  • The Abominable Greench == “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” + the Abominable from “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (or maybe just the Abominable Snowman == yeti)
  • Metzen the Reindeer == Rudolph; the name is probably homage to Chris Metzen – producer, designer, developer, and voice actor on many Blizzard productions (including World of Warcraft)

Vendor Items

The Smokywood Pastures’ goblin vendors are happy to sell you seasonal fare, including:

Many of these items may also be found in samplers provided as quest rewards. Some have reported that drinking too much Egg Nog can have strange properties like making you think you’re a reindeer.


The main quest chains for Winter Veil all start in Ironforge or Orgrimmar. The quests yield a variable amount of experience based on level, so xp values shown are for reference only. Higher-level characters gain more experience. For instance, the starter quests yield from 85 xp (L10) to 2200 xp (L80).

The singleton quests get you to Greatfather Winter to get you into the holiday mood:

Quest Given By Description Reward
Greeting Greatfather Winter
[-1] Greatfather Winter is Here!
Obtainable at L10
Jinglepocket (Alliance) or Copperpinch (Horde) vendors in capital cities Speak with Greatfather Winter in Ironforge/Orgrimmar 2200 xp
[-1] Treats for Greatfather Winter
Obtainable at L10
Greatfather Winter, Ironforge/Orgrimmar Bring 5 Gingerbread Cookies and 1 Ice Cold Milk to Greatfather Winter 5500 xp, 25 Steamwheedle rep, Smokywood Pastures Gift Pack.

Ice Cold Milk can be purchased from the innkeeper. The Gingerbread Cookie recipe is sold by the nearby Jinglepocket or Copperpinch goblins, as are the holiday spices required. The nearest source of Small Eggs are the birds in southeast Loch Modan near the Farstrider Lodge (for Alliance) or the Plainstriders near the Crossroads in the Barrens for Horde. The best drop rates by far for the eggs are the dragonhawks in Eversong Woods just outside Silvermoon or the striders and owlbeasts on Azuremyst Isle near the Exodar.

The Smokywood Pastures Gift Pack contains 10 copper bars, 10 light leather, 4 linen bolts, or 10 mageroyal. A letter containing a Smokywood Pastures’ food sampler comes in the mail shortly.

The Reason for the Season
You can tell that this has become a commercial holiday, since most quests yield Steamwheedle reputation, rather than Alliance or Horde. However, at least one citizen is attempting to remind everyone about the Reason for the Season, standing near the bank. Be sure to buy a snowball from the seasonal vendor so you can complete the “Scrooge” achievement at the end of this quest line.
[-1] The Reason for the Season
Obtainable at L10
Goli Krumn, Ironforge
Furmund, Orgrimmar
Speak with Historian Karnik at the Explorer’s League in Ironforge/Sagorne Crestrider in the Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar about the Feast of Winter Veil 2200 xp, chains to “The Feast of Winter Veil”
[-1] The Feast of Winter Veil
Obtainable at L10
Historian Karnik, Ironforge
Sagorne Crestrider, Orgrimmar
Read “The Feast of Winter Veil” and deliver it to Muradin Bronzebeard in Ironforge/Bairne Bloodhoof in Thunder Bluff 2200 xp, 500 Ironforge/Thunder Bluff rep (125 team spillover)
The Abominable Greench
For more experienced characters, Smokywood Pastures would like your help with a missing shipment…
[-1] You’re a Mean One (Daily)
Obtainable at L80
Wulmort Jinglepocket, Ironforge
Kaymard Copperpinch, Orgrimmar
Strange Snowman, Alterac Mountains
Recover the Stolen Treats and free Metzen the Reindeer after defeating the Abominable Greench, who is hiding out near Growless Cave in the Hillsbrad Foothills. 9.925g (at L90), Stolen Present, chains (first time each season) to “A Smokywood Pastures’ Thank You!”
The Abominable Greench (a greenish-gray elite yeti raid boss with 17,445K health) spawns in front of the Growless Cave in the Alterac Mountains. When slain, sacks of stolen presents spawn at the mouth of the cave and Metzen the reindeer runs to a nearby hill. Loot the present and talk to Metzen; you do not need to kill the Greench yourself.
[-1] A Smokywood Pastures’ Thank You! Wulmort Jinglepocket, Ironforge
Kaymard Copperpinch, Orgrimmar
Speak with Greatfather Winter 5500 xp, 250 Steamwheedle rep, Smokywood Pastures Special Gift
The Special Gift is a random recipe (not correlated to your character’s trade skills):

This completes the “Simply Abominable” and “On Metzen!” achievements. Also, in about a day, you will receive a Winter Veil Disguise Kit in the mail which will allow you to turn into a snowman. Use this near another snowman in Dalaran and /dance with them to earn the “A Frosty Shake” achievement. Note that you can’t move while you’re a snowman.


Name Description Points
On Metzen! Save Metzen the Reindeer 10
With a Little Helper from My Friends Earn 50 honorable kills as a Little Helper from the Winter Wondervolt machine 10
Scrooge Throw a snowball at Muradin Bronzebeard/Baine Bloodhoof during the Feast of Winter Veil 10
Fa-la-la-la-Ogri’la Complete the Bomb Them Again! quest while mounted on a flying reindeer during the Feast of Winter Veil 10
This is one of the repeatable reputation quests in Ogri’la in the Blade’s Edge Mountains. You need either Fresh or Preserved Holly to turn your flying mount into a reindeer while you complete this quest. Allegedly, as long as you’re riding a reindeer when you turn in the quest, you will earn the achievement.
‘Tis the Season During the Feast of Winter Veil, wear 3 pieces of winter clothing and eat Graccu’s Mince Meat Fruitcake 10
Winter Boots and Red or Green Winter Clothes are crafted items. You must also obtain a Red or Green Winter Hat, dropped from various humanoid bosses and (more rarely) from humanoid world mobs. You can mix and match colors and still get credit. The fruitcake comes from the Smokywood Pastures’ Sampler (from completing “Treats for Greatfather Winter”). Also, some have reported that the clothes must be at full durability (repaired) in order to earn the achievement.
He Knows If You’ve Been Naughty Open one of the presents underneath the Winter Veil tree once they are available 10
Simply Abominable Complete the quest to retrieve the stolen Smokywood Pastures’ stolen treats and receive a Smokywood Pastures’ Thank You 10
Let It Snow During the Feast of Winter Veil, use a Handful of Snowflakes on each of the race/class combinations listed below.

  • Orc Death Knight
  • Tauren Shaman
  • Undead Rogue
  • Gnome Mage
  • Blood Elf Warlock
  • Human Warrior
  • Night Elf Druid
  • Troll Hunter
  • Dwarf Paladin
  • Draenei Priest

Besides the sanctuary cities, the Greench cave is a great place to find targets.

Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho’s Use Mistletoe on the “Brothers” during the Feast of Winter Veil


  • Brother Nimetz in the Rebel Camp, northern Stranglethorn Vale
  • Brother Anton in the inn of Nijel’s Point, Desolace
  • Brother Wilhelm behind the blacksmith in Goldshire
  • Brother Karman, just outside the Keep in Theramore
  • Brother Kristoff in Cathedral Square, Stormwind
  • Brother Joshua in the Cathedral, Stormwind
  • Brother Crowley in the Cathedral basement, Stormwind (stairs down are on the right-hand side)
  • Brother Benjamin in the Cathedral, Stormwind

  • Brother Malach in the War Quarter, Undercity
  • Durkot Wolfbrother, Stable Master in Warsong Hold
  • Brother Keltan on the Horde airship Orgrim’s Hammer in Icecrown
For the Horde, Sky-Reaver Klum in Krasus’ Landing will teleport you to the airship if you have the Cold Weather Flying skill. Because you can’t summon to a moving transport, only L77+ Horde characters can easily get this achievement. However, you can also make your way to Icecrown by land via Argent Vanguard (Crystalsong Forest), and make your way into the mountains of Sindragosa’s Fall. Head around the mountains to the valley around (63, 29). Jump down and die (dying is the important part). When you die, you will get a spectral griffin to take you back to your body. Fly within rez range, but then fly up until you reach the path of the airship. Rez on the deck as it passes. Your mileage may vary…
The Winter Veil Gourmet During the Feast of Winter Veil, use your culinary expertise to produce a Gingerbread Cookie, Egg Nog, and Hot Apple Cider 10
A Frosty Shake During the Feast of Winter Veil, use your Winter Veil Disguise kit to become a snowman and then dance with another snowman in Dalaran 10
Merrymaker Complete all the above Winter Veil achievements 10
Title: Merrymaker
Crashin’ and Thrashin’ Get 25 crashes with your Crashin’ Thrashin’ Racer during the Feast of Winter Veil
While the original Crashin’ Thrashin’ Racer was the gift in 2008, you can still earn this achievement by buying the Blue Racer from the toy shop in Dalaran or the vendors in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.
BB King Using your pellet gun (received as the 2009 Winter Veil gift, now easily purchased from toy vendors in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, or Dalaran), pelt the leaders of the opposing faction. 10
A-Caroling We Will Go Use your Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater to carol in enemy capital cities during the Feast of Winter Veil
Note that the Jinglepocket/Copperpinch goblins sell the sweater in case you didn’t get one in 2011.